Friday, March 29, 2013

All the money I've had is gone (but it was so worth it!)

"I've been high and I've been low/ I've been East and I've been West/
the way it goes/ I'll never get any rest/
'cos all the money I had is gone"
If I had some money/
I'd be on the run/
but all the money I had is gone/ 
but all the money I had is gone
I can weep and I can cry/
I can wonder why/
but all the money I had is gone/
all the money I had is gone"

-The Deep Dark Woods-
So long Iceland, it has been hands down the most magical 48 hours of my life, and it ain't over yet, but in about eight I'm gonna head home, home sweet home, to my sweetheart, my cats and my projects, my life.
I'm taking with me my short stories, my travel journal, my hundreds of photos, my one roll of film, my new used 4000 Krone Icelandic sweater, the one zine I could afford, and as many stories and memories as I can; how my new friend Jess cried with joy when we finally saw the Aurora around two AM this morning, the taste of the glacier water I drank from the stream while the rest of the tour bus petted horses, sharing snacks and beers on top of the foothills with people I had just met and will never meet again, swimming in sea water partially heated by geo-thermal water, how much the hills really look like trolls in the night...
In my short time here, I've amassed enough experiences memories to fill a month. Good thing they're light to carry, because I'm taking all of them home.
Oh, and of course the one last crone in my pocket.


  1. beautiful!! I want to go to Iceland someday and see all those delights. So wonderful and it is prettily spring in the nw now so come enjoy. and come over to my house too! :)

  2. Have a happy return to home :) Iceland is a place I'd like to visit sometime too.. beautiful.