Friday, February 28, 2014

Sun Days

Every year she comes like this: first gradually and then suddenly. Spring always seems to arrive through our doors like she's been trying the doorknob for a while and then it flies open without warning, blowing in sunlight and small flowers, chattering birds, new grass and the smell of wet earth and California winds…

The trees have been trying to bud for weeks now, enduring snowfalls and windstorms. Migratory birds keep trying to return and sing their hearts out, only to be silenced by the cold. All it takes is a few sunny days and suddenly the yard is blooming with unfurling leaves, crocuses rising like purple and yellow stars from the soil, bumblebees drunk on nectar and cats frolicking in the patches of sunlight.

The light now stays for eleven a day, which some days seems like winning the lottery. In the morning it only takes an hour after waking up for the backyard to turn pale blue and when I go outside the trees are full of birds just singing out their hearts.

Time seems to stretch further, there's more hours in the day, for doing and making and reaching deadlines and submissions. And there's still time to cook and visit and work. And sometimes to stop and smell the flowers even.

This morning, walking out to do my friday milking, it felt like the whole field was alive with small insects and flitting birds. In the garden, cutting kale for the goats, three redwing blackbirds serenaded each other by the pond and it felt like they were really singing to me.

Guess who's coming for dinner? Finally. Poor nettles. They've been coming up for over a month, only to be struck down at every turn, but they keep at it. It's that time of year again...

You know, this little update was going to be a bona fide outfit post, but got totally derailed by sudden changes in seasons.

Besides, I'm wearing more of the same old. You can probably tell that I'm totally in love with this new thrift store sweater. It goes with everything. Originally it and this dress both were going to the store, but what can I say? Other things had to leave the wardrobe to make them room. It's such a luxury to walk to work in just this a sweater, no coat, single pair of tights.

Do you ever have library luck? It's like thrift luck, but even more delightful, because it's totally free.

I got to be the first to take out The Sixth Extinction and am adding Cartwheel  and Five Days At Memorial to my read women list. The Crane Wife was on my list of other things to read, so I'm excited about it as well. I think I'm going to declare March a reading month, regardless of whether winter is over, or not.

Speaking of luck. Amelia and I got some tiny espresso cups from our potter friend. Seconds they may be, but I love them.

And while I was despairing over the afore-mentioned deadlines today, this was the reading I got in response. It speaks directly in encouragement. I'm excited to do more readings and maybe even set up a little booth to do them for strangers this summer. Stay tuned for that tarot-related post from me and miss Sadie Rose.

Back to the grind...

Is it spring where you are?


  1. NETTLES!!!! girl, i wanna visit, if even just for the day! magic in those tiny burning sprites. golly me, was it almost a year ago we harvested? wow. xoxo psst call me. m

  2. Oh my, what a contrast to what is happening in my neck of the woods! Suffice it to say that I went for a spectacular cross-country ski in the forest today, and had many many layers protecting me from -20 weather. So no Spring here yet, and that's fine by me. The nettles, bees and warm winds are worth the wait, and in the meantime, I get to enjoy the crisp air, tracks in the snow, branches laden with lacy icicles, and endless pots of tea...

  3. That looks like the coziest of cozy sweaters. I like the pin, too. Is it a sewing machine?

  4. Dear white-and-red lady, I rejoice in your Spring tale! Your words really capture the sweet, fresh magic of it (and it's hard not to stare at these pictures ;o) Your merry outfit makes me imagine you skipping in the woods, dizzy and joyful at being coatless :o)

    Like Nicole, I am still in the middle of winter here in Montréal, but the days getting longer are a true blessing. And it's the new moon! Yes for renewed energy !

  5. Hello. It is 3 degrees with a foot of new snow today. The windchill is - 24.
    Sooo...what was it you asked? Spring?? What's THAT?
    For now, I will enjoy looking at your flowers and birds and mini skirts. And smile.

  6. Our evenings are cooling off now, our days still beaming hot from the Sun and the cicadas are still in their mating frenzy...there seems to be a flurry of barbeques, late night dining and outdoor tea drinking come 10pm as if we are all realising that Summer is beginning to close her curtains as Autumn is sneakily winking hello.
    That red dress is thanking you for wearing it. xo

  7. Unlike all your other commenters, it's been spring since summer here. I am proud to say we have had a little rain though but still, that's spring. I too rejoice when I can wear a pair of tights and a sweater but that's opposed to a sundress. Hope I don't sound bitter, I so love our warm California breezes! Just as I love great library hauls and little red dresses and you sweet friend!

  8. you look adorable, as usual.
    and NO, it is NOT spring where we are. we are getting an ice/snow storm later this evening and into tomorrow. i may have cried already.

  9. Oh boy it's not even CLOSE to spring here yet. Actually, I was stranded at a friend's this past week due to a snow squall that blew in. But that's what I get for living in Canada! I cannot wait for the day I can go outside without needing giant winter boots, mittens, and several layers to keep warm. All the little growing green things here have me yearning for that time! I get you with library luck too, sometimes it just feels like books meant just for you come into your hand. I like wandering the shelves in all the subject sections and try and spot something fresh to read, it's fun and tends to be fruitful.

  10. spring is close now after a few months of dreadful storms and floods, although the soil of most of my garden is still waterlogged we have snowdrops, primroses, crocus flowering and the leaves unfurling on my elder and rowan. we have had a few warm sunny days which were glorious...but today is dark with hail showers

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  12. helsingissä plus 2 astetta ja räntää sataa,ei oikeastaan yhtään lunta enää maassa. Hiihtoloma mukamas,ei kyllä mitään hiihtokelejä,lapissa ehkä.. Oltiin viimeviikko maalla ja käytiin kyllä metsälammella luistelemassa,mutta hiihtämään ei päästy,eikä edes pulkkamäkeen. Outo talvi!
    kevät tekee siis tuloaan tännekin,mutta ei vielä noin kauniina kuin siellä teillä. Pikkupikku nokkoset kyllä bongasin:-)

  13. It's like living in a freezer here in the Maritimes. I believe last year there was a 70 degree day in March. Ah well, at least the sun is brilliant today!

  14. I'll be waiting for spring for a while longer in March. Just got another snow fall overnight, and there was a high of 19 F today. Your spring pictures were like a warm breeze - but one that is still very far off.

  15. What a different world, so beautiful and serene. It doesn't even feel close to spring here, still below freezing temperatures and cold winds. The birds are making all the spring time noises, but there's no warmth to accompany them- soon though, soon! I love library luck, much better than book store indecision (something I often face). And I can't get over how nice that leaf looks in your hair.

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