Monday, May 27, 2013

Across The Bay Awesomeness and other things I'm into right now.

Recently I've come to some sweet blogs that need to be sung from the rooftops and when one of them decided  to host The Most Awesome, Down-To-Earth-Giveaway Ever, I figured, it wouldn't be right for me to keep 'em all to myself anymore. Here's some new inspiration all tied to the Pacific Northwest, which is so sweet because for the longest time it's seemed like all the cool blogs come from somewhere else. (I also want to an even more local blog round-up one of these days. There's some pretty babies around my neck of the woods):

Demetria hails from from the East Coast, but has settled just right across the waters from me, living what seems like a charmed life on Vancouver Island. She works at a local, organic bakery that looks too good to be true. Next time we head to Victoria, I'll keep my eyes peeled for another gardening cat-lover, who shares my local, homegrown, handmade values.

I can't wait to riffle through her archives and read all about her adventures when I get back from California. It's about time some PNW blogs came my way!

Ana is a girl after my own heart, with a way better eyeball for photos. She's on fire, I'll tell you what! A Seattle local, she has a love of all things island and brings her camera, cute boyfriend and pals on many sojourns across our straits and sounds.

Reading her blog and looking at her shots is so fun for me because a lot of the places she covers I've been to. In fact, last summer, we both did the same hike at the Olympic Peninsula. She was better dressed ;)

And then there's a PNW native in (self-imposed)exile; a country girl in a big city, Arcadian Mermaid crafts up herbal remedies, magical meals and art from her heart.

Is there anything she can't make for herself? Baba ganoush, soap, burn salve...I think not. A printer and student by day, she still makes to to concoct potions, lotions and healthy, hearty meals in her spare time.

All these ladies somehow found their way to me and I have to say, I'm so happy they did. Now it's your turn to be totally inspired by their work!

And tell me, who are you reading?


  1. What irony--I'm new to the Pacific Northwest and new to the blog world again and you have a PNW theme!

    I'd have to say my favorite blog, consistently is:

    Anywho, hullo, from Almost-Washington :]


  2. hooray for new blogs to read!

  3. Ahh milla thanks! Yes, next time you're in Victoria stop by the bakery and I'll give you free things!

  4. thanks lady, fun surprise, and two other awesome blogs! i've found Arcadian Mermaid before, love her recipes. and can't wait to learn about Demetria. :)

  5. Well, Milla, I can see why you are smitten! Now I am as well!

    I haven't been finding any new blogs lately because frankly, my computer time has dwindled to a small sliver of time right before I go to bed, and that is perfectly fine with me! I tend to explore more when the weather is crappy... right now, I can't stand to be inside for too long!

  6. Oh, I'm just now seeing this post! Thanks so much for including me, what a nice surprise. I didn't know about Ana or Demetria, but luckily now I do! So happy to read new "local" blogs.

  7. great blogs milla! thank you for the introduction :)