Friday, March 15, 2013

"If the cauldron's bubblin' don't come 'a knockin'!"

One of my pet peeves of last year (and remember, there were many) was that I didn't make it down to California to meet Teeny along with all the other Moon Sisters. Teeny has been one of those steadfast inspirations in this strange land of blog for me; she's a kind and eloquent reader and writer, as fiercely honest in her comments as she is in her own posts. Girl has mad style, as well as mad sewing skills and  another one of those wicked senses of humor that always makes me swoon. I'm honored to have her here with her kitchen witching. Thanks Teeny!

Hello everyone! I'm Teeny and feeling oh so privileged to be able to write to you here at Milla's space. I know you are all anticipating the health of Spring and hopefully over the Winter maladies, but you never know, you might just need this magical natural remedy anyway.

What I'm going to share with you today is a very simple, delicious, thrifty and effective health syrup. If the new season, or stress, or busy times brings you that pesky feeling of low and less than best, or a sore throat or even a full blown cold - reach into your pantry and grab the following:

One lovely onion (anti-bacterial) Two big tablespoons of honey (the higher grade is best- in NZ that would be Manuka Honey) (anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory) A clean jar (sterilise if you can) A piece of clean cloth to cover your mixture while it seeps. Simply chop your onion into rounds (chop smaller if you need to fit) add it to your jar, and then simply drop your two tablespoons of honey on top - cover with your fabric (I fastened with a rubber band) and leave overnight.

In the morning you'll have yourself a good amount of golden looking health tonic in the bottom of your jar - remove the onion bits and refridgerate.

Generously dose your patient with a tablespoon of the honey liquid three - four times a day. (I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to dose up more, but that amount worked well for our family)

The tonic will last for about three days in the fridge. It tastes divine, trust me; but do keep a mint nearby if you're conversing with people that day, there can be an onion-y aftertaste later on. I believe this remedy has been around a long time, but I came across it only recently in a little independent New Zealand magazine extra curricular for creative folk, issue 10

Health and joy to you all! And happy holidaying Milla! Teeny xoxo

ps. Check out this Teeny post for some really interesting discussion on parenting.


  1. sounds great teeny! i'm totally making this next time someone starts to get sick. thank you for sharing :D

  2. i'm so stoked you made this! i have had a recipe since i was a teen for "onion runny honey" and i've always been hesitant to try it. it's one of those things that is so simple that i opt to make more exotic stuff...but always the humble, folk recipes are the ones that really work the best! how do your kids like it? and i will gladly hang out with you and your honey onion breath, don't worry about the mint. :) xo

  3. I'm so in awe of the fact that your kids will take this! What awesome kiddos. I can't wait to try this, yet another tool my arsenal against icky illnesses. Thanks again dear!

  4. honey onion breath sounds like my favorite kind :) i can't wait to try this, well...i can wait! let's hope not till next winter, but i do love what a simple folksy recipe it is. thanks milla and teeny!

  5. How fun is this! Thanks for sharing Teeny :) I love this remedy. I have heard a lot about the healing power of onions, and what a great way to enjoy it with honey!!!!

  6. Oooh, this is so awesome! This is well known recipe in Poland. I mean, everybody know of it, but not many people use it nowadays. I think it's easier to swallow some pills or whatever. Anyway, I love it, and it saved me many times. Since in the winter some kinds of honey begin to crystallise it is good to keep the honey+onion mixture in a warm spot overnight (near a heater), it will help to melt the honey. But not too warm, since honey is very heat-fragile.

    And if the situation is dire you can also try a mixture of honey and pressed garlic. It's not tasty and it feels like your tongue is being burnt out, but it works. Just mix it up, close your eyes and swallow a spoon or two.

    This is so cool. I wonder if there's some crazy way this recipe travelled from Poland to New Zealand or is it a internationally known recipe.