Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bonfire Nights And Hummingbird Days...

…actually, these are also the days of the butterflies, daffodils, redwing blackbirds, newts, baby chicks, mating eagles. Last night as I was working on some never-ending computer business, I saw the reflection of two somethings behind me on the screen. I turned to look and there were two Anna's Hummingbirds hovering outside my window, looking in at me. 
These are the days when it's impossible to stay inside, when all the blooming, marvelous life calls you out with all it's chittering, chattering, screeching, whispering might.

When everything around you is about ready to burst.

New babies and new lambs and new buds.

Only old bones are resting quietly.

Explorers of the fogs.

Future foods.

Birds of all feathers.

The yellow sun repeating its image everywhere.

A little one's first spring and Pisces by the bunch.

Bright, burning, glorious futures.

The first of the season's parties.

I find that these days it takes a lot to stay in, work on the computer, compose things.

It's not that there's not words for spring, there are many, too many in fact. Would you like me to list them off, one by one?  Too many small miracles unfurling every damn day, too many frog choruses singing in the moonlight, too many eagles circling overhead, too many deer walking through the yard right before sunset, herons rising from the pond, baby bunnies under the walkways, currants blooming, plums blossoming, cats prowling, wind bursting with clouds of cedar pollen... too much of every single, glorious thing to recount with words!

Though the days are getting longer, time seems to be slipping away ever faster, the days too short to spend indoors, to not sit on the porch watching the birds, to not walk in the woods looking for food and treasure...

Happy Spring! All absences excused!


  1. Ahhh this makes me yearn for Spring SO badly! It's still snowing outside, right now, and things green and growing seem so far off here. That orange kitty is handsome, but I am orange-kitty biased.

  2. the world offers itself in abundance and we open our arms ever wider

  3. So refreshing to see! We are still 1 or 2 months away from spring, but this little preview of it is exciting!

  4. It's intoxicating, really. Love.


  5. You've summed up the heart-bursting feeling perfectly. Tabbies, bonfires, moss and sunbeams in one burst of a post! Too good.

  6. perfectly put! i love the pic of your kitty in the tree!

    soon my own spring lamb will arrive :)

  7. Lovely Milla in your raspberry-cherry attire! I'm not surprised that the hummingbirds were peeking in at you :o) - and what a nice contrast to my current outfits, not to mention the scenery and weather. Thank you for evoking this bursting of life in such a lively, poetic, personal way. Somehow it is now alive in my heart as well...

    It often strikes me as strange and beautiful that, on our round planet, people can experience totally opposed seasons at the very same time -- and even on the same hemisphere, the climate is a shifting, local performance that we keep witnessing with awe and surprise, year after year. Like kids :o) (An oh, I can't wait for Mary's homecoming post !!)

  8. you are just surrounded by natural beauty--i would have to set up a tent or something, and never miss a moment. :)

  9. Ah yes, I too have found it hard to work indoors, especially when the sun is shining. Beautiful weather is a blessing and a curse that way. But spring itself might be what's calling me out!