Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bring In The Whistling Wind, The Drumming Rain

...or the indian summer days of September. I care not. My favorite month (sorry Heather!) is about to begin.

Transitioning from summer to fall, longer nights to spend indoors with books and ukes and canning. The glorious month of tucking away summer's harvest.
On Saturday I ventured into my garden to gather my herbs for teas and powders and tinctures. I have roses, crimson clover, lemon balm, fall nettles (my pet nettle from last year decided to go forth and multiply), comfrey, raspberry leaves, mint, oregano...

A tea and herb garden can be just as satisfying as a veggie one. I look forward to expanding into growing more and more of my favorite herbs.
When C.'s pops and his wife visited this summer they brought me the kinds of family heirlooms they had inferred I might enjoy the most, including this shamrock from a plant of C's great grandmother. It just began to bloom and the delicate blossoms make smile every time I sort plants on the porch.
IMG_5512 IMG_5516
I also came across some gifts from the woods on my morning walk, one of our favorite mushrooms, chicken of the woods in abundance.
My rule of thumb with mushrooms is  to take no more than a third or a half, to ensure a harvest for next year and for someone else too should they come along. I know the mushroom itself is just the fruit of the mycelium underground, but I really believe that one should never be greedy with wild offerings. It's impolite to refuse them when offered, but even more impolite to take more than your fair share.
IMG_5520 IMG_5490
C's little cousins came to visit with their grandparents last week. It was fun to see how at home these little Manhattanites were in deep dark woods.
They fended courageously through yellow-jacket stings, falling on bikes and stalking deer down the cliffs and seemed to have a blast.
Learning about smores probably helped too.
IMG_5464 IMG_5500
It's birthday season here, with more parties in horizon for each week. On Sunday we had pizza and sauna time with many of our dearest friends to celebrate a triple birthday.
IMG_5659 IMG_5689 
And then on Monday cake for another late August friend.
IMG_5704  IMG_5691

It's been fun to be out and about, to feel pretty strong and capable and excited to do things and see folks.
Here's to canning season! The writing season! The bounty season!


I can hardly wait. How about you?


  1. if i could wear tights and long sleeves here, september would be a whole different story! you look glorious, coming into your fullness time, and the birthday celebrations and city cousins are just bursting with festive bounties. love cuzzy's little foxy mask!

    yes i am sad to say that this september is getting off to a rather bleak start, with terrible smoky unbreathable skies to top off already stifling weather and too-warm nights. you would not be flourishing in your tender place here, my dearest. poor darin's asthma is acting up and even lucy coughs during her naps. not to complain too much when all we have to deal with is bad air while those closer to the fire risk everything.

    but i will say i have never looked forward to REAL fall with greater anticipation! writing, canning, and cuddling indeed. once i can wear tights, good lord how my amped up summer-heart will ease and rest.

    much harvesty love to you!

  2. Wow, your garden is my fantasy-Eden! Absolutely glorious. Have I mentioned how I enamoured I am with the beauty that abounds in your little space of the world? I am.

    Here's to shifting inward with the season!


  3. ditto to what heather said about our septembers here. but still hold out hope that we might somehow get a proper Fall here sometime soon.

    do you know what kind of flower that is (the one at at the end of the post/in your hair)? the kids and i came across them in a neighbor's yard and we were tickled by their appearance -- we named them 'fox mulders' in the absence of better knowledge, because they look like either aliens or ufos....

    p.s. don't know if you got my email but apologies for my tying zines and blog together -- k informed me that is very offensive for zines came first. i tied them together more as creative outlets and inspiration, but just in case..... ;-)

    1. Hahah! Did you see my comment on how I think those are totally in a continuum. K and I need to chat about this obvi ;D

      It's called Passion Flora and has something to do with the passion of Christ, it's a south american jungle bloom from my friend Irene's greenhouse, but FOX MULDERS is the best name for them ever!!!!!

      Love you so much and you kidlets and you guyses creativity.

  4. Syksy on ehdottomasti omakin suosikkini vuodenajoista! Mutta mitä ihmeen kääpiä/sieniä nuo lienevät,mahtaakohan täällä kasvaakaan...?
    Suloinen serkkutyttö kylässä ja synttärikausi starttaa täälläkin:-)

  5. The days look so sweet over there! This month means watching the full transition of the leaves turning from green to oranges and reds - so excited! Also autumn foods! Also excited for canning and drinking spicy things while writing!