Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Year I Learned That Love Is Telepathic.

Hello! Happy New Year!  Long time no see!

It's been a crazy year, you guys, and don't even pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. A tarot reading I got around my birthday was all about "hold onto to your hat, it's gonna be a wild ride" and the reader attributed all this to the impending Year Of The Horse, which started two days later. I know I've kept referencing this throughout the year, but yeah, it's been like what I imagine trying to stay horseback on a wild mustang tearing through some fairly thick woods. A thrilling ride for sure, but you're afraid for your life and limb the whole time.

Most people will tell you, myself included, that they're not big on New Year's resolutions, but in the days leading up to New Year's eve we tend to assess the past year on the things we did and didn't accomplish in the last twelve months. So, to remind myself that we survived this year of madness here's a cavalcade of the things we did accomplish. It's so fun for me to look at these photos because it's all the good stuff and so much of it and none of the hard, hot, grumpy, exhausted, stressed out stuff in between. And the good stuff totally drives home the point that it's all worth it.

And just in case you don't think you'll make it 'till the end:
The Year Of The Horse ain't over yet, not 'till February 19th, so there's (at least) one more surprise awaiting at the end of the post… Sorry, classic blogger mystery-baiting.

In the beginning of the year, this guy went into business as a knife and carving tool maker. It's been a pretty darn good year in that front, but Charlie has had to learn about a million things, and it's far from over. Tax season is coming. It hasn't been easy and I feel like we've hardly seen each other, but all in, it's been totally wonderful to watch him follow his heart and be f***ing awesome at it!

A special thanks to everyone who helped, donated and cheered us on for our crowd funding campaign. It was a big project, but we raised enough money for Charlie to get started with his own workshop space and more importantly, had a great time connecting with people and felt very grateful and loved. Plus, awesome merchandise. It's pretty sweet to see folks around the Island in their Kestrel tees.

In april I spent a week in Portland to hang out with a brand-new mom and babe and to see my sister…and take millions of pictures of flowers. And make fun off and love on classic Portlandia.

I witnessed my first goat birth.

I milked goats every week.

We got new chicks and ended up with one killer rooster. We started a new garden and made a willin' weedin' slave of my sis-in-law. She came for a longer visit than usual which was really fun, especially since I was pretty sick the next time we saw her in the fall.

We got to hang with this girl until summer hit and we were way too busy for inter-island travels. I can't wait for these quieter months to go see her new sailboat abode.

I found my dream dress and it pretty much helps me rule the universe every time I wear it. Go get yours, I promise you it's some powerful magicks.

We worked our butts off in May, June and July, because it's traditionally our busy season with work and gardening and we both did the farmer's market those months (well, I did it more spottily than Charlie) a few quite crazy things happened at my work and we also knew that we were going to be gone for most of August, traditionally the money making madness month around here.

We actually saw each other so little that we had to institute a "date"-policy where we'd try to get together for something other than chores at least once a week.

We did run away together for a little trip to the coast for Solstice and had a really good time. Being in the wild together always does wonders for our relationship.

Most Sundays in July a bunch of us girls worked on a little quilt for our friends who were getting married. At that point I was working like six days a week, but it was a pleasant surprise that I actually really like doing this group activity for a few hours even after a work day. I'll definitely keep that in mind for the New Year.

In July I got away for weekend to the mountains with some of my favorite gals and witchy women, it was another really rejuvenating experience and I will try to remind myself of the importance of just getting the heck out of dodge once a month in the summer months and how much it can help. This particular trip happened during the full moon and was just a totally magical time. I felt very blessed by all the cool women I know.

In August we went to some serious seriously awesome weddings. It was hot and beautiful and we got to visit with all those folks we usually holler "See you in the fall!" to, that time of year. I also got to try my hand at creating flower wreaths for our friend's ceremony and Charlie made the knives they wanted instead of wedding bands.

After the weddings we had visitors and scrambled around frantically to try and prepare for our epic adventure.

Which was, well…in a word: epic. Seventy-something miles of sea kayaking in the wilds of the coast of Vancouver Island. I got to work on my strength (meaning actual muscles), my courage, my people skills and learn a whole lot.

I saw my first whale (up close and personal), my first wolf, my first, extremely dead sealion up close. I got the most tan and the dirtiest I'd ever been and had a crazy, wild amazing time, that I'm still a little too bowled over to find the words for the experience. At least ones that don't sound trite. Magic, strange, wonderful, come to mind.

We got home and two weeks later I was in New York City. With 400 000 other people.

Only that time I was not at loss for words. I had quite a few of them, actually. In addition to marching and writing and trying to find a grocery store and manage without sleep, I also got to make new friends, find old ones and see Naomi Klein speak (from the front row no less!) and almost stumble into Amy Goodman And Bill McKibben. Oh and I think I saw Leonardo Dicaprio.

I marveled at all the magic NYC had to offer and cast some power spells of my own with Demetria. (Explanation for title of this post is offered behind that link. Magic. Signs. Coffee. Lack of sleep…)

I can't wait to see her again. Soon.

