Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Neighborhood Watch

One of the many things I love about this house is our neighbors. There's nothing like being able to walk over for a quick visit, to borrow something, or give your favorite baby a snuggle.
The folks we're renting from have family on adjacent pieces of land, so there's lots of paths between the different houses. There's many dear friends living within walking distance, though our awesome former neighbors are really far away now, which makes me sad.

Still, while we haven't had much time to really explore, or take walks, each day we get a few little walks and visits in. Or, sometimes, many.
Just today I've walked a few paces East to let out and feed, our next-door neighbor's chickens, bantams and turkeys, then a little ways South to babysit two of my favorite little dudes. Next, I hopped home to make C. lunch and a neighbor dropped by on her afternoon stroll. After lunch, C. walked back to work, I biked over to Lissa's  five minutes down the road.

On the way back, I stopped by the other neighbors where C. now spends his days. Then I went home and made a fire.

A little later I walked back to the neighbor's to lock in the chickens and to try to sneak some eggs into the cars of some friends who work for our neighbors. Those birds make so many eggs in so many sizes, tiny bantam ones and giant turkey ones, that after just a few days of caring for the birds we're kind of drowning in eggs.

Then back down the road to talk another neighbor about a project. Then home again in the dusk.
The best part is that most all of these little journeys are made on foot, on little paths in the woods and fields between our dwellings. It's certainly more fun darting in and out of the trees than being on the paved road.

These days, we drive about a third of our driving just a few months ago. Sometimes four or five days pass without us setting foot in a car. It's the little things.

Do you know your neighbors? Do you visit with each other often?

Okay, back to Santa's workshoppe.


  1. sounds so good! The most we can get is 30 hours without the car but with school being on right now, we have to use it mon-fri. I'm over it! I wanna be able to walk or ride a bike (or horse!) and that's it. my neighbors are too close and way crabby... yeah totally back to santas workshop!! xo m

  2. for 9 years I lived next door to my parents, on the road i grew up on, so I really knew those neighbors. This summer we bought a house a mile down the the road, but my sisters started renting the house next door so...yeah, I know my neighbors and even have bathtub childhood pictures of them.
    I love having my people near by.

  3. this sounds so lovely. :) I wish we had a situation like this! it must feel so comforting to have friends so nearby.
    such beautiful photos!

  4. What a great post! I can just see you darting through the trees....reminds me of forest spirits. Wonderful imagery!

  5. oh how i love this...did you know that is mine and darin's dream...to live in a neighborhood without roads, where you just walk along foresty paths to each other's abodes? Well we dreamed of a little community where the cars get parked on the outskirt. i can't believe you are actually living that life! i think the road and driveways and such kind of divide a neighborhood. we don't know our neighbors very well. that is an understatement. we don't know them at all, although we are on friendly, howdy, terms. there are new neighbors moving in across the street, maybe i'll have to change the vibe and go offer them a holiday treat. they already put up christmas lights, so i know they're good folk ;) LOVE to you and your sweet sweet village.