Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Lover please do not fall to your knees...

it's not like I believe in everlasting love."


Which is an accurate statement, because if there's one area where I'm completely footloose and fancy-free, into open-relationships, swingers, polyamory and even polygamy, it's in music. I have my loves, my eternal beloveds, my partners for life, but I'm also really open to new relationships. When it comes to music, I like to slut it out and get as many experiences under my belt as possible.

New music is total lifeblood to me, be it new to me, or new in the world.

Because I truly, honestly, dread the day that I find myself satisfied with the same old bands stuck on repeat, when I stop understanding new tunes and start yammering on about some show I saw in the "teens" that was the end all.

And hey, you guys get to benefit from my love of novelty as well, 'cos every once in a while I do these little posts about what I'm listening to lately.

Actually, I have to say, getting comments and emails from folks telling me they got turned onto a particular band because of my recommendations always makes my day. Great bands for everyone!

Click on the links, or heck, just open your chosen online radio channel and find out how magical these music makers are. 

The first of which is the rather prolific Laura Marling. I've been obsessed with her song Ghosts from her first album Alas I Cannot Swim to the point where I'm trying to learn to fingerpick it on my uke.

Despite her young age both Marling's songs and her voice have a certain gravitas beyond her meagre years, and that whole prolific thing, well, it's always fun to discover an artist with a large back catalogue to explore. She just released yet another album, too, which will be a great soundtrack for those dark August nights.
However, since it's still technically summer, you ought to check out my this year's summer band. Each year I seem to gravitate towards some fluffy eighties garage rock-style band. Last year it was Best Coast, this year it's definitely Army Navy. Even though their latest album The Last Place is a break-up album, you can pretty much treat it like your summer soundtrack.They're first, eponymous is actually, in my opinion even better. If My Thin Sides doesn't get your leg to shake, you might be paralyzed from the waist down.

Speaking of perfect summer tunes, albeit in a more melancholy mood, I've lately been really into oldie, but goldie Kate Wolf. If you haven't heard her music before, let me tell you, she's not just an American classic, but a bona fide Californian one. In fact, it was two of my many favorite California girls, Missa and Mary, who first brought her to my attention. Her tunes perfectly evoke the hazy light and lazy summer dreams of the Golden State.
Finally, from the rolling, golden hills of California to the cold blue ocean shores and lush, dark forests of the PNW, hails an artist I had  the privilege of hearing for the second time yesterday in our friend's field.

Led To Sea is definitely one to watch. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she found a bigger following in no time. Actually, I was telling my friend how her stuff kind of reminded me of a old favorite from my early twenties, Bonfire Madigan, whom I also had the pleasure of seeing in concert on Island once, and lo and behold if they haven't played together.

Her self-titled album has been in heavy rotation here and it brings me right back to those younger days of alternative, DIY music just exploding in my head. You know, "Angry Girl Music of The Indie Rock Persuasion". Those days maybe long gone and Led To Sea hardly fits that description, but it's pretty damn fun to find something old and something totally new wrapped into one.

Speaking of old and new, I'm wearing some totally closet-shopped moccasins, with a new-to-me vest from Amber and an actual new dress, first of this year, which is both pretty, practical, semi-ethical and partly handmade. The reason I mention all this, is that I've decided to try to keep track of both wearing items that have languished in my wardrobe for too long, and cataloguing every new piece of clothing I get, free, used, bought, bartered, or traded. It's probably going to be very educational and mildly disturbing. At least for me.

So, do tell, who's albums are gracing your turntable? 


  1. Thanks for the musical tips - I have been feeling like I need more musical discoveries in my days! A few people I have been listening to recently are The Staves and Loudon Wainwright III. I also love the Dharohar project featuring Laura Marling and Mumfords. :)

  2. I'm so happy for this post! I've been in such a musical rut these days, maybe a few of these suggestions will bring me out.

  3. I would recommend Connie Converse "How Sad, How Lovely" for the fall.
    Dust to Digital is a husband and wife time who release hard to find country, blues, and gospel here in Atlanta, they have a stream on soundcloud with my personal favorite-Joe Bussards County Classics if you like older music.
    A couple of local favorites in my hometown of Atlanta are Lily and the Tigers We used to be my roommates, they have hearts of gold and I just love their music, so full of soul.
    Also, I'm a bit biased but my I'm pretty fond of my husbands music as well which you can listen here -

    Hope you enjoy :)

  4. Speaking of you turning readers on to a particular band: I'm one of them! You posted about Noah Gundersen a while back and I've since been obsessed. He's coming to San Francisco in November and I'm stoked beyond measure. So based on past suggestions...I'm checking out all these asap.

    I'm discovering Ani DiFranco right now, can't believe it's taken me this long.

  5. Hi! I'm Meredith.
    I like your dress! This summer I've got a new favorite, and it's Beach House. Teen Dream & Bloom, particularly. Laura Marling is great. The first time I heard of her, some lady was playing the album you mentioned when I walked into her bookstore. Perfect.

  6. woohoo! i bought that shirt for matt. well, the boy version. what a rad print. i'm glad you posted this, i need some new music.

  7. yay! i love your recommendations! i haven't heard of any of these so it will be fun to listen to each one :) and oh my gosh, you had me cracking up there at the start of this post! you musical whore you! hahaha!

    katie mentioned her husband's band magic apron. she was kind enough to send me a copy and i think you'd totally dig them, i know i did :) other than that i have been listening to a lot of 20's-30's jazz but nothing new i can think of.

  8. oh excuse me, were you saying something about music? because i was completely distracted by THAT. DRESS. holy amore. it's amazing.

    i love it when you post music recommends too!! i adore finding new loves, but have never been so good at finding them on my own, usually discovering them through friends. now that my best friend is a (nearly) 4 year old, i'm listening to a lot of pete seeger and his concert from town hall. i can't wait to give your stuff a listen. loves you. xo

  9. I haven't had a chance to check out your recommendations yet, but I love what you say about being a music slut. This summer I've been in a bit of a new music rut (with the boys home there is a lack of quality music digesting time for me) but this morning I put together a youtube playlist of the songs I've been digging lately. Mostly stuff I hear on Sirius XMU & Alt Nation.

    Thanks for the music post inspiration!

  10. I'm so bad about new music - I don't seek it out, so I come to depend on my younger hipper friends to pass good stuff along, otherwise I'll listen to the same ten people forEVER.

    Can't wait to check out some of these picks. I'll let you know what I think!

    Love to you sister.

  11. Oh my, Laura Marling is just so amazing. Thank you thank you for pointing me in her fine direction. (And I'd like to add my voice to the Noah Gunderson fan chorus, thanks to you).

    Another Laura you might like: Laura Veirs. I'm a big fan of all her albums.

  12. It's funny, last night while doing the dishes I was thinking exactly about this: me being stuck practically in the same music over and over again. I mean, I usually try to listen to new bands, but remembering the 8-years-ago-myself always looking for new music and going to shows made me feel a bit sad. Luckily, this has a very easy remedy and I'm listen to all your beautiful recommendations (yours and the ones in the comments) right now. So, thank you!

    I'd recommend Natalia Lafourcade; her last work is a tribute to mexican singer Agustin Lara but she has really beautiful songs of her own, a sweet voice and whimsical videos.


    girl, we will have a lot to share with music. you'll be seeing joe and i coming off of a weekend of music, can't wait to dish!