Monday, March 11, 2013

Magic Magic

This month I've know Missa of Thriftcandy for five years, almost as long as I've had this blog and been married, longer than many of my "real world friends" and in many ways better. We've hung out in that "real world" together many a time, we've sent packages and traveled and shared secrets and joys and sorrows and gazed at the stars. I don't feel like I'm exaggerating when I call her "sister". Missa is such an inspiration, stylish dresser, great mom, crafter and maker of mixes. So it should come as no surprise that this guest post is pure magic. Enjoy. 

ps. Giveaway winners are...drumroll please...Dane and Sally! Which is fitting since one is my only known boy-reader and the other one of my most faithful long-time readers. Email me your contact info and I'll let you know when to claim your prize!   

Hey there, it's Missa from Thrift Candy and I'm so stoked to be doing a quick little guest post for my dear friend Milla while she's off adventuring in her homeland! I wanted to share a recent musical discovery from the San Francisco folk scene that I've been enjoying lately and thought you might too...

 Magic harmonies, magic melodies, and killer style to boot. You can check out Magic Magic Roses' dreamy Summer of 2012 album Valley in its entirety, here :)
Happy Travels Milla my dear!


  1. loving this music! thank you missa for the discovery. i believe this will be my springtime soundtrack :)

  2. Ooh! I like this a lot! Thanks Missa :)

    1. Anne, you're definitely on the new musical express ;) Listening to your mix and New Love on repeat out here in the North Country.