Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Half Moon

As a little present from me to you, or rather, my Iceland-friend Jessica D. to you: a rather different heavenly phenomenon.

The night we went hunting for the Aurora together, into the Icelandic wilderness, looking for the light, Jessica was maybe the one out of everyone on the bus that most wanted to see them. She had already gone looking for them once on a boat and this night she was determined. "We'll see them." She told me, "I just know it."
We drank expensive cheap beer and hot coco and whisky at a hotel in the middle of nowhere, with its own lit-up waterfall and a killer LP collection the guests were welcome to play.  In the lounge, the guide taught folks how to take pictures of the sky at night. We hiked the hills and craned our necks at nothing. We got back in the bus, then back out, again and again, to no avail. A few green shimmers, but no undulating light.
"We'll see them." Jessica repeated.

I was happy just to be there, happy for the adventure, the excitement, but her conviction was contagious. Having seen them many times before, I still hoped we'd see them that night, partly because seeing the Aurora in Iceland felt appropriate, partly because she so much wanted to.
And see them we did. At two in the morning on the way back to Reykjavik. Suddenly an excited blast of Korean bubbled up at the back of the bus, sleeping bodies rising, Jessica jumping to the window of our two other traveling pals. The bus pulled over and we watched them swirl around, as though moved by some unearthly currents. for a good twenty minutes. I think Jessica cried a little. She got these beautiful shots of them. Before we parted ways that night, we exchanged contact information, so that she could share them with us all.

Thanks Jessica!

We may never meet again, but hey, at least we'll always have Iceland, and the Northern Lights. 


  1. WOW. The Aurora is definitely on my list of things to see. You have rad storytelling skills by the way. Just in case I haven't already told you twenty times already.

  2. cheers to you and jessica! and for the power of faith and adventure. xoxo

  3. ooooh! I want so to see these! major magic!! just beautiful. xo

  4. yay, she got to see them! I do love a good happy ending :)

  5. Really beautiful! I really want to see them someday too. Power of positive thinking!

  6. Aurora borealis are so beautiful. This year there have been lots in Finland, even in the south. Once before I have seen them in Helsinki.