Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Once More, With Feeling

I promise this is the last of my Portland posts, but seeing as I suddenly find myself back to the grind that sometimes is my life in the spring and summer, I'm going to relive my recent vacation times once more with feeling. When I'm really only getting through days by taking several deep breathing breaks throughout, it's nice to remember that there's ebb and flow to this madness, and I just jumped into the overflowing creek from the tranquil shores of Portland.

As much as I love my reality and try to remember that it's beautiful and inspiring,  I can't help but being a little nostalgic about a few things from last week's reality.

So long to wandering with intent and stumbling upon art and odd, interesting things.

So long to magnolias, cherry blossoms and the thousand yellow suns of my new favorite flowering plant.

So long to the sweetest little five-week-old, with wide open eyes and a love of stretching out in all directions.

So long to unhealthy breakfasts and forbidden coffee drinks.

So long to dry pavement.

So long (for now) to sunshine everywhere.

So long to city clothes.

So long to unpredictable and friendly fauna, and the kind that tries to rob your bagel from your hand.

So long to the f***ing squirrels.

So long to the endless pictures of flowers and magic hours.

Before I get too bogged down in glorifying tea houses, thai food, flowering tees and vintage frock stores, I should mention that I am trading all of these things to baby chicks, baby goats, kayaking with husband, wildcrafting season, building a garden, new challenges and long walks.  Well, once I'm done with work week from hell…so any minute now well return our regularly irregular programming.

How's your reality doing?


  1. Gosh it's hard to say goodbye, isn't it? Well, actually, Portland isn't that far away for either one of us, but I came back form a glorious week in Mexico and that's a touch further to get back to. (sigh) Still, it wasn't so bad here until yesterday...when it started to pour. Hope the West Coast doesn't live up to its Wet Coast reputation for long. (because I have about a million sweet pea seedlings to rehouse...don't you hate that? I can't ever resist sewing the whole package)

  2. Somehow I was under the impression that you were still in Portland this week, and even getting a new tattoo! Nope: "trial by fire" was more metaphorical and less fun! Bon courage pour le travail alors... et bon retour :o)

  3. Lisää vain näitä,tuollaista kukkaloistoa ja mitä hauskimpia ideoita. Se mini kirjasto oli paljon hienompi,kuin kampin vastaava. Mä odotan niin huomista,mennään maalle pääsiäiseksi ja tyttöjen kanssa jäädään sinne vielä joksikin aikaa. Savusauna,ehkä talviturkin heitto,leipomista,metsäretkiä ja ehkä jo jotain puutarha hommiakin:-)

  4. A fair trade, I think, Milla! Someday, I swear, I want to make it up there to see you!

  5. I'm in love with those peachy blossoms against the grey-blue sky. Bogged down by sick kids, two weeks left til hand in date of my first assessment (Teacher Aide cert), but then breaking out to a concert (Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band) on a rainy evening and a little kid's birthday morning tea today in the sun to the sounds of kids, chickens and pigs. It's school holiday time now. xo

  6. It's strange to think that things like pavement aren't an everyday sight for you--I often forget how removed from town and city living you are. I think it's wonderful. Looking forward to your spring/summer posts. :)
    I was able to live in the country for a few years of my childhood, in Texas. We only had one neighbor, and he owned a giant pot-bellied pig that we were allowed to visit each day.

  7. Haha the squirrels, oh you... Springtime and all its twitterpated critters! I'm moving in the opposite direction, from busy to slow, since I just finished my last week of classes and I don't start working until mid-June. I'm determined not to waste this time though! I hope you share with us the baby creatures and the gardening :)

  8. Vacation withdrawal is normal. I experienced it for the first time this year; it took me months to get used to my normal life again haha.

  9. Ah, yes. I lived in Portland all of last year, but, for folk like us -- it is nice to *visit* but please give me the quiet of rural life to live out my days, with just vacations to neat townships ;)

    Lovely blog, as ever! Happy Spring'ing!