Friday, January 25, 2013

Just is.

Allow me to just reiterate that birthday month or not, I'll be totally happy when January ends. It's been a pretty weird month, with lots of unexpected, sometimes stressful events. At the same time, many joyous occasions too; five babies born (all boys!), surprises, wedding plans, plane tickets.

Thinking about this makes me realize that the joy and heartache and constant flux of the lives of others around me, simply means that I'm lucky enough to be connected to all these amazing people and through them, the ever-shifting nature of...well, life. Even if my own life seems relatively steady and uneventful at any given moment, these connections seem to ensure that I don't ever forget that change is the only constant. It may sound trite, but rings true to me. Or to quote a favorite film "It ain't good, it ain't bad, just is."
Then today, sunshine, trickling creek, bathing fowls. New favorite skirt, cashmere cardigan, tights. Promises of spring and summer.
Warm enough, if just for a moment to traipse around in just a shirt and sweater...and double tights. It's not spring yet.
                               Top-free from The Dump
                            Tights-best we not talk about it
                              Sweater and skirt- Thrifted
                    Necklace- amazing gift from amazing Nicole

Someone built the year's first sandcastle and the water almost looked tropical.
Happy Weekend everyone! And if January is kinda kicking your butt, fret not, we've only got one more week to go.


  1. You look absolutely adorable in these and the light is so beautifully captured.

  2. happy weekend! here it is bitterly cold but the snow has gone replaced by heavy rain and gales...i really hope next month the weather starts to improve...i am going a bit stir crazy!!!

  3. i do think that 2013 has had a funny start to it, just like addie's birth it's not so much the birth itself, but the complications that are making things difficult. i hope it's like a newborn and just crying a lot while it figures itself and this life out :) a couple months from now maybe everything will be rosy in the spring sunshine. you my dear, are looking rosy indeed, and your birthday! what are you doing to celebrate? i hope you'll be able to wear a springish outfit and the gentle winter sun will shine and you'll be cozy and blissed out just like in these photos. i will be thinking of you.

    and now i'm curious about your tights ;) f21?

    here's to baby boys and winter joys and milla's bright birth onto this earth!

  4. I hear ya with the 'let January be over now' - I'm ready for some brighter days! Luckily we celebrate the first day of Spring (Imbolg) on February first in my little corner of the world. It usually stays pretty miserable for February, but just knowing that Spring is beginning is enough.

    I have been reading your blog for a long time and I may or may not have commented in the past - but this morning I spotted this:

    I just had to share it with you. Surely you need this?!