Wednesday, March 20, 2013

White Girls Of The North

I can hardly wait for that feeling of freezing off your butt while still trying to stay true to your own extremely stylish self. This is what I'm looking forward to experiencing in about six hours.

There's something special about my old stomping grounds, some form of arctic madness channeled into creative dress.

I don't really care what New York City, Paris, or Milan have to say when it comes to style, but I will always keep my ear to the ground to listen to the murmurs of these lands of alternating endless nights and endless days.

See they speak to my own heart clear as a sunny midwinter day. They speak of:

Crazy flea-market layers.

Dashes of mad color.

Scarves bigger than your head.

Sensible shoes for slipping on icy/slushy pavement.

Dressing like a white winter wraith.

Dressing like you don't live in the third most ass-freeziest country in the world.

Trying to make the best of an ass-freezy situation.

Having the only legit reason ever to wear (secondhand) fur. Possibly.

How do you think you'd fare in -20℉ weather?

all images from the utterly original street fashion website


  1. everytime you post these outfit shots from your old stomping grounds, i can only think of one thing.

    why is everyone in your country so fucking BEAUTIFUL?

    third most ass freeziest place gives rise to most handsome people ever. you among them. can't wait to hear the tales from this excursion! xo

  2. @terralectualism

    I dunno, maybe the grass is always greener? One of my good friends is Finnish, and her boyfriend is English (she lives in the UK too). When he's in his home country, he's very inconspicuous looking. He's got a nice face, but there are many, many men here who look like him (including his two brothers) so you'd barely notice him. As soon as they go visiting Finland, women constantly eye him up everywhere he goes. My friend thinks it's hilarious, but she kind of likes having all these finnish women looking longingly at her boyfriend as a sort of ego boost.

  3. oh finlandia your beauty knows no bounds. i heart the older woman in her bright colors and sensible shoes. how would i fare??? i am afraid i would fare very poorly indeed. this is how i dress when it's 40 degrees outside. the coldest temp i've ever experienced is 9 degrees i think, iced over in nevada in january. i cannot begin to fathom those ass-freezing northernlands, but maybe someday i'll get the chance.

  4. Mary's right -- Finnish folks are gorgeous. We Turks look like a bunch of swarthy trolls in comparison, haha.

    All these outfits make my heart go pitter-patter. So much perfect imperfection. Schweeet.


  5. It gets sooo tiring to put on the same winter coat for months on end - but these ladies are making it look fun. What great inspiration!

  6. I hail from frosty England and currently live in Siberian Winter South Korea~ it is a struggle to wrap up like a hibernating bear AND pull off a stylish colorful, fun look at the same time. Thank you for these inspirations!

    + yes, all of these girls are so rosy-cheeked gorgeous!

  7. Ahhhhhh!!! (The sound of me screetching in pleasure) I love this post! Every singe one of these outfits is just awesome. And of course, it doesn't hurt having those Finnish genes to pull anything and everything off. Have a wonderful trip!

  8. ass freezy!! oh my goddess, i would not do well. i am a californian by birth and blood and even a cold march morning here sometimes baffles me: *you mean i need to put on pants???*

  9. Hey Milla, It's seems to be more freezy over there..I like the fashion suits were by the girls in pics and the pics are also nice.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and fashionable blog with us.

  10. hmmm, i'm thinking i wouldn't do too well and if i had all the kids in tow it would suck! hahaha i'm a california girl through and through :D sandals all year.

    i love all these photos. such awesome style!