Monday, March 17, 2014

The 365 Dollar Oven-Warm Cat

Have you ever added up out how much your pets end up costing each year? Well, I figured recently that barring unforeseen medical expenses and such, our cats each cost a dollar a day to feed. This isn't a post  topic, by the way, just an observation. I'm much too tired and harried for post topics. Inane blather will follow. Enjoy.

I can still scarcely believe the bevy of blossoms that unfolds from the back-stoop, so many old fruit trees and wild plums.

This was the first day in a long time without driving rain, so I took a long brake to work on tilling some soil in front of the house's two "wings" and starting some seeds outside. Cress, parsley and peas, thank you for being unfussy.

I was thinking that this could be an outfit-post, but really I'm wearing dirty overalls and a blouse I found (to my delight as I thought I had lost it) under the bed. And my mucking-around-boots. Which I guess I'm lucky to have...

There is such a bounty of growing, living things all around me, it seems like a sin to sit inside typing and budgeting and translating. It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. And then, someone's gotta plant some favas in some actual dirt.

Spring is a fickle time, rain and shine, computer chores and gardening. Hopefully I'll be back at the end of the week, depending on putting together our crowdfunding effort goes. Wish me luck.

How's your dirty jobs? 


  1. lucky cat mama! you get off cheap! I don't even wanna try and figure a $ amount to my high maintenance cay guy... xo m

  2. I desperately want to get outside and get my hands dirty- figure out what edible treats will grow in my shady yard. But late winter snow storms are stalling my efforts. Spring is playing coy this year.

  3. Just to tell you that it's so lovely to come here:)

  4. well my goodness, your kitty looks so much like our cat Iris!

  5. My guys cost me about $10/day including food and litter and behavior stuff like calming treats as well as a 2x/day dosage of prednisolone for my IBD cat, etc. That's about $2/day per cat. That's not including the vet bills though. My guys are all over 10 years old so that has really been adding up lately as I've had to switch to annual vet exams and blood panels to make sure I'm on top of any diabetes, kidney or cancer-related developments (which I think are the most common illnesses for seniors).

    I'm really hoping for some sunshine and growth in NYC soon! Your pictures make me envious!

  6. Söpöt pökät! Täällä sataa lunta. Takatalvi. Jotain sentään itämässä ikkunalaudalla.

  7. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to leave a comment almost every time ;o) - I just can't help it! It's too tempting!

    Even if it's just to say that I'm happy you found your blouse, it looks very "campagnarde" :o) and it's even assorted to your lava beans bowl! Also, Kissa has the perfect "what? Am I doing something wrong here?" cat look.

    I have just finished one round of translations for a magazine and taking a little break before the next comes in (hopefully, or feeding myself and Lola will be tricky). Maybe I should invest in some seeds for my future balcony garden this summer. Good luck for your endeavour! Keep us posted!

  8. My gatos are cheap, but worth a million.
    My dirtiest job lately is shoveling white slushy snow. ;)
    I think I'll look under my bed for a cute embroidered blouse! (Nope. Only dust balls and a pen.)
    It sure looks lush and fresh out among your digs. And what a sweetie you are. Happy Wednesday!

  9. My dirty job lately has been sitting behind the computer editing photos for my etsy shop! I'd MUCH rather be outdoors soaking in the sunshine, birdsong, and getting my hands dirty! It's funny how we wait all winter for spring and then when it arrives I feel a rush, like I'm already behind on getting seeds in the ground. As to the felines, the biggest cost lately has been in lost sleep :( Henri seems to think 3am is time to party, eat breakfast, cause a general ruckus... ugh! Oh, and I might be slightly biased, but I think XTRA TUFS make any outfit :)

  10. Just found your blog, from a link on Heather's blog, At the Edge of the Ordinary.

    Your blog makes me so homesick! I lived for 8 years in a log cabin up north, in the Bella Coola Valley, BC, homesteading with chickens and goats, cats and kids. Your photos, like the boots, or the bottles with flowers on a windowsill, the old wood stove, are the photos I should have taken, and didn't.

    I repeat; this makes me homesick.

    I'll be back, regularly. Love your blog!