Saturday, April 12, 2014

All Of The Things

Sorry about the interruption of Portland walks and Portland talk, but Erin's post from yesterday, got stuck in my brain.

So here's ten random things about me:

1. I love swimming in cold water.

2. Almost no one has ever seen, or even heard of my favorite movie.

3. I'm ambidextrous, but in this way where there's certain things that are equally hard for me to do with either hand. Maybe that's just non-dextrous. I write with my left, but do almost everything else with my right.

4.  In the past I've had hypersomnia, which is the opposite of insomnia and means that I can potentially sleep as much as I'd like to. The longest I've ever slept was 32 hours.

5. I was born with a lot of hair on my head and a tooth in my mouth, a sure sign of a witch in the old days.

6. The phone terrifies me, I screen my all of my calls,  most of the time I don't pick it up and almost never check our messages.

7. I'm an only child, but I have a sister.

8. I can speak French when I'm sufficiently inebriated. Well, at least I think I can.

9. I love mountain ash/ rowan trees.

10. I was raised in the theatre, dah-ling.

How about you?


  1. oh my gosh, #3 me too! lefty for writing, but i do a LOT of things with my right hand, including bowling and using scissors. but i am a lefty when i use a baseball bat or use a needle and thread. <3

  2. I love Lawn Dogs! I think I may have actually sought it out originally because of you. And the French thing... My mother tongue is French, but I was raised in Ontario and our accent is MUCH different from that of the people neighboring us in Quebec, however as soon as I get a few drinks in, I mysteriously start speaking in a Quebecois accent haha...

  3. Milla, I didn't know that you have a soft spot for Rowans too! There is one in the heart of my secret garden, and I lay down on the grass beside him to draw and dream... I've discovered recently that Rowan groves were considered as natural sanctuaries by the old religions, and their wood was used by the Druids for oracles :o)

    Thank you for sharing these special things with us... J'aimerais beaucoup t'entendre parler français !


  4. i LOVE lawn dogs too! along with box of moonlight, it's topped my list for years. i also love that you were born with a tooth. i can't even imagine popping out a baby with a tooth already. i bet you were very advanced through the newborn stage. it would be fun to talk to your mom about you as a baby. it makes me wonder how my little ones will turn out; will they be magical witches like milla? <3 i do think lucy will follow in your footsteps as far as swimming in cold water. can't wait for you all to meet each other.

  5. Ha, ha! This post was great, Milla! I love picturing you as a little toothy, hairy babe! And speaking of hair, yours looks just GORGEOUS! I am outright jealous of those curls (coming from one with stick-straight hair).

    My favorite movie is The Bad Seed. I am seriously accident-prone, my favorite flavor of ice cream is coffee, I was born completely bald... and I was thoroughly impressed with your sleep record. 32 hours?! Holy cow, girl!

  6. What a wonderful list of randomness! I'm not fond of the phone either, I usually don't pick it up, but I don't mind text messages; they actually save me a lot of phone calls! And I have indeed not heard of that movie, but looking forward to watching it soon.