Monday, March 18, 2013

Saint Anne Of Houseplants

Anne, dear Anne. I was trying to think of how long I've know this long haired thrifter, magic momma, lover of great rock 'n roll and houseplant maven, but sometimes it just seems like you've known someone for a long long time, even if you've only met them once in real life. 

I think that probably it's been about three years since I discovered Anne's blog, or possibly she discovered mine (I think Missa is the connecting link here, maybe?), but I have loved her style, awesome photography and kind heart forever.  

Now, what I wonder about is: do you talk to those plants of yours Anne, or are they just thriving on your mad skills and good vibes?

IMG_0357 hi there! i'm anne from A Cup Full of Sunshine and i'm here today to talk about plants. whether you have them indoors or out they are sure to add quite a lot to a space. this weekend was very warm (in the 80's), perfect  weather for getting out on the patio to re-pot some succulents and give my indoor plants a good soak with fertilizer. IMG_0269 2 IMG_0366 succulents are my favorite for outdoors. they are easy to keep alive, simple to propagate and come in an endless variety of colors and shapes. almost all the plants in the two pictures above were clippings from plants of my friends and family. did you know that many plants, vines, cacti and succulents will continue to grow from a clipping? some, like heart-leaved philodendron, will even grow in water! i have a wonderfully informative book that i thrifted titled Foilage House Plants. it has so many useful tips and has taught me a lot about keeping my plants healthy and alive. plus, it's from the 70's and has some really awesome pictures. IMG_0381 IMG_0263 IMG_0265 i am also currently obsessed with vintage ceramic pots. they are perfect for displaying any of your plant friends! collage so, what plants do you enjoy? do you have any helpful advice that you'd like to share? thank you so much milla for having me here! safe travels my dear! ♥anne


  1. these pictures look like they could have steeped out of your book from the 70's- so very perfect. i would LOVE to hear any tips you have about plants. i'm trying so hard to to fill my house with plants, but keeping them alive isn't always working out so well.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh, Anne. Girl could make a book of photos of her and her plants and homey things and I'd buy it. I've only just really gotten into planting and growing this year. I planted out a funny little herb garden and bought some succulents for our porch - I like the idea of growing more from cuttings. just have to get brave enough to try! x

  3. I put my large plant called Marshy outside the other week as my kittens were eating him to death (don't know what it is but it's the kind of thing that probably lives in a marsh, tall and spikey). Last night I had to rescue him from a snow blizzard... spring hasn't sprung here in Scotland yet! I have been having longings for a terrarium recently, so might try some in jam jars soon...

  4. i agree with teeny!

    also, you have inspired me (yet again, dear anne. yet again.) to take a better look at my plant collection and pretty it up. i can get sorta utilitarian and forget to bring art into the simple things. you and your houseplants are dreamy. i love this peek into your green thumb!