Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This Year's Mullet

(Before: the demure folksinger.)

Usually when people ask me what this blog is about, I mumble something about, "my life and stuff", which is a fairly accurate description. If pressed, I could probably rattle of a few choice words like "The natural world, homemaking, herbal stuff, personal style, books, spirituality…", but really, "my hair", sits squarely among the most enduring topics of this blog.

At least once a year, I post some sort of harrowing tale about haircare, or more often, the lack thereof. I've posted about dry-shampoo, the-no-shampoo-method, generally never washing my hair, the environmental and emotional perils of dip-dye, and of course, my signature hairstyle (Can one actually call the length of the front-half of one's hair a style?): also known as bangs (or fringe if you're British). These posts seem to always mention the dichotomy between my being sort of obsessed with my hair, yet in a very abstract manner, where I absolutely refuse to spend any time, energy, or money on it (But will devote the time to bitch about it on the internet?).

One side-effect of my love-hate-hair-relationship seems to be that whenever my hair is just about perfect, the perfect length, texture, color, whatever, I get fixated on changing it somehow. I was, for instance, really happy with how my hair was right before I bleached the s*** out of it and dyed it crazy mermaid colors. Similarly, whenever my bangs reach what seems like the perfect "70s-folk-singer-length", I get the overwhelming urge to chop them into a short 90s length, at the risk of giving myself a great and wonderful mullet.

I would blame my most recent encounter with scissors on the concussion I got on Friday, but this seems to be an annual event now.

(After: intense forehead glare.)

Anybody else rocking a fairly awesome bowl-cut-mullet?

ps. In case anyone is wondering when we might get back to regular programming with actual posts, I'm sorry to say I don't have an ETA for anything but pieces about my cats and hair. If you're lucky, I might move onto posting about my dislike of confessional memoirs and preoccupation with embroidering things of absolutely no consequence.


  1. This *is* regular programming with actual posts! Your eyes look amazingly blue in that bottom pic, must be because they're sandwiched between that blue waistcoat and your pretty new hair.

    I have a similar thing about my hair, I hate having to faff with it and cut it myself. Luckily it's curly so it doesn't matter if it's a bit uneven. Although it's more frizzy than curly lately, which bugs me! But I won't use any products on it, so eh. It stays frizzy. It's only hair.

  2. I really do not think you are alone in this! I am also probably mildly obsessed with my hair but don't do much with it; i don't brush it as often as I should and usually end up piling its waist-length tresses into a pile on top of my head, wrapped with an elastic. It has nest-like qualities that I fail too see how I get away with in my office work setting.

    For the past several years I've been growing out my bangs and then chopping them and regretting it. Before that I would grow it to my waist and then chop it to my chin over and over....I can't explain it! I suppose we like change or feel nostalgic. It happens alot to me when I look at old photos and think of the great memories, then I go back to that hairstyle. Very strange indeed.

  3. Well, I remember the first and last time I let Robert trim my bangs (after he said, "trust me" and I did). Turns out I'm way too old for cute, short 90's bangs and, also way too old for two feet of hair, but I don't care about that. Speaking of cats, those are practically my most favourite posts, and speaking of embroidery, I just bought a bunch of whatnots form the embroider's guild in London and plan of making something with it all and totally boring the pants off anyone who is foolish enough to come by and read. So far, we're pretty much on the same web page. :D Except I love reading your "this is my life" posts. Oh, the other day I saw a girl in Oxford with blue hair and a long, skinny skirt. She looked like a lost mermaid in the city.

  4. waaaaaaaaaaah i tried to post here and blogger ate it up. something about how i like 90s fringes...you know...the eyebrows, the sudden revelation of face - i'm going to cut mine again soon i think. and that is one Intense stare alright. x

  5. Lookin' hot! I just got a hair cut yesterday. A trim actually. Lord knows I was scared after my last hair cut two years ago!

    I hope you're feeling better and taking good care of your beautiful self! Xoxox

  6. I must say that I really like this length on you, Milla, as your personality is more apparent :o) Like I've said before, you made me do it! And I just cropped it a little a few hours before reading your post...

  7. You make me laugh, pretty lady. I do something similar, cutting it off to my collarbones every time it grows to he middle of my back.

  8. Your hair always looks great, and at least your fringe is straight. Whenever I try to trim my fringe it always goes lop sided. Right now my hair is a bit of a fright, it's long so at least I can keep it pinned up.
    When I was at school (I was a teenager not infant school) I not only cut a friend's hair but I bleached it too...bright baby chick yellow. (my defence is that she did ask me to do it....) however what started out as a bob took on a very odd look, neither side matched. She started to worry what her dad was going to say so we arranged for him to pick her up from my home so my mum could sweet talk him, ply him with cakes and tea....when he saw what I'd done he shook, and his face really did turn the colour of a beetroot. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so angry.

  9. i cut my own hair and my fringe...like you i get it to eyebrow length then have a slight frenzy with the scissors and go for the 90's style. it is presently growing out to the decent length so i fully expect to be reaching for the scissors soon! i stopped using henna a few years ago and it has slowly grown out and i keep having the odd moment where i want to dye it a lovely green/blue...

  10. Cats and bitching about obsessing with hair/not giving a shit about hair. Pretty much sums up my life. Continue as long as you want with these posts; I'm diggin 'em.

  11. You look great in both! I love what you said about the "dichotomy between my being sort of obsessed with my hair, yet in a very abstract manner, where I absolutely refuse to spend any time, energy, or money on it". This is me! Haha, good to know I'm not alone in my lazy obsession.