Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Going, going, gone.

Guess where I'm going?
Yeah, that's right. The only (other) place. The ocean, the babes, the sun and the waves.

But most importantly the babes. My Moonsisters, California girls, herb mistresses, readers of great books, wearers of great dresses, the wee ones (including one little Lucy whom I haven't met yet)!
So much happens in the intervening months, time flies, kidlets grow, up each time we get together, it's guaranteed to be a good time. See you on the other side!

ps. For once, I'm so organized that I have a full array of posts to publish while I'm gone. Yippee! But the next post in the clothes series is still pending. Unless you guys can get me staff. I've been watching The West Wing while I craft and I think I need staff. Maybe some interns. A press secretary... Any takers?


  1. Oh, I sent Missa that mug in the last shot! Happy Clover is making use of it. Have a beautiful time in California!

  2. oh yes "staff"!!! what a lovely luxury! hope your journey is bright and lovely, kiss my motherland for me. xo m

  3. Oh how exciting! Enjoy yourself lady :)

  4. oh boo. i can't believe lucy didn't get to have the sheer delight of meeting you. i am so sorry my love to have ruined the fun and already my heart longs for the next moonsister meet up, especially as i'm currently feeling better already, the fog is lifting and i am thinking if only it had been NEXT WEEK :( :( :( still i can't wait to hear all about the goings on!