Saturday, June 15, 2013

Island Time

This life. Is like a double rainbow. And stuff. You know. Magic.

What I'm trying to say, is that I'm really enjoying it right now.

I feel like this is the first summer in a long time I actually have energy to do the things I want to/ need to do. Likely it's a combination of not having a day job and having my body finally start moving away from the long infestation of mold. Rebuilding my immunities seems to be a long, ongoing process, with lots of backsliding. Last month I went through a bout of asthma, now suddenly my skin is breaking out.

At times I can practically feel my body struggling to cleanse itself. Some things that I took to be the effect of aging are reversing, only to be replaced by odd rashes, lung issues, strange stomach things. All in all I feel good, happy, excited and energetic, but I don't feel balanced physically.

I go through these cycles of intense physical problems that appear unexpectedly and then vanish never to return again. Things that didn't bother me last month, don't agree with me this month. Allergies, food sensitivities, skin issues, come and go.

A year ago, this would have (and did!) made me frustrated, or depressed, but this year, it seems more like an interesting puzzle, something I can and will figure out.
In the last year, I feel like I've not only made strides in recovering, but also in learning how to really do good self-care. I've expanded my herbal knowledge, delved a little into different practices, the latest of which is Ayurveda (more about that later!) and feel confident about being able to treat myself with food, herbal medicine and seek help where I need it. For the first time in a long time, I totally trust my intuition about this stuff, and weird ailments or not, it feels good.

Not only do I feel energetic, I also feel really inspired to make and create things, big and small. In the last week, I've made tinted lip balm, vegan ice cream, herbal oil, leather stuffs, birthday cards, introduced a Gua Sha practice to my daily routine, and started some exciting sewing projects. Not to mention the endless weeding.


My favorite little creation so far have been these little Icelandic Houses/ Mountain Range hair clips, that I made on a whim the other night, when I was feeling bored with feathers. I was really pleased by how they turned out.
Oh, and in other exciting and inspired news, I had a bit of a breakthrough in writing my clothes post, so hopefully I can get that up soon too. The longest night of the year is almost on us, so there should be no end to projects I can finish. Right? 'Cos magic. And stuff. You know...

So, what are you working on?


  1. i just posted about my health and energy, too! also lib balm yum. will it be in your etsy shop?

  2. It's so hard in this season of lingering colds/sinus infections/skin rashes/stress etc to remind myself that my body have all the answers, I just have to quiet my mind enough to hear them... those little houses are so sweet!! xo m

  3. oh very exciting! i'm glad your knowledge has increased and frustration decreased :) it sounds like you are in a good place.

    love the clips! your art/craft frenzy sounds as though it's producing some fun stuff!

  4. Oh those clips are so cute! I'm trying to figure out what to do with my stash of feathers...I found about 100 the other day on a grazing area and I'm not sure what to do with them all! I can do something crafty like jewellery or for my hair with the smaller ones but many of them are over 12 inches long and will call for something more original.

  5. oh my dear, OH MAGIC LIFE!!! your magical projects inspire once again. i am working on very little, and when i say little i mean VERY LITTLE (hee hee, get my drift?) but that's about it as of late. i kid you not, i have been going to bed around 9:30. this coming from a late nighter who used to party till 2 every single night. i can't even watch a movie. however, i am LOVING summer so far, our june has become sweet and temperate, there are sweet peas everywhere you look and ithuriel's spears flinging themselves madly up toward the sun in my yard, and much splashing in the pool and book selling and book reading, cooking and dancing and baby playing. cucumbers and tomatoes from the farmers market that taste like rays of sun.

    your clips are pure adorableness. what are they made from? i can't even wait to see what you dream up next. you are a witchy crafter wildwoman from the best fairy tale, in your magic land, with your wonderful creations and the fulfillment in your heart. i only hope the weird ailments figure out that they just need to leave you be to work your magic ;)

  6. The icelandic house clips so great! I was talking with a friend just yesterday about how physical issues can really affect your whole well-being, even if they're minor. I hope you figure out the puzzle!
    I've been inspired lately too. Yesterday I finished making a skirt and I've got so many ideas to delve into the painting and textiles world.

  7. Hello Milla~
    Sounds to me like you could use some probiotics. Not over the counter, they are not usually as effective. But something you may find from a naturopath.
    A great brand is Innate. Their Flora 20-14 ultra is a very powerful healer. Make sure what ever you find is one that needs to be refrigerated, and a minimum of 11-20 billion active cfu's. Eating lots of naturally fermented foods is also very good, but not enough on its own.
    All the ailments you mentioned can come from issues with your gut.
    (I apologize if this is knowledge you have and are using...)
    I read and enjoy (oh so much!) your blog in glorious central Vermont.
    From a kindred spirit~

  8. There are so many things I want to say here so this comment might end up being a bit long! Jamie and I decided that when it comes time to give our farm an official name, it's going to be called Double Rainbow Farmstead. Last September, we had a very magical experience where we saw a double rainbow on our land and our lost rose quartz (which has a lot of significance to our relationship) was suddenly found on top of a newly fallen leaf. Life became ever more challenging afterwards due to my husband's own health problems, but that experience kept us going strong and now we're in a place where we are so much more content. Although his problems were due to a surgical infection and then strong doses of harsh antibiotics, I kind of agree with Samantha above that you might benefit from some really good quality probiotics. Another few things that help my husband to get his body rid of toxins are sweating a lot (running, etc.), kombucha, and raw milk. I sincerely hope you have a healing summer. Also, I love those little clips! They're really sweet. :)

  9. yay, heather said it perfectly...witchy crafter wildwoman from the best fairy tale. i feel so lucky to tune into your blog to read the next chapter. yumness. i could never rock a house hairclip, but on you it ups the cuteness quotient with sparkles and rainbows. speaking of rainbows, the pics of you on the sand and the rainbow are enchanting, as is the pic of a shovel for a b-day present! now THAT'S the kind of life i seek. i can't wait to see what other mischief you get in to, and would love to hear more about intuitive inklings. xo

    1. p.s. i have been reading all your posts but have been abysmal about replying. never fear, i'm here!