Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kettu And Kissa

This is another one of those instances where you non-cat-lovers might want to stop reading right now. This blog I mean. Why are you even here? Just kidding. I totally understand that cats aren't everyone's bag. Well, actually I don't understand it at all, but each to their own weird ways, I say.


You might remember that a while back, I did a little post about the differences and the similarities between Charlie and myself, which was pretty fun. And since I'm sure all of my readers have been dying to get to know my cats better, here's a few select details from the rich tapestry of their feline lives.

Kissa means "cat" in Finnish.

Kissa is 4-years-old.

Kissa has the loudest purr, like a small engine.

Kissa is a little neurotically clean.

Kissa is a scaredy-cat.

Kissa is Kettu's best friend.

Kissa likes yogurt.

Kissa likes to smell the flowers.

Kissa looks like a great horned owl.

Kissa is a puker. Always has been. She's the eat-and-puke-and-repeat-cat.

Kissa thinks Charlie's beard is her mom.

Kissa skulks.

Kissa fights dirty.

Kissa likes sleep in places with room for one only.

Kissa likes to disrupt work, wherever it's happening. She's like a superhero in a world where work is evil.

Kissa likes to sleep in the closet.

Kissa eats kibble. And yogurt. And warm bread. And sourdough starter. And the occasional meat, or fish treat from us. She does not butcher her own meats.

Kissa's constantly worried that things are gonna attack her. She's not paranoid.

Kettu means "fox" in Finnish.

Kettu is named after Fox Mulder. And 'cos she's crazy like a fox. And also orange...

Kettu is 2-years-old.

Kettu has a silent, deadly purr.

Kettu is a daredevil.

Kettu is Kissa's arch nemesis.

Kettu is curious.

Kettu likes oats.

Kettu is a killer (in spite of our best efforts).

Kettu likes to fight.

Kettu likes to attack things.

Kettu is a martial arts expert.

Kettu likes to sleep in bed. And in this box that used to house Argentinian pears.

Kettu says hi to everyone when she comes into a room.

Kettu trots.

Kettu is kind of dirty.

Kettu's tail is always pointing straight up and curled to one side or another.

Kettu likes to sleep in a nest made out of hay in the yard.

Kettu eats moths. And has horrible moth breath afterwards.

They both know how to open doors, but can't figure out how to close them.

They're both expert cat burglars, when it comes to heated rooms and pantries full of sacks of oats.

They both like to sleep on your chest.

They both pull down things like sweaters and shirts, from chairs and shelves to sleep on.

They're both scared of the chickens, but unmoved by deer.

They both know how to say "Mamma!" when they come in the room.

They're both willing to compromise to any lengths to stay warm in the winter.

They're the opposite of each other, but the best of frenemies.

That about sums these glorious beasts up. Got pets? Are they dogs? Just kidding. Sheesh.


  1. *sigh* I love cats!!! Big, petite, fat-fatty, etc :D

  2. Spoiled. Rotten. And would you have it any other way?

    1. Hahahha! My cats are pretty spoiled too. Though I try to keep them in order.

  3. I love cats but my husband is allergic. (Sad face)

    1. We're both allergic to cats as well, or were before we raised ours from kitten. They go through phases where their dander bothers us more. I hope you can get some vicarious cat-lovin.

  4. "She's like a superhero in a world where work is evil". Haha, I love it. Cats just have a way of plopping themselves down in the middle of everything. And while dogs will get in your way too, they'll do it because THEY JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND CAN'T SPEND A MINUTE WITHOUT YOU! Cats will do it because they need to remind you that you live by their rules. You are their pet. And what you're doing doesn't matter nearly as much as their need to nap on top of the open book you're currently reading.

    Yet still, I am, always have been and always will be a cat may have something to do with the fact that you have to earn a cat's love and loyalty (and that they show it by bringing you "presents"...I've had killer cats as well).

