Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wild Strawberries

Are my favorite summer treat. And my favorite Bergman movie.

Are wild strawberries a viable summertime food source? Not as such, but they're a delectable treat while you ramble. If you happen upon a mega patch of them, you can always dehydrate them and add a small sprinkling to your granola, (vegan! more about ice-cream alternatives later, but let's just say that after nauseating trial and error, I've perfected a few recipes) ice-cream, oatmeal. These little guys have much flavor to give.

In classic Scandinavian manner you collect them on a stalk of grass.
As for PNWs very own delicacy, salmonberry, it definitely can exist in quantity big enough to make jelly or jam from. 
This year we've just been snacking, but I also like to utilize the leaves in a delicious tea-mix, with raspberry and blackberry.

Delicious, if diuretic. Don't drink too much of it.

My friend Kristiina wrote the following comment on my last wild food post, explaining how to make the syrup RAW without cooking! Epic. Make this stuff guys. I'll try to find more tips before the season's over and hope for sun. Thanks Kitti!

"Even better! We just did our syrup RAW, without cooking! Meaning: place a layer of fir tips in a glass jar, then a layer of sugar (we used organic brown cane sugar), then a layer of tips, then sugar....until the jar is full (we had a huge 3 liter jar). Then you simply place the whole jar in the sun and turn it around about once a day, so that the sun reaches all the corners of the jar. Very quickly you will perceive a miracle: suryp starts forming at the bottom of the jar. Then you just sieve the suryp out into small jars for storing! It isn't super thick stuff, but very tasty and this way all the vitamin C etc is saved as well! Very good as cough medicine!"

So what's coming up in your neck of the woods?

disclaimer: If you're planning to poison yourself by eating the wrong stuff, I'll be so sad, but I won't be held accountable. Okay? Good. You're a grown-up. Whee!


  1. Onion weed! I was excited to see our first little plant about a week ago - I can't even remember how I ate it now....with egg? cheese toasted sandwich and onion weed maybe? I only ever see Wild strawberries popping up in sidewalk cracks - not yet in the green leafy kind of wild.

  2. Oh! Tein eilen kuusenkerkkäsiirappia tavalliseen tapaan,mutta taidan kohta lähteä etsimään,josko vielä löytyisi tarpeeksi nuoria kerkkiä tähän "raakaan" versioon.
    Terveiset maalta Salon seudulta,uitu on jokapäivä pikku "erämaa"lammessa ja järvessä,soudeltu,poimittu kukkia,syöty tytön kanssa kaikenlaista luonnonantia ja nautittu lomasta.
    (hyttyset toki mukana)

  3. This is the first time I've seen a fruit like this one. It kinda looks like Rambutan from where I am. :)

  4. fun! i've never tasted either of those.

  5. It looks similar to our wineberries, which are divine. And we have been able to beat the birds to the serviceberries this year, thankfully. Alas, the ramps are all gone until next year.

  6. It's so hard as of late,for me to update and check blogger but when I do, it's always divine to see your posts...So much information anf fun tidbits in em! Look forward to more Summer recipes from you!

  7. what do salmonberries taste like? and look at that green and pink combo on the! the first time i had wild strawberries, i was a kid, and looked down into the grass at my aunt's camp in maine...i spent the next hour on my hands and knees, feeling like i'd just stumbled into willy wonka's factory. LOVE the tradition of putting them on a stem.

    and in my neck of the woods, it's all things stonefruit. :)