Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The girl with the...mullet

One of the oddest sidelines I ever had was as a trendspotter, so believe me when I say that really short bangs are in style this season. You know the whole 90s pixie bangs, Björk, Courtney Love, Sibyl Buck, all that? No? Well, what do you know, anyway? Did you once hold one of the most coveted non-jobs of 2003? Yeah, well that's why you read this blog for my amazing, on-trend fashion stylings, right? Good for you.
Seriously though, as I was chopping off my bangs once again this morning, I calculated that there's really been only three years in my life that I grew my hair out enough to say that didn't have them, between fifth and eight grade. I've had hair down past my waist, I've had the pixie, a bob, firetruck-red hair, blue hair, pink hair, green hair, blond hair, black hair, but I've almost always had bangs. Just so you know you're talking to a girl who has more or less the same hair as thirty years ago.

Usually, about once every two years, I abandon the long hippie-bangs that reach damn near my eyebrows, completely lose it and cut my bangs too short, so as to look like I have a really long and lustrous mullet and then swear I'll never do it again. This time however, I'm quite fond of the results, so there you have it: I venture that super-short bangs are back in style. Either that, or I'm delusional...
I keep meaning to do an actual outfit post because, heck, I actually really enjoy that aspect of blogging, and miss outfit posts from my favorite writers. But then again, I never seem to get it together to shoot one myself. There's just so much other fun stuff to blog about.

Today was a spectacular day in the outfit department, what with me wearing all of my favorite things: the first dress Missa ever sent me, which is in dire need of mending, my trusty denim vest that goes with everything, like you know, every other vest on earth, a brown Icelandic sweater with a thousand mended holes, new brown boots from Barter Fair and the loved to oblivion Nikki Mcclure tote with Amanitas. They may have been seen on this blog tens of times, oldies but goodies, but at least I'm as consistent with my wardrobe as I am with my love of frontal lobe-covering hair. 
It was also a spectacular  day in the cards and outside in the woods. It's gotten cold and sunny, instead of gray and rainy and I'm excited to take bike rides and go on walks with friends and neighbors.                       
Lovely weather decidedly doesn't stop some people sleeping away most of the day.
I've been making fires in the morning and at night and the kitchen is suddenly so warm and inviting and full of sleeping cats. 
We had our favorite lunch, miso with leftover veggies and kale before walking together to work for the afternoon with cats in tow. They follow us around like dogs to wherever we go in the neighborhood and hide out in the bushes while we visit with the neighbors, buy eggs, or work. Then they run back home with us, fighting and climbing trees and generally behaving like tiny tigers.

These past two months that we've lived here, I feel like I've been so short on time, juggling so many projects and changes, that I've barely had the chance to enjoy our new surroundings, but walking through the woods with my honey to spend an afternoon together, even if it's in the whir of loud machines and intense focus, makes me happy like nothing else. And yeah, still being willfully obtuse, sorry about that. 
Here's some proof of steadfast devotion to the miracle of bangs. 
Hope you weren't expecting any kind of serious content from a post with that heading...


  1. Love the short bangs! Angelina just chopped hers super short too, so I'd say you are on to something. Always love seeing you in that dress too, big hugs my dear! That soup looks super yum, I miss your cooking :)

  2. My god but you were the cutest child. I love short bangs on you! I've tried them a few times, and almost always feel chipper and courageous when I do, but the photos of me in short bangs tell a story of a misbegotten hair idea - on my face anyway. Doesn't mean I won't do it again though!

  3. Darling Milla, you are one of the bold and creative girls who inspired me to take my scissors one evening, this September (a few days after quitting my depressing job, a few days before my birthday) and similarly adorn my previously serious forehead.

    And: dark chocolate brown with turquoise blue is one of my favourite colour combinations. Among, you know, many others :o)

    Thirdly: I love this picture of you mesmerized by the water. And I love it when your bangs fully reveal your witty eyebrows.

  4. Olipas tämä hyväntuulinen postaus :). Mullakin oli pikkutyttönä otsatukka, mutta sitten en tiedä mitä tapahtui... poikatyttömeiningillä mentiin, hiukset oli pitkät, takussa ja otsatukan huoltaminen varmaan ei kuulunut ohjelmaan puissakiipeilyn lomassa ;). Löysin sen uudelleen vasta parinkymmenen ikävuoden jälkeen, enkä ole kertaakaan antanut kasvaa kuin hieman ylipitkäksi, muuten kyllä sitten on pituus vaihdellut yli vyötärömitasta polkkaan. Ompelusaksilla leikataan nykyisin enempi mun otsahiuksia kuin kankaita.. Mutta on siinä kyllä joku juttu, mullakin on suht pitkät kasvot, ja ilman otsahiuksia näyttää jotenkin väsähtäneeltä.Olis mielenkiintoista tietää kuinka monta tuhatta naista leikkasi otsahiukset Amelien jälkeen!

    1. Siis ihan samaa mielta! Sulla sentaan on kainiisti kaposet kasvot, mulla pitkat JA leveat :D
      Mutta ehdottomasti hiusten kehystamina kasvot nayttaa paljon reippaammilta (ai kauhee miten vaikeaa oli kirjoittaa toi sana.) ja viehkommilta. Amelien aikaan mulla oli jokseenkin tasan sama kampaus kuin Audrie Tatoulla elokuvassa ja siita kylla kuultiin. Sittemmin meninkin ja varjasin sen siksi paloauton punaiseksi. Tekisipa muuten nyt just mieli katsoa kyseinen elokuva, en ole sita niihin kymmeneen vuoteen nahnyt. Haleja sinne Pohjolaan.

  5. the short bangs look super cute! our hair past sounds very similar, i'd love to see photos of all the different cuts and colors you've had. fun outfit, yummy looking soup, kittys...what more does one need in a post? :)

  6. is that YOUUU by the fountain?? Gawd that is adorable. love the short bangs and you are gorgeous no matter how your hair is. nice try with the "mullet" talk but you actually just look like an uber hot mystic forest babe.

  7. girl, so cute!!you look good w baby bangs!! I'm a lifelong banger too. and ooooh those cats, such sweeties. xo m