Saturday, August 10, 2013

Moon Dance

New moon, full moon, waning moon, no matter, one thing stays the same from summer to summer and never fails to lift my spirits; The Barn Dance.

Come rain or shine (and this year it looks like rain and thunder!) it's hands down one of the best slices of our country life. It's been thrown by the same local family  since the 70s, with strings of lights and ice cream cones and do-si-does and the young and the old, the city and the country swirling around together.

Here's some shots from last year's pre-hoedown, the walk through the pastures, and the reveling itself.

IMG_8195 IMG_8131
I'd recommend you put your hoe down and try them squares and contras the next change you get. It's pretty much the best brake you can take from your summer chores. I'm off to swing my own!


  1. Sorry we didn't make it to the merry musical festivities last weekend. But we did make it to Shark Reef. Thank you for the wonderful recommendation! I think we're in love. Will be back your way before the next circle around the sun is complete. Hope to meet up then! xoxo, Rain

  2. so happy to find out you contra dance! i've been doing it the last couple of years and it was hard for me to find any places to do it on Vancouver Island. It was one of the things I was looking most forward to about coming back to Vermont! The next one over here is right before the full moon! Looks like fun over there!

  3. i hope it was a blast! my heart got a little fuller just from this post. xo

  4. Do you ever listen to First Aid Kit? The Lion's Roar is a great album and some of your posts, the emotion in them, reminds of their music.

  5. indeed, we were so close to WA over the weekend! i had even gone so far as researching a place to stay on san juan, but fund and time constraints kept us from making that last leg. i want to make it happen soon, though (if not fall, then spring...i am not sure i want to be part of the tourist cattle herd, anyway). escaping our valley's dust and heat for the ride through the cool wet rogue valley was comforting-- i hope you had some well-timed thunder and rain for your barn dance, too!