Wednesday, August 21, 2013

...and a baby on the way!

The beginning of that sentence is, of course, "Running a handmade business, building a homestead, style beautiful and practical..."

That about sums up our friend Lissa, the creator of Barnacle Bags, homesteader, the driving force behind making Larkspur first happen, an all-around swell gal and a soon to be mama, first of her peers. I'm so happy to know her and hope to spend a little more time with her this winter, due to certain, as of yet undisclosed announcements. And hey, you guys know I'll never disagree with a girl in polkadots.

This shot is more than a month old, but in spite her due date drawing closer, she still manages to rock her own unique brand of understated, practical yet lovely attire. 
Fair-isle sweaters, sensible shoes and hues of blue seem to be the cornerstones of Lissa's preppy/ nautical/hippy/county girl style. As only someone with a finely honed aesthetic she makes such a unlikely sounding melee look totally effortless and stylin'.

And I have to say that I've never met anyone who can keep a flow-y white dress as clean as her ;)

I can scarcely wait to meet her little one, all bundled up in the fall, in what I can only imagine the most practical and stylish baby attire. So excited!

Oh and yes. I totally intentionally was trying to trick you guys into thinking we were having a baby. Don't hold your breath. You migh suffocate.

More "Dirt Road Style" coming up. Happy Wednesday!


  1. oh my god i love this series. she makes me want to wear dusky blues BAD. i follow her barnacle bags blog and love seeing updates of that adorable fun that after her long journey you will all soon have a new member in your midst. i could look at your friends every day, they are so inspiring. and it makes me long for at least slightly cooler weather...real shoes? sweaters? oh joys!

  2. you totally tricked me, i admit it! and damn your cryptic-ness ;-P
    i am suffering from post-roadtrip let down and wishing i had found some way to make it up to share a tea/beer/moment with you.
    thanks for reminding me of lissa's blog, have to add it to my list -- the zine symposium somehow re-ignited my interest in blogs, for they are kind of like zines (for the lazy and cheap, or maybe that is just me!).

    1. That's how I've always thought of them. Like the natural extension of my zine-making in my teens and 20s! I want to catch up with you so bad ♡

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