Thursday, August 14, 2014

Flower Power

This past weekend, I got to hang out at a friend's flower studio, while she made floral arrangements with the aid of another florally-gifted friend, crafted table arrangements and altar pieces for two island weddings, out of blooms all grown right there, just down the dirt road, in the field beyond the chickens and he horses.

The studio, is a half-indoor, half-outdoor space with chickens scratching around and the breeze blowing through the valley. Friends and kids and cats come by to check it out, or visit, or deliver messages. It's mundane and magical both. Inside, mounds of calendula blooms are drying in anticipation of being made into a healing, nourishing cream.

During wedding season, these ladies have to hustle to get their arrangements out the door and to the customers, but for me it was a much needed brake to get to sit down and craft some flower crowns for our dear friends who were getting married.

With pink, yellow and as I was repeatedly reminded, white which shows up better in pictures and from a distance, and a healthy sprinkling of high-bush cranberry bunches from the front yard, I tried my hardest to make sure the wreaths complimented both the groom's pink pants and the bride's complexion.

There is something downright magical about flowers, all flowers. From the exotic-looking ranunculus (They're like a cross between tiny peonies and those yellow water lilies!) and dahlias, to traditional pink and red roses, to bold sunflowers, to even the humble roadside Queen Anne's Lace, or yarrow.

Obviously, as much as I love wild bouquets, I wouldn't say no to immersing myself into bucketfuls of carefully garden grown blooms daily, given the opportunity.

Like all growing things, flowers have a way of uplifting your mood. They are so easy to marvel at, with their wild shapes and colors, their crazy abundance at the right hands. But unlike vegetables, the pleasure they create is a little more esoteric. It's not the joy of eating, though some flowers are certainly edible, but rather, feasting with your eyes.

And that, my friends, can be just as nourishing sometimes…

Do you grow flowers? What kinds? I have poppies and sunflowers and a cosmos, and some Northwest wildflowers, but I swear, next year, I'm going to have some more.


  1. Glorious! The essence of summer...

  2. beautiful! i was doing some wedding floral this weekend as well, an Indian wedding! This was a modest wedding of 300 guests - my last Indian wedding was 650 people! I agree though, floral is great and and a down right soothing hobby to have. :)

  3. gorgeous!!! i have only succulents and cactus right now but i need some dang color! i'll probably get geraniums or something that grows easily here :)

  4. The shimmery blues in those delphiniums and the rich purple of the dahlias! So lovely! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photographs and warming me with summer colours on this cold wintery morning in my part of the world!

  5. hey you! i have nearly sworn off the web besides work but had to pop by and see what you have been up to. i thought of you when we were up in portland for the zine symposium last month; half expecting that you might be there by some miracle. and hoping that the late bday spring box made it to you safely? i know, i know, super busy!
    but to stay on topic, we have huge sunflowers, california poppies, and --always always-- loads of lavender growing here at the moment :)

    1. HEY YOU! I sent you an email a few months back after the package? Which was wonderful, package, not email. Been thinking of you and your fam. <3 I'm going on a big trip for a while, but when I get back, let's "talk". Miss you!

  6. I am not much of a flower grower, to my dismay. I have forgiving Hydraengas, some Singapore lillies, agapanthus, clematis and some roses. But we didn't plant them, they were here already. Your photos are amazing!

  7. Mmm, drinking these photos in. I have a jumble of favourites: magenta peonies, mission poppies, opium poppies, black hollyhocks, zinnias, a tangle of borage and whatever comes up in my bee-loving wildflower mix.The nasturtium mix was a tease this year with all leaf and no blossom. Maybe next year?

  8. Hello, your blog is an absolute delight, I love your photos very much!! Hugs from Spain :)

  9. Oh, this is just heavenly. And may I commend you on your photo-taking skills? These shots are gorgeous!
    We didn't get our garden up and running this year after our move, but next year I'm hoping to grow sunflowers along the fence, tons of lavender, and some calendula of my own.

  10. Love your pics. Never stop too long. Refreshing

  11. Me too! Flowers in the yard make me want to stay out there all day. We've got sunflowers, dahlias, marigolds, petunias, roses... the people who lived in our home before us must've loved flowers because we're always a little surprised with the things that sprout up in the spring and summer. It's fun to add our own additions every year too.

    Good job on the flower crowns! So beautiful.

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