And the rest of the year? Oh yeah, let's see…we bought a home! It's sitting in piles in the shed and rolls on the porch. Honestly October and November felt like catch-up and then suddenly it was the Holiday season, but really, now that we're here I'm not that surprised. Fun was had by all, and I only got sick once this fall which was kind of mind boggling, really.

There are so many things I thought I would do, but didn't get to. I did a lot less wild-crafting than I had hoped, completed fewer craft projects than I had hoped, wrote a lot less than I had hoped, but damn, no wonder.  Of course, there's always the New Year. In fact, it's already here.

Speaking of which, for a while now I've been hinting at something big on the horizon, which frankly, looking back at all the big things that happened last year, no longer seems so impressive, but in terms of this space it is. So, here goes nothing:

This blog is moving. Here

It's big. I told you. In fact, I've been mulling over it quite some time. I'm creature of habit. I like my little internet space. I'm also really sentimental. And obviously, very fond of all of you and would loath to lose any of you to the ether of re-subscribing and re-following.

Change, though, can be good. I'm not rebranding, or closing this space, or any such nonsense, in fact, for the next while I'll continue to post links to my new posts over there here just so that everyone can jump on board.

So, whaddya say? Wanna go for a ride? (Please extinguish all smoking devices and fasten your seat belts.)


  1. Hello Milla,
    Happy new year! I tried to follow your blog on bloglovin, but it does not come up? Thank you Sonya

    1. oh boy! technical difficulties ahoy, I'll try to sort that out m'dear, thanks for letting me know <3 In the meantime, Happy Happy Merry Merry to you and send you grand wishes for this year!

    2. This sounds like the same issue that I had with Mary's squarespace site when I tried to add it to Bloglovin -- it needs the *RSS* URL not the regular domain name URL. I do remember that when I googled about it there was plenty of advice on the squarespace help pages. Then you just have to make sure that the RSS link is easy to find on your new site -- because not everyone uses Bloglovin as their newsreader :)

    3. Awesome, thank you! I don't use bloglovin, or any reader since the demise of you know what ;) so I'll definitely make sure I'm doing this upright. <3

  2. What a ride indeed! How wonderful to read and see your adventures of 2014! I'm hopping over to your new blog now. Happy 2015, Milla!

    1. Happy New Year dear! May it bring just enough adventure and calm in the right proportions. Oh and lots of love <3

  3. Wow, what a year. I only recently discovered your lovely blog. I shall enjoy following along in your new space this year. Wishing you both much happiness for 2015. CJ xx

    1. Welcome and thank you and Happy Happy New Year! I'm excited to have you along for this ride, let's hope it's nice and mellow <3

  4. Happiest New Year. I think I am ready for the year of the horse to come to an end. It doesn't hurt that I have a new person expected shortly thereafter, but even still, the year has thrown me for a few loops I may have rather avoided.
    Your year took you to so many places and you did so many beautiful things. Thanks for the inspirations and the peeks into your spectatcular island life. I really appreciate getting to live vigariously through women all over the globe, living so differently from me and the ways that my life took me. I'm excoited to go check out your new home and see all the things you have happening there.

    1. Happy Merry Blessed Fun New Year! Oh my gosh are they (I wrote in is she-ooops) gonna be a Sheep? I'm a sheep and want more mellow little sheep to have a grand sheep time in life <3 How exciting! And yeah, I could not agree more, the best blogs are just that, the many, lovely, varied lives of all those women <3

  5. I just found your blog a week ago and have spent many hours reading through, and re-reading through, from the beginning. I love every post and have fell in love with your life....I look forward to going with you on your new fantastic ride. :)

    Happy New Year!

  6. Happiest of happy to you both Milla. I'm very excited for your new blog space and so glad you're not stopping sharing your life, (as have so many people at the end of this year...what's that all about? And, also, that reminds me, I have to update my blog roll.) Off to pop over to the next space and your new adventures. Biggest of hugs. X

  7. It may have been a wild ride, but you've had a great year. I can tell by the way you seem to be glowing in all your photos :)

    (and Charlie's knives look awesome, I wish I could have one!)

  8. Wow, 2014 really was a wild ride---glad you hung on :) All the best in 2015!

  9. I'd say that was a good year. Hope I can find the new blog more than once.

  10. Happy New Year Milla! You had such a great year and I'm sure this year will be full of great adventures too :)

  11. busy and beautiful year indeed! I'm excited for your new space :)

  12. Your posts make me giddy sometimes. :) You are out there, living your life, really LIVING it, and nothing could be more inspiring!! xo

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  14. Happy New Year! Bright blessings in 2015 (and beyond). I love reading your blog and through your eyes getting to know an area I would love one day to visit...Thanks for taking the time to share xx

  15. looks awesome! can't wait to follow along at the new space. So excited for you. (But couldn't quite figure out how to comment there, so I'm here)

    Anyway, happy new year. Happy new interspace!


  16. Loving your new space! I hope my comment shows up as me and not "not logged in". Haha. Patience & time , it'll all iron itself out.
    It's dreamy over there, man! :)

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