Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Commercial Brake

Other than my sidebar, I don't really ever advertise my etsy shop here, but knowing that there are some vintage lovers reading, I'm hoping it's okay to give you a heads-up about some good stuff coming in right now. I've been hoarding summer frocks and am letting go of some personal treasures as well. If vintage is not your bag, I hope you happily skip this Fireweed&Nettle preview:
This July, we'll be stocking amongst other items: Gunne Sax dresses...

...Oaxcan embroidery...

...Flutter-y India cotton...

…and classic 90s florals…to start with.
And since many of my favorite customers are also readers of this blog, I thought I'd offer you a special discount at check out: just type in readerlove to get 20% off your purchase! 


  1. You look very pretty in all those vintage clothes Milla. I'll send your link to my daughter Chloe (; she's a big fan of vintage. :) Hope your week ahead is sunny and lovely. :)

  2. gorgeousness! i think you should keep the gunne, it looks so pretty on you :)