Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wanderlust/from island to island

"What do you do when you get lost in a forest in Iceland?" The answer, my friends, is not to find a bona fide Icelandic hipster bar, full of jocks (how are there jocks in every country, by the way?) and bimbos because everyone knows that Icelanders don't actually go out until after midnight. This is possibly because booze here is so ****ing expensive. It's a Scandinavian thing. You wouldn't understand, what with your $4 IPAs. You bastards. 
I've said so long to Finland, her egg-anchovy sandwiches and frozen seas and here I am. Hipstering it out with the best of them. 
I haven't seen Björk yet, or anyone else important for that matter, since it seems that everyone here is actually a tourist as well, but I did find me a bona fide Icelandic hipster bar. According to my Icelandic trend barometer house-music is making a comeback. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 
Also, I'm wondering: is it a hipster bar if it looks like one, but there's not a hipster in sight, only jocks and bimbos? These are the existential questions of our time.

Seriously though, it's Easter weekend, which in Scandinavia means that oh everything is closed so I might just have to book one of those expensive tour things to get the heck out of Reykjavik, because frankly, it really is just a street and an awesome opera house. (Of which I did not take a picture. Yet.)
There are tons of cats everywhere in the old town though, so it can't be all bad, and I already found Bæjarins beztu pylsur  which is the town's best  hot dog stand apparently, so things are looking up for old me. I just need to keep drinking. Even the bartender is drinking. 

Beer, if you're interested, is 850 Kronor a pint. Yeah, that's what I said. Peace out for now. 
Oh, and in case you were still wondering: "You stand up."


  1. sigh...I love Iceland! Get out of Reykjavik if you can- the landscapes are unearthly. I drove the south coast with my mom and sisters last spring- best road trip ever!

    Though I had a great time meeting all the cats around Reykjavik, and the opera house offers many hours of camera fun!

  2. hahaaaa! i am loving your merriment on this whole trip! ICELAND. damn girl that just blows my mind. the place seems like it is on a different planet to my provincial mind :) you are looking greenly glowy and magical as an icelandic witch in the last photo, and that bar needs to be picked up and plopped into placerville where the good country folk and local kids will un-hipster, un-jock, and un-bimbo it!

    have such a grand time, i can't wait to hear more about all this adventure and beauty.

  3. 'bout the same price as a pint in London. I miss PBR..

  4. This place is really great-

    It's owned by Einar Orn. When I went they had an exhibition of Bjork's costumes.

  5. Also, 850kr a pint at the current exchange rate is great! Same as London like the other person said. When I went there before all the financial trouble you only got 120kr to £1. Now it's more like 200, which makes a massive difference! I'd like to go back, because it's really not far away from the UK.

  6. okay okay, I'll stop bitching and start drinking you guys! ♡

  7. Laughing so hard. I am thoroughly enjoying following you around in Finland. This is the best education and entertainment! :) So glad you are having fun!