Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Ceremony

Some people call these kinds of posts "life lately", but you know me; I like to be willfully obtuse.
So life, lately, has been good, breathtaking, magic, magic.
This whole being a self-employed, semi-employed, a house-wife, a writer, a homesteader...thing, though is actually way more time-consuming than one might think. I'm totally still figuring out how to be productive and have a good balance between, work, art and play.

Lucky for me I still have a few paying gigs outside the scary realm of selling my vintage and jewelry and soul brilliant writing ideas. Every once in a while I get to make healing, beautifying cream with a bunch of my favorite women, get thoroughly moisturized up to my armpits and eat delicious food, talk and...


...try to bottle-feed baby goats.  Cute-coworkers like George here, are a definite bonus.

I've said this before, but your "work" is so much beyond your day job. It's that, but it's walking the woods in search of food, reading about foreign places, making things, watching the sky for birds, whatever it is you love to do, as well.
IMG_7752    IMG_7765

Delicious, delicious work.
And since we're on the topic of wildcrafting, I'm sure you don't mind some pictures of someone else harvesting nettles in our woods.
The lovely, empathetic, intuitive, magical Mindy  and her son G came to visit us for the weekend and nettle-gathering was high on the list of things we needed to do together. The amount of stuff we had to talk about, I'm amazed we managed to actually get any picking done.
Mindy and G were like long-time visitors, adapting to their new environment effortlessly. So much so that when I asked if he wanted to, you know, climb a mountain with me, G barely blinked an eye before uttered an enthusiastic "Yes!".
What a trooper, that kid.

I think I've mentioned this before but it's so fun for us to have visitors, because they force us out of our routine and make us see our beautiful surroundings in a whole new way. Or a whole old way really, the way we did when we first came out here.
I'm ashamed to say it, but it's not often we sit on the beach and build rock towers, or even go out for coffee and walks. Mostly we're wrapped up in our chores, our art, our what-have-yous.
There's much work to be done on that front. Be more present, go on more outings. Visitors are a wonderful way of catching that traveling spirit I mentioned in my last post.
Just today, we had friends over for a dinner and meeting on the beach, and when C. came back in he sighed deeply and said "That's better. Whenever I actually go there I just feel so lucky to be able to live here."
That's what we need. More dinners on the beach. More work in the sun. And I have a feeling there'll be plenty of both this coming season.
As for lives, lately, I've also been trying out a few test shots for my wears, and feeling more than ever that I "need" a new camera. For the last year, I feel like I've noticed that my photos are getting markedly better and my interest in trying out different visual ideas and needing functions my point-and-shoot doesn't offer growing. Of course, a camera doesn't make a photographer, but I do find myself frustrated with mine a lot.
Anyways, if anyone's got tips on this topic, they'd be much appreciated and in case you're wondering, the shop should be open by the first of May! Scary. Back to work. 


  1. damn! There's nothing cuter than a mini goat in a box!! lovin this post, twas a dream come true!! Now come visit us and get me outta this ho-hum un-appreciating my city funk. xo m

  2. I just tried to comment here, and i flippin erased it! To sum up my words, this post is a burst of sea air for me - the good nurturing body of living water kind....i love that you live this life; both for you and me (cos i get to read it) and I am so excited about your shop going online.

  3. aw, mindy! she is a blog-soul i am just getting to know. btw, i have noticed more magic in your photos too...i've always thought they were lovely, but they've had a little extra sumpin' lately. and i'm with teeny, both on you livin this delicious life and also about the shop!! whee!

  4. Ok, that goat is way too cute!

    As for your camera dilemma, it can be a tricky situation. There is definitely a happy medium between a small point and shoot and something closer to professional grade gear. I have a pretty high level canon, and I really really really love it. However, it was obviously very expensive so I fear bringing it some places I wouldn't with a less expensive camera like the beach or the canoe, etc. Also, any high grade camera will force you to start your lens collection; another big expense. You take all kinds of photos that would require you to buy a few different lenses; you'd need a wide angle for all of your lovely scenery, at the most basic - a fixed 50mm for your portraits, and a macro for your mushroom/plant close-ups. Quite the investment! On the other hand you can get a great higher end point and shoot that will cover the range of photos you take and can offer some manual settings like aperture priority and shutter priority, etc. The Canon SX500 is a great option because it covers a huge range (24mm-720mm), has a solid 16 megapixels, and it has great macro capabilities; I have one and take it wherever I'm hesitant with my more expensive stuff and I love it. Hope this helps!

  5. did you get a tax return? if so, spend some of it on a good camera. you will never regret it. essentially you are simply investing in yourself, your business, your craft, your love. worth it.

  6. Look at that little goat! Adorable :)

  7. oh wow! i didn't realize mindy was in your neck of the woods! i love her etsy shop, she always has amazing stuff. glad to know she has a blog as well, i'll have to check it out.

    that sunset! so gorgeous! and you will never regret purchasing a good camera. they are frickin' expensive though :/

    love it all as usual!

  8. Enchanting as always Milla, love your photographs! Your pics always have a pure and warming feel to them. But I understand the whole experimental part of using a better or different camera, I am on the same boat on that.Please keep those beautiful pics coming our way!
    Much Love!

  9. gorgeous, gorgeous, Gorgeous; you, your life/photos and those Morels!