Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You walked down a busy street, staring solely at your feet.

I'm heading out of town for some important fun, business business, I'll be back soon. In between farm chores, sea shores and mending, minding and messing around, it'll be fun to go on a little field-trip with partners and friends.


In the meantime though, is anyone else having absolutely crazy (moon induced), possibly prophetic, dreams?!!?? I've had a few very vivid, seemingly important ones of late.

See you on the other side!


  1. Hauskaa retkeä!
    Ja kyllä, itse näin juuri tosi kummallisen unen, jossa katselin kun joku nukkui kalliolla...kyseessä oli selvästi ihminen, mutta tarkemmin katsottuna ihossa kasvoi höyhennukkaa niinkuin linnulla, ja märiltä vaikuttavat hiussuortuvat olivatkin linnunsulkia. Siinä se nukkui tyytyväisenä lämpimällä kalliolla vatsallaan, lintuihminen. Luullakseni ei kuitenkaan enneuni ;).

  2. kyllä. Täydellisen outoja ja äärimmäisen voimakkaita unia täälläkin.

  3. Yes! My dreams have been driving me crazy lately. I wrote about it in my last post--I almost never dream, but the past week and a half or so I've dreamed every.single.night and they've all been super complex and sometimes really disturbing. In one I'm riding around on a bus and I can't figure out where it's going, and when I ask the bus driver, all the passengers laugh at me; we keep looping back to the same bus station and I keep trying to get on the right bus. In my dream last night, I went to a play and after entering the theater everything turned into an turbulent ocean with pirate ships and the like, though I knew they were all props.

    Anyway, end of my rambling, I won't burden you with the rest of them or they might start creeping into your dreams as well, haha. Good luck interpreting yours!


  4. No,no dreams for me that i recall, i went for a run last night under the moonlight and kept glancing up at her smiling to myself. the clouds were rushing around and past as it was so windy as well. A little bit of magic in my life you might say.
    I love that picture of you on the tree Milla. Can i print it out and put it on the wall above my sewing nook?

  5. Yes! Two nights ago I had dream all about bears; tracking them, photographing them, informing people about them in the forest. I woke up the next morning to an email from a foundation for protecting black bears in NY state requesting one of my wildlife pieces for an auction they are having to raise funds for their cause...I said of course right away!

  6. have fun! and i hope to see you in my dreams ;D

  7. haha, I was just talking to 2 friends about the crazy dreams we had last night! full moon is always bananas, sleepless, koo koo dream for me! xo m

  8. No prophetic dreams for me.

    p.s. From the picture I can see you have a unique talent in taming giant reindeer.

  9. Always! And yes, strange work related ones (pure anxiety) like pushing my computer on wheels around the sidewalk outside of the hospital I've never been to and can't remember which patients are mine! AND it's already 0400 am but daylight out, which means I've missed most of my medications already! NOT COOL!!!!! hahaha On a much happier note, I'm so excited to see you gals and get to hang out again! soon...