Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pretty Everlasting

Yep. Still working on it. And a lot of other things. But in the meantime, I have another little series, in the vein of Mary's Foraging Fridays (The. Best.).

It came to me the other day when I went for a walk in the woods, eating as I went. Nettles have gone to seed, fiddleheads have unfurled, but there's still plenty of little wild foods we can harvest everyday. Just outside our door. So I thought I'd post one every so often as they are in season. 

Honestly, I'm kind of enamored with such a simple little concept: one shot, a few paragraphs.

So meet the humble lawn daisy. She's probably waiting for you right outside your door too, ready to be tossed into salads, soups and scrambles.The leaves as well as the bloom are edible, but they get very astringent with age and the flowers are prettier anyways. Hence the name Bellis Perennis, pretty everlasting.

And what are you eating?

disclaimer (Mary has one and she's my guru as you can tell because I keep linking her blog): If you're planning to poison yourself by eating the wrong stuff, I'll be so sad, but I won't be held accountable. Okay? Good. You're a grown-up. Whee!


  1. kannatan ehdottomasti tätä aihetta! täällä juuri paras nokkosvaihe käynnissä,niitä syödään,samoin pieniä voikukan lehtiä,voikukan kukkia ja nuppuja,siankärsämöä,puna-apilaa,vuohenputken nuoria lehtiä ja mitähän muuta...oishan tuolla varmaan vaikka mitä,joo maitohorsman nuoria versoja parsan tapaan tai marinoituina.

  2. aw. pretty everlasting. what a small wonder.

    i'm looking forward to seeing what is in your neck of the woods. i haven't started up the FF this year, did you notice? for one because i've already covered so much of what is available here...after almost 3 years, i'm running out of new topics! but also, i could never tell if anyone was reading few comments. so i'm glad to know you were! and i will be a faithful foraging friend to you and respond delightfully when you get all wild and nibbly. xo

  3. very pretty. i picked some fresh mint over the weekend while we were camping :D

  4. Ha, funny he won! Awesome :) What should he do now?

    (ps - my goal is to is become more active with my own blog... its been a while since i posted on a somewhat regular basis... but your blog is great inspiration! Thank you for your kind words!)


    1. Hi hon, I'm going on vacay, but when I get back I'm gonna add a bunch of stuff to the shop, all you gotta do is pick your fave pair and email me the info with your addy and I'll send em to you. xoxo

    2. ps. There's an other little piece of blog-lovin coming your way, keep your eyes peeled for this space ;)

  5. i never knew about the lawn daisy! i could've been feasting on them all summer!