Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Thin Black Line

Out here, summer is suddenly in full bloom: strawberry season just started, the ferry lines snake up past the terminal to the hills, Gemini parties fill each weekend, bees are swarming (I have to remember to put up my swarm hive!), hay pollen is making everyone miserable…

I was doing so well before hay-fever set in, or at least managing the demands of summer life with some modicum of control, but now that I have to actually sleep several hours a night, things are falling by the wayside. For one thing, it would appear that I can longer compose, nor take a decent outfit shot and the world will forever be ignorant what I'm wearing these days. Alas.

My neighbor Irene's garden which already looks like Eden, is about to burst in even further bloom, singularly rivaling the city of Portland in all it's floral glory.

Our next door neighbor's two sows each gave birth to a little of piglets, and the "wild" turkey mama who's been hanging out in our yard had four tiny turkeys in tow the other day. I dare you to try to find something more adorable than a baby turkey.

My own garden is doing well, though hand-watering it is setting some limitations and I think I planted my broccoli starts right at the wrong moment.

Speaking of Portland, I don't think I ever showed you guys my two latest tattoo additions: the dark of the moon and a thin band for my wedding ring, which I can no longer wear because so many of my jobs involve using my hands.

I may have made it a little too thin, and not taken into account that I heal fast, but scar really easily, because what is a tattoo but an injury your skin tries to scar over…

Either way I'm going to have to get it touched up pretty soon.

With all this summer time madness, some people still manage to sleep 'till the sun goes down.

Oh to be a cat on summer's day...


  1. your neighbor's garden looks beautiful! and that piglet is adorable. i don't think i've ever seen a baby turkey, you need to post a picture of one.
    i love your tattoo additions. i've wanted to get one on my ring finger but of course haven't. i really like the simplicity of yours.

    summer is such a wonderful season. ours will officially kick off next week when alex gets out of school. i can't wait :) xoxoxo

  2. Eden indeed! I love your new tattoo additions!


  3. I definitely just put baby turkey into google image.

    I'm starting to fight my hints of bitterness about the invasion of my once private beach-- filled for the duration of the summer. Hope you manage to deal with it better than me.

  4. 1. One of my best friends of all time lives on Bainbridge. Next time I go visit her I want to come and visit you, too, since I'll be in that neck of the woods.

    2. BABY TURKS! The cutest ever.

    3. Can I send you a package?

    4. The new ink is beautiful.

    5. I am June addicted here. Mad as a hatter for the light, the long days, the wildflowers, the mountains green...all of it. Just crazy as a goose for these good times.

    1. 1. I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO COME VISIT US! Come, Island hop...

  5. Irene's garden has a "mountain meadow" atmosphere (and colours) that are indeed very alluring. I think I could fall into this picture if I keep looking at these beautiful epilobes. Oh to be a flower on a June day... Aren't we though ?

    So you *were* getting tattooed in Portland! My guess was not so wild after all ;o) - And you know, if I ever get a tattoo, it would be the thin crescent of the young moon when she's just appearing, smiling peacefully in the early night sky, sending me again the promise that All Is Well.

    1. No, dear, you were so right on the mine. What are you, psychic? ;)

  6. Nice tattoos, the ring is a really good idea. If I ever shack up I might consider that since a chef can't really be wearing rings while cooking! All those lovely wild flowers, and that fat bee inside one! I love bees.

  7. damn the hay fever!! DAMN IT!! I know your pain, I'm suffering here in seatown too. It's miserable, tired, headache, watery puffy eyes etc... the kids and I are just mehhhhhh and wahhhh. Even the cat is sneezing! ugh, it will end soon thankfully. cute new tatts. we should do a ladies summer stick n poke. I have a bunch of new ink and boxes of tattoo needles! xo m

  8. That's one lucky cat to have a fancy crate for a bed. And that bee!

    Love your tattoos.

  9. Just out of curiosity, what does the tattoo on your arm say? o: