Friday, November 29, 2013

She and Him

I like to wake up early - He likes to sleep in late 
(though he's getting better about it)

I like boiled eggs - He likes fried eggs

I read very fast - He reads pretty slowly

I like a warm house - He doesn't mind a cold house

I love cauliflower - He dislikes cauliflower

I dislike eggplant - He likes eggplant a lot

I have to meditate - He seems to meditate all the time

I run for no reason - He doesn't run for any reason

I don't bake - He loves to bake

I'm loudly passionate - He's quietly passionate

I'm not musical - He's very musical

I listen to whiney music of the indie rock persuasion - He listens to up-beat reggae and world music and hill-people country

I can't draw - He can draw really well

I stay up late - He goes to bed early

I go home early from parties - He stays up all night at parties

I'm always thinking - He claims he's often not

I'm a loud introvert - He's a quiet extrovert

I express my feelings all the time - He expresses his feelings only rarely 

I love Joanna Newsom - He hates Joanna Newsom

I do everything fast and sloppily - He does everything slow and well

I'm a biker - He's a hiker 
(though we're rubbing off on each other)

I like to make with my brain - He likes to make with his hands


We both like to dance

We both love our cats

We both use fabric handkerchiefs

We both want to die a good death

We are both dreamy realists

We both drink lots of tea

We both hate zoos

We're both content where we are

We both love museums

We're both very ambivalent about having children

We both eat all of our vegetables

We both love the wilderness

We both love hot sauce

We both prefer the unhappy truth to the happy lie

We both make fun of hippies

We're both hippies

We both hate cleaning

We both love cooking

We're both content by ourselves

We're both creative

We both love old things

We both like games

But we both hate sports

We both have a strange sense of humor

We both have the same Dosha in Ayurveda

We both read poetry

We both love The Bowerbirds

We're both sound sleepers

We both believe animals are people

and about a million other things

How about you and yours (kids, moms, partners, best friends)?


  1. I was writing a list for my blog yesterday too lol! I haven't posted it yet cause I am distracted and behind on EVERYTHING!!! I think this is cute so I am going to play
    I like walking slow and looking at things He likes walking fast so he can exercise
    I am a figuring it out chef He is a trained chef
    I like my 8 hours of sleep 8 hours of sleep doesn't seem to concern him
    I like quiet , he having the tv on, playing music loud, listening to music loud
    I like to sleep with clothes on (its cold!), he'd rather I didn't
    I take the bus, he drives
    I like and orderly house, it doesn't seem to bother him much when things are just wherever
    I don't find it necessary to shower every day, he does
    I wear essential oils, he wears cologne
    I run from an argument, he loves to debate
    I have no children and have never been married, He has been married and does have a child
    I think the country sounds like a home for my sometimes lost heart, he thinks it sounds like isolation and nothing to do
    I don't drink, He likes a drink
    we both like kombucha
    we both love animals
    we both like kisses
    we both enjoy exercise
    we both enjoy watching fights on the tele
    we both want to live near the water
    we both are creative
    we both sometimes have inappropriate humor
    we both think children are smart and that honesty is important
    We both are interested in spirituality
    we both love to dance
    we both practice being kind to strangers and the homeless
    we both live in the same neighborhood

    That was fun to do! I thought of things I hadn't yet. Thanks! xoxoxox say hello to the trees and the birdies and all the cute critters for me

  2. Ihana postaus!

    Me and him are having the very same thing:
    I have to meditate - He seems to meditate all the time

    I am dog and He is a dragon
    (which are opposite signs in chinese astrology which means polarity)
    We've had strong deep connection from the first time we met 8 years ago, but difficulties in everyday basis because of our characters.
    I am precise - He is negligent
    I am good on saving money - He is good on using all quick as a flash
    I support him on practical things - He has always been grounding force for me with his utterly beautiful spiritual connection to life and with his tranquil soul

    We both are musical.
    We both love japanese teas and raw food.
    We have similar visual liking of things.

    What I really admire of him is his openness and non-judgemental quality of being towards people, his trust.
    He every once in a while accommodates homeless people to his 19 m² flat with him for some periods of time, people he meets in a park or on a tram stop. He gives from what he has, doesn't attach to materia or isn't afraid on behalf of it.
    He is awesome :)

  3. I love pizza He could take it or leave it
    I like to draw He rarely draws
    I wake up early He likes to sleep in
    I am sensitive He is practical
    I am a quiet introvert He is a quiet extrovert
    I like apple pie He likes pumpkin pie.
    I border on being a hermit He likes to go out
    I like having one or two close friends He likes connecting with lots of people
    I don't know how to play any instruments He plays lots of instruments
    I love Joanna Newsom He doesn't get why I listen to her music so much
    He loves Swans I don't get why he listens to them so much
    I like shopping for clothes He's worn the same clothes for a decade
    I grew up in the country He grew up in the city
    We both love to cuddle
    We like to have a lot of alone time
    We both like to be creative
    We both like to make slow food
    We like to watch movies and shows together in bed
    We are both really passionate
    We both work on being present

  4. I love this post! you both seem lovely! I¡ll try to do it in my blog and I'll tell you, we seem so similar and we're oposite but in other way we are the same, strange things about love.
    Love the ripped garland <3

