Saturday, November 23, 2013

A walk on the wild side

Our new neighborhood has so many perks, but one of the bigger ones is that I'm about a five minute walk/ bike ride from some of my favorite women and babies. There's no better way to brake up the monotony of chores and work, than walking to the neighbor's, or biking down the trail to visit.

It's easier to organize time with friends, even amongst our different schedules and busy times when we're so close by. On wednesday, Lissa, Owynn, Kyra, Tulsi-dog and I took a little stroll in the November sun to a very special spot a short drive away from our homes.

I'd been working on figuring out my new (to me) camera and whether I'd gotten all the settings right, so I brought it along and snapped a few pictures. It's still a lot of getting used to, after years with the cheapest point-and-shoots, but I'm excited to learn the ins and outs of this little machine, for future projects both in photography and filmmaking.

The air was cold and clear, but sun warmed our faces. Baby Owynn slept soundly in his bear suit against his mama's belly. Lissa took this pic of Kyra and me in our Nordic sweaters.

Tulsi enjoyed the freedom of running up and down the cliffs like a black bolt of lightning, working off some of her excess energy. For a small pup, she's sure got a lot of it and this was the perfect place to let it all out and be wild.

The days are so short now, time in the outdoors so fleeting that it feels particularly good to be in a place that's all out in the open, not shaded by trees, cliffs, just basking in the sunlight. The Olympic Mountains hailed at us from across the water, making me miss their rainy shores. Someday soon, we must head out there into that wild place again.

In the meantime, we've got our own pieces of wild.

Where's your wild place?

Ps. This is some of our immeasurable wealth right here! Also, I have replied to your awesome comments. Thank you much, what a lively discussion.


  1. your walk looks heavenly! that must be really nice to have friends so close to you. baby owynn's little suit is too cute, he looks so cozy in there!

    my wild place? well, we have a large nature preserve walking distance from our house and the ocean is only a mile away so those are my wild places. there are tons of birds in my neighborhood because of said nature preserve. i love watching them :)

  2. Oh my, the light, the deep colours, the distant mountains and the closeness of the sea, your happy faces and the sense of freedom coming from your words as well: wonder-full. I am glad you are now living close to Lissa and her family :o)

    Also, I think you are much richer than the financially wealthy second-homers mentioned in you previous post, since your whole everyday life is seeping in this beautiful island, surrounded by friendly big trees and a warm community - whereas they only get to appreciate it on their days off. And I guess that some of them would happily swap lifestyles...

    My wild places are mostly in my heart, as I can very rarely visit them - one is an island on the West coast of France where we used to go to almost every summer when I was growing up, and is still the only place in my mother country that feels like home to me. Another one is the Parc Forillon, a National Park in Canada located at the very tip of Gaspésie. I once camped there by myself for one week, on top of the cliff (the rising sun reaching straight into my tent at 4:15 am), it was the most blissfull week of my life. And the Montague Park on Galiano Island, BC.

    Here in Montréal, though, we have a kind of double, tall hill named Mont-Royal, where nature is partly transformed into a wide park (you can do cross-country skiing here for a good hour and a half from the bottom to the top of the hill, among the forest), and partly left to itself in a big cemetery where I go to several times a week, spending deeply peaceful, silent hours under the sky, in the company of so many birds, munching marmots, and occasionally racoons or foxes. I love hills, they bring us closer to heaven in a very tender way.

  3. Now that is wealth beyond imagination. It speaks to your soul, it feeds your spirit. You do have it all, never doubt that for a minute!

    My wild place.....lies between the mountain I love and the mesa I've known for over half my lifetime. Beautiful, diverse places, with very little human imprint. Wild and wonderful indeed.

  4. The coming of winter seems so much more wide open and free over there than it is over here. And exciting you have a new camera!
    My wild place is a series of water pools and falls, cascading down a mountain in Bolton, Vermont. Many times there swimming in the day, cold moonlit swims at night, perfect for solace or adventures with friends.

  5. I love catching up on not one, but three of your posts! I'd love to hear more about this new camera (or perhaps you did and I missed it?). I've been longing for a "nice" camera for a very long time, but each and every time I muster up the courage I can't seem to spend the money on it. Although I'm sure it will be money well spent and I could start snapping pictures again.

    So many thoughts in my head at the moment about your other posts. Loved your thoughts on voluntary poverty (financial)-- thriftiness in my opinion is a virtue. Especially in the U.S. it takes quite a bit of introspection, and good rearing, to weed through and really stick to your values--financial and otherwise. Sometimes I just tell myself over and over again... this is it. This is your life--and I can't be controlled by my worries about the future and my need for security. Although I must admit, even though we have surely come into much greater wealth than our poor and meager grad school days... I still worry. Why is this? I feel at one point in my life I had much greater faith. But, I have aged and had experiences that I suppose tested my once unshakable youthful faith. And like you, I think we've just been plain lucky.

  6. Suomenlinna,Porkkalanniemi,Turun saaristo. Varsinkin silloin kun tuulee ja metsät,erityisesti meidän maa paikan metsät joissa olen 3 vuotiaasta kolunnut,siellä tunnen maan jalkojeni alla niin hyvin,etten pimeälläkään tarvitse lisävaloa.

  7. Kuten Kertullakin, Suomenlinna. Ja kun olin lapsi vietimme aina kesiä Hangon regatassa, ja saan vieläkin nenään meren suolan ja rannan mäntyjen tuoksun. Männynneulasten peittämä, jalan alla painuva hiekkamaa ja häikäisevä valo joka sekoittaa taivaan ja meren samaksi siniseksi.

    Mietin myös tuota rikasköyhätyttö-postausta paljon.. Asioista on vaikea tehdä vertailukelpoisia, ja ehkä ei pitäisikään, kuin vain sitä varten että syntyy ns "omaa ajattelua" ja tuntemusta siitä, elääkö itseään kuunnellen. Ja kommentoivien ihmisten synnyttämän keskustelun vuoksi.
    FM:n perustettuani kohtaan ajoittain paljonkin kommentteja "kyllä mäkin haluisin mutta kun ei ole varaa/en osaa" jne, ja kun vastaan ettei mullakaan ollut, enkä mäkään osannut (enkä todellakaan osaa vieläkään lähellekään kaikkea!)..ja että ehkä aika ei vain vielä ole kypsä, kommentoija katsoo mua hienoisella hämmentyneellä paheksunnalla. Joskus jopa ärsyynnyn sun saamista kommenteista (kuinka törkeä mä olenkaan, hävettää ihan myöntää!), etenkin sellaisista "voi kuinka sä olet onnekas, kuinka kaikki on kuin satua jne). Kuulen sitä itsekin; "kun täällä on niin ihana tunnelma, kun sä voit vaan hengailla täällä, elää unelmaa, kaiken kauniin keskellä, tajuatko kuinka onnekas sä olet?" Tajuan. Teen vähintään 60tuntia viikossa töitä, pesen, korjaan, siivoan, valokuvaan, etsin myytäviä, puran, pakkaan, silitän. Lisäksi pitää siivota kotona, laittaa ruokaa, nukkua... Jos taas sanon näin, mua katsotaan säälivästi, "niin yrittäjänä on rankkaa, tiukassa leipä.." Kun ei se niinkään ole. Tämä on mun elämä, mun rakkaus, mun valinta; johon kuuluu se, että on osattava nauttia, rakastaa sitä, mutta ei sellaista valintaa olekaan joka autuaaksi tekisi. Tai ehkä on, se sisältä löytyvä tasapaino, "oma ääni"... Kiitos kirjoituksistasi taasen... :).