Thursday, November 14, 2013

"These are the good old days."

November is shaping up to be a somber month. Not for me personally so much, but certainly for all of us that, you know, live on Earth. As usual, Mary has put everything I feel into words much better than I could, so if the news has got you down, head over to her log to gain perspective.

 At times it can seem that all our own small problems (see my last post) are safer to cling to than venturing out into the great sea of the world's problems. At others, the two seem inexorably intertwined. How can I be happy when the world is going to hell in a hand basket? How dare I be unhappy when others are without food, medicine, shelter, their families, hope, all of which I have?

I have no real answers except the usual hippy-dippy remedies of gratitude, reveling in the small, holding your loved ones close, doing something for someone else for a change, and oh yeah: giving a whatever one can to the victims of the worst typhoon on record.

I know most of us don't have a lot of money and certainly don't have any extra money, but what I've found, is that there's almost always somewhere to pinch from. This week, we're  going to not buy on any treats (this just means no trips to the grocery store), forego yoga class for practicing at home for the same amount of time (not the same, I know, but I'm trying to pinch), not drive for a day and save $5 on gas  and save $16 on not getting something I was planning to buy. So far, I think I've saved forty bucks, with those small adjustments to our plans. The thing about money that I've found is that, as much as we always need every little bit of it, we don't always need every little bit of it as much as someone else does.

How much do you think you might be able to muster? However much it is you can donate to Oxfam here (Nichole clued me onto Oxfam being a good place to donate since they give 100% directly to your cause.).

Let's you and me try to make Somber November a little happier. I promise for my part that I will return with somewhat merrier posts.


  1. Thanks for sharing Mary's post, Milla, and for making it easy to click and donate to Oxfam.


  2. i love that photo!!! you look like a delicious bowl of acorn soup. You are also funny, even when you are somber. I have had a personally wonderful November thus far, finances not included. but i've been feeling so generally good that even that part of things isn't bothering me too much. miss you! will be excited to visit in Joyful May or whatever month we choose. XX

  3. Milla, thank you for the link to Oxfam. I will donate there. I'm hoping to make some decent money selling vintage this weekend, so that I can donate a bigger chunk of dough to the relief efforts in the Philippines. And thank you for so eloquently describing the conflicting ways individuals cope with the world's tragedy. I admit I often feel petty when blogging about my day to day life/personal feelings in the face of such tragedy, yet I'm learning that pressing on and working towards being a better person is really the only thing I can do, if I don’t want to be in a perpetual state of mourning. Your post has inspired me to make more of an effort to help others; small actions go a long way.

  4. just earlier this morning I turned off the radio as it gave updates for the tragedy in the philipines. my exact thought was 'i can't do anything else except donate money, and i don't have any money and this is just stressing me out.' and now i sit here at a cafe where i just bought my lunch for the day and a coffee. $8. how much do i blow through the week? thank you for the inspiration to pinch pennies. So. Right. On. and thank you for the shout-out. the biggest balm to my heart is to not feel so alone with the somberness and the fears that loom in the early morning. love you.

    1. oh and plus one to sadie's reflection that you look delicious. kabocha squash soup, maybe? xo

  5. I've been learning to pinch pennies! It is a strange pressure to worry about expenditure I've found. It is causing me to spend more time considering purchases and to be more thoughtful about gift giving, which on the upside has been quite rewarding. I like the tip on petrol.....I'm often running late for school pick up and end up driving instead of walking - really I should just be on time for a change.

  6. i live in a constant state of pinching, but you're right, you can always pinch more. great post and thank you for the link :)