    1. Cats are the ultimate passive-agressive peaceful protestors. They will put their bodies between you and your work if they have to ;)

  5. fave post ever. i die. i read this with rapt attention. their personalities sparkle and i laughed right out loud on multiple occasions during this post. i applaud you for being a wonderful cat mom, and they know it, calling you by name. around here, when i have visitors, people don't get my cats, and for good reason. they are not social with anyone but our family. but there is a LOT of life in the cat underbelly of our household, the strange mysterious netherworld of my scaredy-cat Daphne (bean) (somewhat like your kissa, but even more skittish i think, also a puker.) and the alpha world of my poseur Billy (Bobe) who postures like a killer but runs like the dickens from vacuum cleaner or baby. he is friend to deer and seems to have a special bff each summer, one of the young males with tiny fuzzy antler sprouts. he recently made his first kill which made my heart sink, and i think it was a dove :( Darin buried it before I could be sure. he is not a good killer, which is even worse really. i hope he is too big and lazy and gallumphing for it to ever happen again.

    thank you for this wonderfully nuanced glimpse into the world of your friends. the rich tapestry of their feline lives indeed. i love them.

    1. Best comment ever! I love your descriptions of your mew-kies. They are such a big part of your lives. Do I remember that you did a post about how your cats handle your human kittens? Or maybe you just mentioned. I'd be curious. Our cats are utterly terrified of little people. It's hilarious to watch them react to children. They're like "OMG! OMG! It's loud and moves fast and it's coming at me!" I hope Billy gives up on his killing streak, short as it may be. Kettu goes through phases. She knows she's not supposed to kill stuff and that there'll be hell to pay when we catch her, but sometimes she just can't help herself. She's sneaky about it, but not that sneaky. It's interesting. I feel bad about punishing her for something that comes so naturally to her, but I feel worse about the bats, birds and mice she occasionally gets. And so many dragonflies. Sigh… Love ya and your cat-tastic family! Also: Cat-a-logue! Some day when we're crazy old cat ladies we gotta make that happen.

  6. ^heather just wrote the best comment ever, so i'll just say +1 to everything.

    actually, i DO think about your cats and i HAVE been curious about them, sooo... what took you so long with this post? actually, i was thinking about them in particular recently, because we have multiple unintentional pets (earwigs. cockroaches. jerusalem crickets. termites. flies. mice.) and while we can't do much about most of them, we thought a kitty might take care of the last. plus, that was part of our major plan. 1. move to a farm. 2. get a kitty. so naturally, since your feline obsession is not well hidden, you are one of the first things i thought of when it comes to Life With Kitties.

    now i love them more than ever, so each subsequent post better be somewhat cat heavy or i'm taking my readership elsewhere. viva kissa et kettu!!

    1. Oh hon you would make a lovely cat mama, ease into life with pets once more <3 Kettu actually hunts bugs mostly. She had a blast last year during termite season, though you'd need a thousand cats to make a dent in that. They are handy to have around in so many ways, I feel like their presence deters land critters that might be after our chickens, at least some what and they do kill rats, which I'm so down with (sorry rats)
      Hahha! Anything to keep your and Heather's readership, so cat posts it is from here on out. Love ya!

  7. Very cute. Thanks for posting it! Our cats' relationships with each other totally fascinate me so I always find things like this interesting.

    1. I'd love to hear more about your cats and how they all live together. They're indoor cats, no? I've always been curious about that.

  8. Söpöliinit! Kettu näyttää aika samalta,kuin meidän Vata. Vata on jo 12, inhoaa matkustamista,eikä juuri piittaa ulkoilustakaan,loikoilisi mieluiten kaikki Päivät. Tykkää juustosta, oliiveista ja omista raksuistaan ne jos joskus loppuvat,niin kulkee niin kauan vaativasti naukuen ihmisen perässä,kunnes ihminen lähtee raksukaupoille vaikka yhdeltä yöllä ja lymimyrskyn riehuessa. Rakastaa harjaamista ja Herttaa ,sietää meitä muita siinä sivussa. Ei sano mau,eikä miu vaan VÄH!

