Thursday, May 16, 2013

With friends like me.

Thank you for all your heartfelt and awesome comments on my last post. Check out my replies for a little sneak peak of what next post in this series might entail.
I know you probably are aware of how much work can go into something as simple as a blogpost, with research, wording and working out concepts. In fact it's so much work, that even though I secretly cringe inside whenever I hear some professional blogger explain yet again that the reason half their posts are sponsored is because "Blogging is so much work and I don't I deserve to be compensated for bringing you this awesomeness?", writing these posts I sometimes almost understand that line of thinking. And while I'm so not about to go pro with this hobby (Like, um who's gonna pay me to write consumerism critiques again?), I do have an admiration for those who spend their time researching and writing for the benefit of others. That means you Mary, for instance.

So while we wait for me to finish the next post in this series, I'll bring you some vicarious clothes joy and inspiration by resurrecting a little series from the past. In the first round Dirt Road Style never really went anywhere, due to my shyness to explain people why I was gonna post their picture on the internets, but since a number of my friends out here have entered the blogging world, that task just got a lot easier.
Here's hoping my extremely stylish friend/drinking buddy/ business partner/coven member ;) Amelia joins them soon. And opens her etsy store back up so that folks can enjoy her amazing jewelry.

Not only does Amelia have wicked style, but she makes it happen out of a pretty small wardrobe (girl has one pair of shoes! Take that minimalists of the world!), always looks totally unique and as folks out here like to say if you're not wearing Carhartts or yoga pants, "fancy".
The girl's gifted, has mad tattoos, is a jewelry fiend, rocks leopard print like a boss, rides bikes in dresses (People think this is something that can't be done and shouldn't be attempted. We know better.)wears vests (a style-must in my book, in case you didn't know) and is willing to ham it up for me even though she knows Imma gonna put them pics on the interwebs.
Plus, she's super cute.

So in Dirt Road Style I'll be documenting the awesome and original styles of assorted country folks, as an antidote to the uniformly corporate antics of most "street" style websites. Whaddya think?


  1. I'm so happy you posted this!!! It is reaffirming me in my decision to not post a 'giveaway' by a huge sunglasses company that contacted me. I mean, it would probably bring my blog traffic, but it feels like selling out! And I'm not into my blogging traffic being hungry consumerists anyway. Sometimes I resent how material and opulent the blogging community tends to be, so happy to see I'm not alone!

  2. AMELIA!!! She's so cute, and such good hair. keep em coming, more island style please! xo m

  3. i think YAY! i don't think i ever saw the first round of dirt road style, but i'm already a fan. and you bet she's super cute and yes please amelia on an etsy store! so THAT'S where those feather neckies were born.

    and thank you for giving me a shout out. and i think your writing and this blog is worth being paid for, if i hadda million dollahs, i'd be your first sponser. instead, i will sponser you with my love. xoox

  4. I. LOVE. THIS. IDEA. I'm a big fan of peeping other ladies' outfits, but there really aren't many who share my style aesthetic who share their fashion choices online. Looking forward to more.

  5. wow! one pair of shoes!!

    i have to say that i disagree with your opposition to sponsorships. blogging is a craft - just like anything else we create. it takes time, commitment, and it comes from our hearts. it is then delivered to several/tons/hundreds of customers - our perfectly-designed demographic. i think to find a way to make money from blogging can be admirable - just as it is to make money from delivering anything else we've made into the hands of another.

    i have seen some blogs go overboard, for sure. some of my favorite blogs over time have morphed into sponsor madness, it's true. so those i sort of let go. and i still give those women mad props for creating a self-powered business that allows them to stay home and support their babies.


    my two cents.

    1. I see your point, I do, and in theory I agree with you.

      In theory it's commendable to turn our passion, your craft into a profession, to carve out a niche where you get rewarded for your talents. That's what the new DIY economy is supposed to be all about.

      I can think of at least few blogs I read where the "professional" aspect of it has been done in a manner that doesn't much bother me, but with most of the ones I used to like, it seems that trying to appear professional not only makes me as a reader feel like an awesome culture of woman to woman (in this case) sharing is being co-opted by a market looking to (to a degree, I'll admit) exploit the confidential, personal relationship feeling that blogs offer to their audience, all the while making blogs that accept sponsorship appear more homogenized and blander. They become glossed over.

      This is particularly sad with blogs that started out thrifty/diy/ or even hippie and then slowly drift to a place where they advertise diy/thritfty looking stuff and talk about respecting mother earth while sporting some big-name shoe company's banner, having the consumerist reality makes the writing ring totally hollow.

      The reason this makes me sad is that there's little or no discussion of this among bloggers, it's just very quickly become the reality of blogging. So much so in fact that people now get into it in the hopes of making money.

      Now, there are of course ways to make money from blogging that I'm okay with, banners and giveaways from small, actually handcrafted businesses, and that's often how it starts, but it's a slippery slope.

      Also, I feel like the bloggers themselves are actually exploited by the market. While its a way for small businesses to reach a pretty big audience with a small investment, blogs are also a really small investment for a very big business to reach a lot of people.

      It also ties into something more serious, that I've thought about A LOT lately, and that I touched upon in the last post. Yes, it's important to commend women for finding ways to declare independence from the grind and live for their passion, have more time to care for their families, but if it happens at the expense of other women and children, as it does when a blogger makes their money advertising products manufactured in the third world, or even just having to make their blog so picture perfect to attain these sponsorships, that it rouses feelings of inferiority in other women, lowering their quality of living, I feel like that takes backseat for me. It's the feminist vs. radical feminist argument and I am more swayed by it every day, seeing how women carry themselves in this world.

      I'm certainly not laying all that on blogging ladies, but like I mentioned in a post before, it's the deafening silence and the expectation of money for everything that really bothers the idealist in me.

      I really thought about this a lot lately, after going self-employed and needing to advertise my own business, and reading Mary's recent thoughts on it. I'm hoping to cover some of it in one of the next two parts of my clothes-etchics-posts and hopefully you'll have much to say, m'dear.

      Till then we can just agree to disagree which is THE BEST way to get a good conversation going. Love.

      oh wait! it's the SECOND best way, the best way is to be in the same room together ;)

    2. holy monkey nuts. I need to reign in my comments party.

  6. no, you're right. i see your point. it always really comes down to personal integrity and intention - it's true. and that, sadly, can often be affected by money. boo. and for the record, i also feel that "new" clothes and "disposable" fashion is appalling. it really is. there are so many elements to it - the chemicals, the workers, the cotton crops, etc. yuck. i think we probably agree, but i'm down to disagree, too. should we wrestle when i see you?



    1. yayayayay! you're coming? muddle wrestle and video tape it for money? Yes! xoxoxo!

  7. What do I think? I think, HELL YES! :)

  8. Dirt Road Style? Hells yes! I've seen your pics of Amelia throughout your posting about Larkspur and always thought she looked gorgeous and lively. Girl has GREAT style. and if someone can live with only one pair of shoes, they've got me on their side already.