Friday, December 20, 2013

A Solstice Morning Miracle

I had a whole other post planned, about rites and magic and Wild Women Of The Woods, but when you, you know, manifest an abundance of snow, for Solstice morn, screw that!

Welcome to our Winter Wonderland.
Bird tracks, curious animals, nervous chickens, scared-y cats...

Running errands in the soft-contoured landscape. Having snowball fights. Neighbors visiting, stopping by to bring gifts and drink tea.

Preparing for the Long Dance, in our cozy house, all sounds insulated by a white coating.

I could not have asked for a sweeter Solstice present. Even if it only lasts a day.

Merry, joyful Solstice time everyone. May your night be dark and your dawn be glorious!


  1. A Solstice miracle indeed! A beautiful reminder of endings, new beginnings, and the turning of the wheel. A very happy Solstice to you! xx

  2. Oh my gosh, this is magical! As much as I appreciate the mild seasons of the bay area, I often yearn for just a moment of snowy winter wonderlands like this one. The most we get here is frost on the grass (and the windshields), which is nice, but not quite enchanting. I would so love to snuggle indoors and sip hot drinks while the world outside is all white and wintry.

    You look so perfectly at home and happy in these pictures. Happy Solstice!

  3. Yeah!!! Happy Solstice! And enjoy the snow... none of that is coming my way this year...
    again Happy Blessed Solstice from a new reader
    Denise in TN

  4. Beautiful, magical and heart warming!

  5. i love waking up to snow!! It was a lovely morning! ps the new place looks super cute! xo m

  6. enjoying the snow here too, it was a lazy morning. most of our snow is already gone though!

  7. This is perfectly lovely, particularly the happy pair of you. And your warm-but-pretty scandinavian outfit seems to be the perfect um, manifesting of the snowy Solstice event :o)

    Here in Montréal it has been snowing for two days... and it's supposed to go on until the 24th. Mixed with hail on Sunday though.



  8. täällä on sää sekaisin ja teillä on selvästi enemmän lunta. Tultiin maalle,käytiin tervehtimässä puroa ja kuulosteltiin,josko ilves olisi lähellä. Mukavaa Talvipäivän seisausta!

  9. Voih, ollapa tuollainen maisema...! Juna vie aattoaamuna Pohjanmaalle, toivon niin että siellä olisi valkea joulu... Vielä tämä viimeinen työpäivä täällä kaupalla, ja sitten astuu rauha ja ihana hiljaisuus hetkeksi. Aion nauttia siitä todella :). Ja jos en enää eksy tänne ennen joulua, niin maailman kauneinta joulua sulle, ihana Milla <3.

  10. I'm so jealous of your picture perfect little house nestled away in the snow. Welcome to winter; we've had snow for about six weeks already so it is nice to see someone freshly appreciating it instead of all of the grumbling going on over here!

  11. snow in the pacific northwest is like combining all of my favorite things! It looks so beautiful with the bright green peeking through everywhere. and your mossy home looks like something out of a fairy tale.

  12. Oh how beautiful! What a treat! Happy Holidays, beautiful lovely Milla!