Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Solstice, Ladybugs and Turkey Birds! Or my last few days with Amelia. Also, reality checks.

Yeah? Well, that's an accurate description of the contents (or lack thereof) of this post.
Happy Solstice everyone! I'm wishing it a little early, because this time on Solstice night, I'll be in Portland celebrating a dear friend and her honey getting hitched. So whatever you do, if you're on the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy the shortest night of the year! Oh and if you're not near the Arctic Circle, know that your nights are pitifully short. Just thought you'd like to know.

I also feel like now would be a good time for a little reality check. These photos are so totally set-up. I do not ever traipse around the woods playing the uke. However, as the saying goes, every good lie contains a seed of truth, and I have in fact taken up my long forsaken little baritone ukulele, inspired in part by dear Anne. As I was setting out to get pictures of my new headband-creation, a passer-by mockingly remarked "Well, all you need is a guitar to get ready for Woodstock.". What did I do? Turned back around and re-emerged from the house with my uke. Take that random outfit commentator!
Oh and if you're wondering about my pink hair, it's not just a trick of the light, but a trick of rather excellent hair-chalk. I actually highly recommend this to anyone who's blondish. It worked awesome for my blond, frayed tips.
Speaking of photoshoots, Amelia and I had a little one of her jewelry and my vintage last sunday. The height of hay season doesn't exactly mix with having close-ups of your face taken, but we did okay and the necklaces and earrings brought the gorgeous, so keep your eye out for Amelia's creations online.
Oh summer. How you have begun. You're a parade of wild delights and barely domesticated joys. Not to mention epic sniffles and red eyes galore. Because, folks, it's not all a frolic through the fields. Not without a lot of snot, sweat and tears.
From deer and rabbits, to bachelor/gay turkeys, butterflies and vultures and Rufous hummingbirds and lady bugs, to bees in a beautiful top bar bees, creatures are afoot, awing, aswim...
 That same sunday we helped a new friend and bee-carer, to check her hive, which is just a little insight to the disparities of our lives, modeling, bee-checking, you know...
Look at the chain of Female Bees (also known as Worker Bees) building their hive together. So gorgeous. I forgot to get a shot of the hive itself, but it has a lovely little picture window on the side for observation. I can't wait to go back and check out their progress through it.
IMG_3031 IMG_3038
And nothing marks the start of summer like schlepping a ton of your gear, food, fishing poles and instruments from this Island to a whole different one, to celebrate Schlepstice Solstice in style.
After shipping off our partners to do just that this morning, Amelia and I sat down for a relaxing beverage and planned for an evening of  macaroni and cheese and some light reading/movie watching. In our separate, quiet homes. So long as they come back in good spirits, there's pretty much nothing better than a few days to yourself without your significant other.

Be merry, make magic, burn bonfires! I'm off to my mac and cheese paradise!


  1. Taianomaista Juhannusta!
    Sudenkorentojen seurantaa,vesimittareita,hopeaseppiä,lumpeenkukkia ja iltasouteluita luvassa meillä:-)
    (ja oliskohan nyt syytä hankkia vihdoin Paypalltili,sen verran hienoja nuo hiuskoristeesi)

  2. mac and cheese!? ooooh. yeah the allergies are out of control here too. probably doesn't help that I'm eating too many croissants/macaroons/quiche...

  3. Great post and update. love it all: the gay/bachelor turkeys, the pink hair, the bees and the shipping off of one's significant others. beautiful.

  4. Great Blog & Photos! I like the photo of the Ladybug! New blog on How to Care for your Ladybugs:

  5. I just got a ukelele a month ago!! I can only sort of play one song though. I laughed at your honesty about the photos being set up, and it's amazing you got a photo of that chain of female bees, ah!

  6. little correction: longest day* of the year in the northern hemisphere! :) unless I have everything totally backwards which wouldn't be surprising. But that aside, love the utter summeriness of all this. And you look like an elf princess in that picture with the beautiful dreamcatcher earrings!

  7. sniffles & red eyes in Oregon right now, too. (on good days!) x