Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is this happening to anyone else?

So far, the beginning of this year has been kicking my ass. Logistically, communication-wise, time-wise. Every time I've tried to sit down to take a brake, a deep breath, or just to peruse some blogs, frankly, something else comes out of the left field and trips me up. And we're only on day 12.

Here I was all calm, centered, full of sensible plans and now I feel like I'm riding on the crest of some enormous wave, staying afloat just fine, but unable to catch my breath.
It's not that things are awful, far from it, it's more like they're relentless. But as long as this isn't a preview of the whole year somehow, it's all good.

In the meantime I've actually been chased by the mail-lady carrying two beauteous packages, found my new favorite hat, which I'm hoping will help me pass for a boy and thus able me to enlist in the Union Troops as a drummer and waited for our annual snowfall. 
I can almost smell that snow in the air. In the absence of snow, I'd take a few frozen ponds for ice skating purposes.

Sadie and Sara's packages came the day after a sweet surprise from Nicole and her daughter K. Thanks to you ladies, I'll be well clad till next year.
Fingers crossed that the whirlwind of last two weeks is the last of it and I'll have time to focus on sending out my own packages, catching up on blogs and emails, and generally just relax already.
I've taken nary a walk lately, so this frosty weather, with a little bit of sunshine, was like a balm to my restless mind. Just like alone time, time in nature, just observing, not harvesting, or exercising seems like an essential part of feeling balanced.
How's your new year been so far?

Ps. Before I forget entirely: Teeny, you've won a copy of Soapbox and I'm pretty sure I already have your address, so beware, some day soon I'm going to start paying off my enormous mail debt. 


  1. I hear you, sister! I think part of the problem (at least for me) is coming out of the dreary weather. It creates a brain fog. Getting outside definitely helps re-establish the balance. We're working on our farm and our family rhythm. So far so good!

    (P.S.-I love seeing the snippets of Larkspur. So wish we were nearby so I could drop in for a visit!)

  2. babe, i have good news. the lunar new year has not yet started. hold fast. what you are experiencing is the last few bits of *last* year, sloughing itself off in preparation for the year of the snake - which starts about one month from now on the next new moon. the cycle is nearly complete, and though 2012 is technically behind us, i feel that the best is yet to come. blessed be the moon and her turning of time. the snake is the underground warrior, earthbound and sensuous - surely a nice change from the sky-riding, fire-breathing (though still beloved) dragon.

    p.s. you're cute

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth! So much fell onto my plate as the new year rolled around... I thought I was all prepared for it, but I just wasn't. I've been telling everyone that it kind "slapped me in the face," but a "kick in the ass" works too :) ha ha!

  4. Really?! Me Teeny?! i won?! SO excited!!!! Well, as for me, last year kicked my arse. i lost myself, and felt like i was always trying to catch up with life. but since Christmas, things have been flippin chilled - yeah, we've been busy, but doing stuff we wanted to do. I've read more this year already than i did last year, maybe i can attribute some of my peace to that......and of course it's Summer here, so we are well in touch with outdoors- walks - swimming - running. But this will come to you as Spring draws nearer. i feel like i'm recovering the peace that i forgot (lost) last year. I just couldn't figure my shit out last year. ANYWAY enough about me already. I wish you copious amounts of time and some peace too. That hat suits you. x

    1. Hey Teeny, I'm glad this year is treating you better than last. Last year was a doozy for a lot of people. Speaking of doozies, I wanted to let you know that for some reason I can't leave comments on your blog. Your blog and your blog only. Having no technical expertise, I don't know what to do, BUT I hope you know that I really really enjoyed your holidays post m'dear.

  5. Same here Milla! From the beginning of the year (after a long, elated, inspiring walk in the snow on the 1st of January and plenty of good intentions in store) I have been submerged by work (mostly) from various quarters, and a good friend of mine (in Paris) has experienced the very same thing, so I figured out there must be something in the way the stars are organized above right now.

    But looking at your posts always has a calming, grounding effect on me, and sometimes I actually send the link to my Paris friend, to soothe him, too :o)

  6. nothing new for me - I'm eternally stuck in the "trying to get caught up phase" I'm come to somewhat embrace it, actually. . . Although, I have say I have been feeling especially inspired, by so many things since the start of the new year. It's kind of exciting, so the current blogging run is representing that momentum now. Figure I might as well wrangle it now seeing that it might not last through tomorrow :)

    Anyway, I say take your time, rest up and enjoy your break. We all know whatever comes of it will be well worth the radio silence.


  7. I feel like January has kicked my ass... surgery a week ago has kept me cooped up far longer than my body likes. I am the sort to need fresh air on the daily! I am living vicariously through you today, sweet lady! Thanks for the lovely pictures, and I hope this month gives you a bit more time to breathe. I know! You can lie in bed for a bit taking my place, and I'll go on your woodsy walk. I think it would do me some good! :)

  8. BLARGH. The 'Net ate my comment! Boo...

    Anyway, what I said was:

    Yes, January is a little on the aggravating side thus far. I feel like I've got about a million things to do, but can't finish things fast enough for my taste. *sigh* Half the joy is in the doing, not just the completing, so I've got to learn to breathe and savor.

    So, so glad your parcel arrived! Isn't that box kind of funny? Tiny, but surprisingly spacious. You're awfully fetching in your gnome-landscape dress.

    There should be a REAL message about some terrific writing flitting your way soon, my love!


  9. even though it's been relentless so far i'm glad you popped in to say hello :D this year has been really awesome so far for me, i hope it lasts! and your hat is super cute.

  10. when i saw the title and the first picture of you i thought the question might be if anyone else has experienced an exponential growth in cuteness. SO. CUTE.

    but yes, i hit the ground running on the 5th and am still jogging. not sure i can keep this up all year. and like you, i have a mail debt to repay. i am amassing piles with bloggy friends names on them, and they haunt me with self inflicted guilt trips. i promise to be nice to myself, and IMHO i think you should too. xoxoxox

  11. Happy New Year sweet lady! 2013 seems to possess a magical get on with it attitude, eh? No stopping for blogs, hellos, or slow down- just keeps going (I just wrote about that on my blog :D Skating a pond sounds delightful!!!

  12. January nipped me with a sore throat and a cold. It's been a week and a half, and I am finally getting over it. So no rushing about for me, I told it to all go away and just let me rest.

    I thought Soapbox sounded intriguing when you mentioned it, but I couldn't find a place to order it online. Is it available via mail order?