  5. What a great post! I've been a lurker for too long, and this seems like fun, so here it goes:

    I like my tea plain — he likes his with milk and lots of sugar
    I hate pickles — he loves pickles
    I'm an early bird — he's a night owl
    I can't function without sleep — he's lived most of his life with little
    I have a bunch of tattoos — he has none
    I read 1 book a month — he reads 10 a month
    I've read Moby Dick once — he's read it too many times to count
    I love quiet music — he loves noisy music
    I don't play any instruments — he can play any instrument
    I have a passion for cross-country skiing — he got a hernia the first and last time he went skiing
    I'd rather stay home — he'd rather go out
    I'm practical — he's superstitious
    I hate air-conditioning — he can't get enough
    I cook — he does the dishes
    I'm often running late — he's always early
    I love black licorice — he only eats red
    He stresses about traffic — I go with the flow

    We both love to eat Ethiopian food
    We both enjoy a good long road trip
    We both love old movies, especially Bogart
    We both listen to each other
    We both think winter is the most beautiful season
    We're both big fans of Joanna Newsom
    We both make each other laugh every single day
    We both love playing board games
    We both nurture a great circle of friends
    We're both messy but wish we were orderly
    We both think Kate Bush is a genius
    We both have a passion for books
    We both appreciate time-worn, noble materials
    We both love visiting museums, especially modern art
    We both dream of a little place in the country
    We've built a wonderful life together
    We both love each other more and more each day
    We're both in this for life

    xo Nicole

  6. This is the sweetest post. I want to write up one of these for my best friend and I in my journal.

  7. I’m awake by night, he’s awake in the morning
    I care about my looks, he doesn’t mind what he wears
    I’m a disaster at home, he’s quite organizated
    I don’t understand cars, he knows about cars.
    I love playing music, he can’t play music
    I love thrillers, he hates them.
    I like going out by night and he not much.
    He is an expert in diy me… not!
    I love carrots, he hates carrots
    He loves action movies…I fall asleep in action movies
    He likes technopunk, I hate technopunk
    I love country, he hates country music
    I love world cooking, he loves traditional basque cooking
    I’m all ethereal, he’s terrenal
    I love to sing, he doesn’t sing
    I wisthle badly, he wisthles so good
    I don’t eat gluten, he eats it all the time

    and…We both have too much character
    We both are sensitive but hide it fromt he world
    We’d love to live in a house into the wood and by the beach with noone near
    We love comedy movies.
    We both are practical
    We both love animals
    We don’t believe marriage is necessary
    We both love surfing
    We both love beach
    We both adore nature
    We both love rainy days
    We both would spend our life into the water
    We both don’t like much Christmas time
    We both love homemade pizza
    We both love walking with shoes off
    We both like children
    We got the same sense of humour
    We both like beer
    We both hate ironing
    We both love rock music…

  8. Hi Milla, thank you for sharing! This is a great portrait of you and your love - and everyone's comments are fascinating, too :o)

    Here is my own :

    I live in Montreal – he lives in Paris
    I have a small frame – he has large shoulders
    I love wearing striped socks with my skirts – he thinks it’s a bit extravagant
    I detest marmalade – he loves it
    I am in awe of his photographs – he is in awe of my drawings
    My emotions show a lot – he tries not to show them too much
    I have 2 brothers, 4 nephews and 14 cousins – he doesn’t have any
    I know cat language – he knows dog language
    I made half of my lamps – he made all of his furniture
    I can’t hold a racket – he is a good tennis player
    I don't like Neil Young’s voice that much – he enjoys Neil Young a lot
    I love lying under a tree for hours – he very rarely has an occasion to do so


    We both have blue eyes
    We are both fluent in English although we’re French
    We both enjoy staying at each other’s place
    We both love contemporary dance
    We both enjoy meeting each other’s friends
    We both love the ocean and the sky and everything in between
    We have many music choices in common
    We both love to cook
    We both enjoy sincere people very much
    We both love visiting art exhibitions together
    We are both moved to tears by a bird’s song
    We both have nurtured a deep love for each other through time and distance

    1. Also : We both love matcha ice cream, we both believe that true friendships are the salt of the earth, and he is the one who introduced me to Joanna Newsom :o)

  9. This is such a great idea, little likes and dislikes are what make us people! We'll have to get round to doing one of these in the near future!

  10. Such a sweet post, I'm inspired to make a list now! Maybe I'll come back and share. Numbers 1 & 2 "we both love to dance" and "we both love our cats" are also way up there in my "sames" list with my honey.

  11. This is such a nice idea for a blog post... might I do my own? I think I will work on one for each of the members of my family. I loved finding out some more about you two!

    1. I would love for you to do your own, WITH EVERYONE!

  12. Olipa ihana. Teen ehkä joskus saman :) pus

  13. Super cute I love this :) D. and I are very similar in ways and extreme opposites in others. I found it interesting that you like to rise early AND go to bed late. I like to rise early but go to bed early too, usually because I'm so tired from getting up that early. D. is the opposite and very much a night owl and late sleeper. Oh and I can relate to doing things fast and sloppily. Have you determined your Avervedic constitution? Some of these things are very much in line with Vata, maybe a little Vata-Kapha dosha.

  14. Just found your blog and reading through it I really enjoyed this's a few from me!

    I prefer to play hard, he prefers to work hard
    I like peacefulness, he actually enjoys a little stress
    I dislike cleaning, he loves it
    I'm good at organizing, he's horrible at organizing
    I adore crafting, he loves cooking

    We both enjoy long scenic walks, on a regular basis
    We both consider ourselves foodies
    We both find parenting stressful and exhausting but
    We both love being a little family of four
    We have similar goals in life, owning a sail boat, starting a vineyard and raising two happy, successful daughters

    That was fun! Thanks!