Saturday, August 17, 2013

Don't Carry It All

Sometimes, your life is just perfect. Not necessarily because of the the big events, the supposedly fun thing, the scenic moment. Just as often it's the evening sun streaming through your dirty windows, your husband watching Game of Thrones in the other room, foghorns waking up the cat and you looking up from a good book, realizing that for a moment, right now, everything in the world is as it should be.

That's all it takes, let entropy run its course thereafter.

I feel like I owe you guys an apology. This summer, like every summer, I've spent a little too much time bitching about my lack of summer love.
Like everybody else's hard times, mine too are mostly between my ears. That is, they only exist in my fictional version of the Universe. Sure, there's overlap sometimes, but mostly, my life itself is as good as golden and I'm just epicly failing to acknowledge it.
Right now, for us, it's big dreams, uncertain futures, making money, squirreling away our resources for the months to come. My introvert self wants things to slow down, but right now I'm better off just letting myself get swept up.
I keep my head down and my cards close to my chest and just try to take it all in.

In the meantime, beers are drunk, bloomer's are worn, whole outfits even. Our little community prepares to receive its newest member, turns out that Vilina is quite the seamstress, I hang Lissa's picture in our family altar in anticipation of the birth.


C. picks flowers to decorate all the food I make for our friend's wedding celebration. We get to speak to everyone we know and love. We see what can only be interpreted as signs for a bright future everywhere.
We goof around, exchange handmade jewelry, Amelia learns to hula-hoop. I wear my current favorite Gunne, a recent gift from Missa and my new earrings from Amelia's latest batch of jewels. Who, by the way, wears an outfit that not only reminds her of grandmas, but was gifted by me. Leopard print and flamingo earrings scream "Florida", in a decidedly Pacific Northwest way.
Friends ebb and flow, come around with new sorrows and jokes and ideas and experiences.
These are not just good things, I remind myself, these are the things that are happening right now.

It's business as usual, only that it's constantly changing and we keep bobbing along, waiting for the next calm pool, from which to look up and see the stars.

Two more weeks.

ps. I would also apologize for my lack of posts and comments, my crypticness, my inability to string together a decent sentence lately, but I think you understand. 


  1. what, me first!?
    i am sorry to burst your bubble, but you are not nearly as inarticulate as your purport to be lately ;-P
    sending you [encouraging] hugs and hoping we get a chance to catch up soon.

  2. i only saw game of thrones once and i had nightmares for days!!! eeek! 2 weeks till what? did i miss something? so glad you got the golden download before the season's end. sending you love from the land of wildfire. xoxoxoxo p.s. ur cute

    1. till the end of this blasted summer, dear! till the end of this blasted summer season.

  3. Hi! Just curious, do you also have a strong Virgo emphasis in your horoscope? My sun is in leo, moon in aquarius, but venus in virgo and I consider myself also an introvert who really needs on her own time and doing little chores, being busy with the hands but keep the mind at work as well. Just wondering!

  4. those spring rolls! never thought to add edible flowers before, what a pretty idea! (and perfect for a baby shower)

    also, gunne love! and it has pockets?!!

  5. Honey bun, I LOVE that photo of Charlie with the sun on his face and his funny face expression. ....and all the other photos too. Your Summer's end means ours is just beginning to whisper to us. And it is. You know what? I personally had had enough of Summer by the time it left us this year. It was so looooooong Milla. It feels like we've had maybe 3 months without flies, and just like that, I shoo two out of my kitchen this afternoon. That ain't fair! Normally, I just love long Summers, and heat and light. But last time around I wanted the cold, the dead leave and empty branches; the winter months only stayed just a little while though. So there, I complained about Summer too. Love you. xoxo

  6. ugh could you be any cuter?!! those bloomers, seriously killing me. how did you know that alongside the photo of the prettiest spring rolls on earth, your rosy outfit shots would shame any design blog? you have such an eye for color and beauty my dear, and i love to hear about the sweet busynesses of island life. BABIES galore, (the quilt is so darling, what a lucky child) hula hoops and festive hats, oh my it is all too fun. i can't even wait to see what you dream up as the seasons change. lots of love.

  7. those spring rolls are so pretty! and that gunne is gorgeous especially on your smiling face :)

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