Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pre-emptive strike...

...of homesickness. Which is what seems to happen to me whenever I'm about to leave here. I'm super homesick right before I leave, with crying jags and sudden unexpected attacks of affection, which btw means that you scoop up an unsuspecting cat, or suddenly run up to your partner and squeeze them as hard as you can, and melancholy remarks about how magical and pretty our everyday surroundings are.

Once I get moving though, I'm fine. Just dandy. Go figure. I think I have like separation anxiety from this Island...
And who wouldn't? A place where the sky rains sunsets, there's seal people in the water, salmonberries ripening and cats sleeping on the porch.

What's nice about that whole finding your home-thing, is that you'll never have trouble navigating again in this world. You always know where your true North is. Which in my case is slightly to the West and a hop and a skip South. Or something.
But where am I going you wonder? Where are you going? Ha-haa! Totally diverted your attentions.

Safe travels.


  1. i know where you're going! hehehehe!!!

  2. Beautiful post Milla!!! Happy travels to you :)

  3. Oh the sky raining sunsets. You make me miss it there as well. Safe travels.