Friday, April 25, 2014

The Bird Of Hatland

Oh April, never before have I paid any mind to the mutterings of old T.S. Eliot, about you being any crueler than other months. But this year? You have had your wicked way with us.

Charlie and I have not so much fallen pray to April's cruelty, save for the lack of time and sleep, in fact we've felt very lucky this month.

In no small part thanks to all of you our crowdfunding was a total success (♡Thank you once more♡), I got to spend a whole week with my best girls, offers for small writing, editing and photography gigs keep appearing in my inbox, my handmade and vintage business is expanding in all directions, online and off (more exciting developments to be reveled next week!) and the immediate future, though always shaky and unpredictable, looks bright.

It's been a wild, tough month for everyone around us though, with these last seven days amounting to the week of calamities: deferred dreams, fires, deaths, accidents big and small ranging from cuts to serious injury, and from fender-benders to head on collisions. Big changes it would seem come both in good and the down right terrible.

Another thing I'd like to ask from April, is where exactly did she go, because a moment ago we were still in nettle season, and now we've skipped through morels right into the spruce tips. I can't keep up.

Nettles, morels, cleavers, rhubarb, spruce tips, baby chicks, the good things keep on coming. I spend my days chasing them around in circles through the woods, as though on the tail of some witch, who's dropping unpredictable spells in her wake.

I finally found the magic spot in my garden where the light is always right for etsy shots.

Got to spend a little time with this gal and her Little Bear. It's funny how faraway Orcas seems, when it's supposedly just a ferry ride away. It took me over a month to deliver her a birthday package. I'm excited and hopeful for us to get to hangout more in the coming months.

I've been having not only the best thrift/dump luck lately, but specifically the best thermos luck. The day before heading out to Portland I was all sad because we only have one small thermos and C. needed it for his own trip, but lo-and-behold, if the Dump didn't hand me the most perfect age-old and hella heavy baby-Stanley thermos, complete with an airtight cork to hold the liquid in. Then last weekend I got the soup thermos from the same source. I'm so ready for some camping time!

I also got this bend-y drawing doll from the Dump, as well as a polka-dot shirt and a glass jewelry jar with the moon and the stars on it. Thrift Gods must be on my side this month.

My biggest accomplishment might just be that I finally managed to spring clean my house, after what seemed like months of marveling at the sheer dirt and unadulterated mess. Cleaning is so not a priority for me when there are more interesting things going on and boy are there more interesting things going on right now.

Spring, as ever, runs hot and cold. One moment you're out in the orchard wearing shorts and a tank top, drinking a beer, the next it's this:

Marieke sent me an email enquiring after the little bird that's made its nest around my neck lately and I am happy to tell her here that it is the Bird Of "Hatland", or perhaps "Hat Town", named after the township of Hattula in Southern Finland where the original bronze bird from around year 1000, was found. Hattulan Lintu, is most likely a waterbird, as Northern cultures had a special relationship with them. We do after all believe that the world came out of the egg of such a bird.

An awesome Finnish jewelry company called Kalevala Koru, named so after our national epic that makes pieces inspired by jewelry  traditional wares and those found in archeological digs. Most Finnish women own one or two pieces from Kalevala Koru and they've been gaining more popularity in recent years as women in my generation have become more interested in Finnish tradition. Over the years I've acquired quite a few pieces myself, though I've never bought any, mostly from my mom, but also from friends and other relatives. This particular bird is one of two, a pair of earrings my mom has had since I was little. I love the idea of wearing a piece of Finnish history each day.

With spring, come not only the good things, the business but the steady stream of markers making way towards summer. Here comes Easter, Eostre of Dawn riding her wagon, salmonberry blossoms, the Procession of The Species, here are the pinedrops, May Day...

I was going to apologize for my lack of anything real to say, for my absence from this space, but you know what? I'm not sorry. Other stuff is going on and that's a good thing. I'm sure y'all have your own other stuff and understand completely.

Feel fee to tell me about it. In the meantime, lots of love,


  1. Oh Milla, I'd love to hear you say "Hattulan lintu" :o) and it suits you well indeed. This name reminds me of the Magic Hat that turns cotton balls into playful little clouds you can climb and ride, to the delight of Moomin and his friends, although they are not aware at this time where these lovely clouds come from. I sometimes wonder if some playful sprite is pushing me towards this street instead of that one... but I follow her nudge, and I end up meeting a friend who, in turn, was probably nudged by his own tender sprite: "Pssst... par ici !"

    By the way - I am so happy for your crowdfunding success, and for every good thing it brings into your life! This is where April went, no doubt. Here everyone is waiting for May to bring Spring at last, but I'm trying to wrap up several things before that. Tax papers: just done! Growing various kinds of seedlings in the kitchen: just started! (First time I'm starting my balconies' gardens from seed :o) Getting on with the portraits project: not yet! Translating blog: almost done! And so on.

    But I did do the Spring clean this month! (in batches, whenever I felt like it). Bonne nuit Milla! xo

  2. I never thought about Eliot and his gloomy seasonal prediction either, until this year when April unleashed all cruelty on me even despite it being bluebell season (which is always my favourite moment of the year).. so I am hunkering down now, enjoying the rainy days if not the weight that is on me, waiting for May.. damn you April, I will not let your cruelty stop me from enjoying the bluebells.. and even if it does, it'll have been a pretty good fight.. xx

  3. I'm glad to hear so many things are coming together for you guys! Of course with the good comes some bad. Hopefully in the end the good things will outweigh the downside!

  4. beautiful creatures everywhere. loving you all-ways from california. xx

  5. Seems you have plenty to say! And you speak in your photos too, I love seeing peaks of the world around you. And it's just nice seeing green growing things when my own world is still all dead grass and half-melted monster snowbanks.

  6. Ha! That would be a lot for me to say:) looks like life is good up there! Your backyard etsy spot is pretty ideal. And that gunne is a dream!

    April flew by for me. Soon all the kids will be out of school and summer will be here :0 not sure I'm ready! I'll try and savor these last weeks.

  7. Oh, I do understand and I think you still post often enough. If you post more I'm going to have trouble catching up! Just kidding, I love your posts and you should never apologize :) Beautiful necklace with an even more beautiful story, too.

    Have a wonderful weekend dear Milla!

  8. I'm so glad to hear that many wonderful things are in the works for you. :)

  9. you look like a magical witch yourself mydear, in your golden forest spot, dropping spells like morels indeed. it seems your witchery is working too, what with the dump finds and all the ins and outs of spring. always good to get a peek at your world, like cel said, as ever....bewitching!

  10. hope the cruel parts slow down for you guys! excited to here about your shop news! :)

  11. how exciting at least that things are blooming for you! I was feeling in a similar place, but now the mars retrograde has me feeling quite introspective and unable to start big projects. I love watching your photography progress - that giraffe photo is beautiful!

    1. Thanks love. Means a lot coming from you. It has taken me surprisingly long to realize that yes there is progress, and oh, I can totally take a pretty decent picture. I just found an old LOMO for a dollar and am excited to see if it works. Love, M