Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer's Freckled Knees

Holy Unholy Molesauce you guys! I know I say this every summer, but damn! I don't feel like I've slept and still, time just keeps moving faster than my slow-molasses self. From sunrise to sunset, come rain or shine, every day is filled with all kinds of action and every day tens of things are left unattended and how is that even possible?

Weeds grow, the answering machine fills slowly with messages until it runs over, or rather, out of space, laundry and dishes pile up, books languish by the bedside, the word processor hums to itself...

I've probably said this over the years of writing here, but when I lived in the city, my life was so much mellower. Living in a tourist destination, trying to homestead, summers are a madhouse. 
Of course they give many gifts, mail from other Islands far away, goat milk and strawberries from friends.
A swarm of bees.

Can you imagine getting such a thing? Then imagine carrying it in a cardboard box and shaking it out like a rattle, or a box of confetti. Amelia and I have been dreaming of bees, yet never getting it quite together this spring, until suddenly everything lined up just right. Of course, they still have to accept their new home, but barring that we could soon have a new little colony of pollinators, a lovely swirling mass of insects.
Friends from afar wearing Fireweed And Nettle in their hair and on their ears.
IMG_3346  IMG_3361
Taking such advantage of the summer's bounty.

And, whaddya know, wearing clothes.
Shop days inspire me to look nicer and more put together than I usually would, which is fun.
I'm really enjoying shopping in my closet, the warmer weather and all the clothing choices it brings and wearing my own little crafts.
Yesterday, Elisabeth and I were talking about how crafting can be such a zone-out. A moment of pure non-thought. A gift, for sure, when your mind is just constantly racing from one chore to the next.
 And tonight, hopefully, sleeping in the forest. Sleeping outside is such a summer essential, like night swims and bonfires.
What's on your summer list? Best summer gifts so far?


  1. Tempting...that Summer you're having. Living looks swell on you these warmer months. I need to photo my feather leather earrings and all of the other beautiful crafted trinkets you sent me, so spoilt I am. Love them all dearly. This winter my favourite gifts are the mists, the cold black night sky and watching my kids discover winter for themselves - puffs of dragon steam from their very own mouths, cold red fingers and the desire to run and play even though it might be wet or freezing cold. xo

  2. Uintia uintia! niin ja pienokaisen pitäisi syntyä Elokuussa,että kais sitäkin,mutta uiminen on kyllä ihan parasta,voisin vain lillua meressä tai lammessa kaiket päivät:-)
    Ja metsämansikat ja pian jo mustikatkin,nam!

  3. I love all your outfits! You are a constant inspiration to me, Milla!

    Summer... ah, I just love everything about it. Exploring outdoors, swimming (and teaching my little guys how to swim), catching fireflies, staying up late, eating fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and squash and corn... (I could go on and on and on). And at the end of the season, my favorite: fall. But who's keeping track?

    Happy Summer to you!

  4. You got bees! So exciting. And I love your spool of thread necklace, such a great idea. Summer on the San Juans sound dreamy, and sure a lot less hot than the rest of the country I bet.
    Summer? I'm ready to get into the community garden plot I just acquired, go swimming as much as possible, and make preserves with all the wild berries around here!

  5. I think I might need one of those night swims myself.

  6. what is that that you are making in the jar? i must know! and yay bees! thank you for being of service to the earth, what you're doing is needed!

    the best summer gift so far is making music. my boyfriend and i put our summer album up on my blog, and his dad is visiting and we're recording with him next weekend. i purchased a dulcimer yesterday and i'm going to see what i can do with that!

    thanks for posting! lovely as always!