    1. Oliiveista!??!?! Kreisia! Vah! Hahahaa! Mahtavaa!

    2. Nayttais tan kommentin perusteella silta etta mun suomenkielen sanavarasto on pahasti koyhtymassa...

  9. Morris tuli mulle... 14 vuotta sitten Hesystä. Oli löytynyt harhailemasta nälkiintyneenä Nummelan metsistä, josta sitten tuli huumoriversio, että se olis ollut Anssi Kelan kissa.. Että olis lähteny käpälämäkeen, kun Anssi lauloi liikaa Mikan faijan BMV:tä.. Ilmeisesti nälässä pitämisestä johtuen Morriksella oli pitkään syömishäiriö; se yritti varmuuden vuoksi syödä kaikkea mahdollista, mm. leipäkaapit piti olla lukossa, keitetyt perunan rosvottiin kattilasta jne. Nyt se on jo pitkään luottanut siihen että sapuskaa ilmenee kuppiin.
    Morris on ns. "levoton tuhkimo", vaeltelija, mouruaja, kaihoava katti. Se haluaa yhtä aikaa häipyä sekä pysyä aloillaan. Se ei koskaan raavi tai sähise, ja sen rakkaus on rajatonta. Morris kaipaa muutosta, mutta haluaa kaiken pysyvän samanlaisena. Se on niin samanlainen kuin minä, samanlainen kuin kissa vain voi olla.
    (Morris on kuitenkin kerran tappanut sisälle tulleen oravan; löysin päättömän pörröhännän pojan huoneen lattialta, verta ei näkynyt missään, ja jälki oli siistiä kuin veitsellä olis leikattu. Morris siis tietää olevansa kissa).
    Morris on mammanpoika. Mamman pitäisi olla mielellään kotona, aina. Tervehdimme ja juttelemme painamalla otsat vastakkain; tässä asennossa voi kulua pitkiäkin aikoja. Morris on jo vanha kissa- Enkä voi käsittää elämääni ilman sitä.

    Matroskin tuli meille pojan ollessa 9v, eli yhdeksän vuotta sitten. Nimi tulee Eduard Uspenskin Fedja-sedästä, se on raidallinen, kuten matruusien kuuluukin. Matroskin on rakkauskissa. Ja tynnyrissä kasvanut. Se ei tiedä mitään maailman pahuudesta, sen elämä on kovaäänistä kehräämistä, syliin painautumista, leikkiä, unta. Se on kerran saanut sisälle lentäneen linnunpojan kiinni, ja kun ei tiennyt mitä sille olisi pitänyt tehdä, laski vahingoittumattoman linnun mun kämmenelle hämmentyneen näköisenä. Matroskin ei ole ruudinkeksijä, pikemminkin hiukka simppeli- mutta se osaa pelata hiiritennistä. Hiiritenniksen sääntöihin kuuluu, että sille heitetään leluhiiri, jonka se sitten lyö tassulla takaisin kopiksi minulle. Tätä voi jatkaa taukoamattomasti kymmeniä kertoja putkeen. Morris syntyi kotiin jossa oli sen emokissa, muutama muu katti, koira sekä jättiläisluppakorvakani, joten se on syntymästään ollut toisten eläinten kanssa. Se ei myöskään ymmärrä elämää ilman Morrista.

    Pitkä tarina tuli, ja olisi voinut tulla paaaljon pidempikin. Kuten tiedät. Kissarakkautta.

  10. Hah, ja mäkään en näköjään osaa kirjoittaa suomea, meni kattien nimetkin lopussa sekaisin ;)

  11. OK. Just lost my comment. Why does this happen?! Here I go again. What was I saying?
    They look so sweet, your cats! You captured them beautifully!
    I love cats. Ours is a real treasure of love and patience. Especially since the baby came (a year ago, he's actually a toddler now) she has been surprisingly tolerating of him. She lets him pet her in his rough way and when she's had enough she simply leaves, without getting angry at him for even one second. She's very loved in our family, although I do feel guilty for not spending enough time with her when she comes over to me. I am on my laptop every baby-free second. Not good.

  12. this cat lady absolutely loved this post! they are both adorable! give them a big hug for me :)

  13. Kettu and Kissa are both very endearing :o) and I for one am glad to know them better.

    Lola loves eating moths, too! All bugs, in fact. She's a passionate hunter, alas, though not so sure about actually jumping on a squirrel after stalking them. As we say in French: courageuse, mais pas téméraire ;o)

    And guess what? Pierre is coming tomorrow to hug her in person :o)

  14. I once had a cat named Sabrina. She was with me for 17 years & died peacefully as I held her. I have many cats and love them all but have missed Sabrina. None of the others will sleep with me and they don't like dancing. Sabrina liked to sleep right next to me and wanted me to hold her when I danced around to music. After a year and a half, a big grey tabby came up to the front porch and right into the front door when I opened it to get the paper. He, now named George, is beautiful and probably 2 years old and no one seems to be missing him. From the very first day, he likes to sleep right next to me in bed and wants me to hold him when I dance around to music.