Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuck the darkness in

Nettle brew
 Another day, another post from The Bus. I bet I'm not the only one who'll be sad when our small traveling tribe leaves this abode for the next. In the meantime, I'm posting up a storm, apparently.

There's about a million and one lovely emails from friends and family I've failed to reply to in these long, computerless months, but tackling those kind of scares me right now. Yesterday I started feeling sick again, with a mix of cold symptoms and tummy troubles and though I feel a lot better today, it was an important reminder that my body is really quite weakened by the prolonged mold-exposure.
moomin's gotta eat too!
Being of ill health makes you really appreciate the nourishing effects of different foods.
Lately, I've been craving nori, kale and (shocker!) meat.  For the last three months I've been having meat a couple of times a week, an all time high for me. I find that my body is pretty good at telling me what I need and try to follow the cravings it stirs up. What's interesting is that I'm not alone with my new diet;  a lot of (ovo-lacto) vegetarians I know have been converting to omnivorism lately.

On Monday I made this bowl in honor of two wonderful, simple dishes I ate while in California: a nori, rice, avocado, onion and garlic bowl at The Gratitude Cafe in Healsdburg and a cold rice salad with lemon, olive oil, kale and walnuts (?) at Mary's house in San Fran. Will you please post the recipe Mary, it was so nourishing. 

Engineers ahoy! 
I hope ya'll aren't done being entertained by Bus-shots, because that's how I've been amusing myself, in between reading and crafting. Guess I'm taking full advantage of the computer with internet and all, don't hold your breath that this'll keep up in the future. 
Coat of coats
flowerpots no eggs needed 
It's not all sweetness and light around here, there's also mess.But it's a beautiful mess.
  messness king of the castle Mom and pop


  saint braidget 
This is not how stylish I dress when I'm sick, trust me. It's all sweatpants from here on out. But the goodness from Nicole's package is as good a medicine as garlic. And a lot less stinky.

food for the soul

So sweet sista!
Mali went to Seatown the other day and brought me back this really cute mug. She's such a sweetie. Wow, I'm fully engaging in blog-talk. Cute. Adorable. Lovely.
No, you are!

We're istening to the new Bowerbirds album the Clearing on repeat.  Which is amazing. It makes us pretty darn excited to be seeing them in a week.
really? you took a picture of a computer? that's amazing 
While lollygagging on the internet I found this awesome documentary about the album. At the risk of sounding like such a total "blogger" I have to just state that Beth and Philip are really adorable. Hearing them discuss their sadness and brake-ups and building a cabin makes your heart ache for them a little and like them a whole lot more.

As you may know from previous posts, my husband and I pretty much only agree on three bands, Bowerbirds being one. Their music is so honest and heart-rending, with lyrics about the things that concern many of us the most, care for the natural world, sorrow for the pains of this plane. Yet they're also very life-affirm and hopeful.

But don't take my word for it. Have a listen:

Life and death sure are beautiful things when written to music.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Bus Stops Here

Apparently you guys love the bus. And who can blame you? Not I. Seems like half of my sister's friends are bus-ing it right now, and I can't say that I'm immune to the allure of the bus myself. Something about the formerly speedy gas-guzzler being immobilized, made home-y, or maybe lounging about in a space that once dragged kids to school against their wills...something about it adds a frisson to the daily proceedings.
The bus that Mali dwells in was quite tricked out by her landlord and there are traces of his kids everywhere. The five (three kids, two grown-ups) of them outgrew the bus quickly (with the addition of an adorable new member), to the advantage of my sis. Lucky duck. Maybe the energetic, adventurous vibes of the bus were left by the kids. They certainly have some to spare.
outdoor fridger
at the gates
going through that phase
going to mr. kelly's
The property that The Bus is on, also hosts a number of other dwellings, including another bus and the former abode of one of Mali's old teachers. Who, judging from this house, was none other than Babayaga.
babayaga's house
It's like a quilt, upright in plywood.
nap time!
work cut out

garden gates
cat's new kingdom
ye olden timey house wife
What do we do for fun, you ask, in between lazy bouts? Smoke herbal tobacco from C.'s corncob pipe, of course.
smoker's cough
local yokels
And drink coffee drinks in all extremes. The Kid is fully responsible for making me a caffeine fiend again. Stuff's more addictive than crack.
fire maker
With eclectic reminders of its past inhabitants (stickers, bunk-beds) and Mali's own impeccably cute taste, the bus really is quite sweet.
ships ahoy
Check out this art collection: embroidery owls, florals, boats, diving girls, a Bill Murray print that I got for her from Clever Nettle...
dive in
Did I say eclectic? Mishmash. Hodgepodge. All those adorable things, odd couplings, yet perfect for each other. Girl's got a good eye.
light motif
the owls are what they seem
Shower view
Catch me if you can
Fire escape
And here is our upstairs loft. Mali generously offered it to us, taking one of the bunks below. Pretty sweet.
The top top bunk
the storybook section

The view
The heart of the sea
Fire exit
A little fire-escape that leads straight to the roof. Needless to say the cat's a fan.
leisure lounge
She generally seems to enjoy this giant climbing tree of a house and the thicket outside. Different from her usual haunts.
Top bunk
Here comes the sun
Sun moon stars clouds
Looky here
Unlike a lot of bus-abodes this one does have some non-narrow space, with the add-on kitchen, beautifully flooded with light.
I like beverages, no?
Pots and pans
Closet case
Hats ahoy
In her cups
Land of light

The tower of teabel
Your pansies and your posies
Gone to pot
sea life
I hope Mali adds her own bus-portrait to the collection.
portrait of the bus
Sleeps with the fishes
Craft and TV-watching nook. We're heavily into the X-Files right now. Anybody recognize That 70s Snuggie?
Couch sac part two

Kissa's heavily into napping. Now and forever.
Spring time blooms everywhere around us. Especially in Mali's wardrobe where I was thieving today.
The rock of loveMakin' it
The pour
Like sister like little sister, right? Especially when it comes to prairie frocks.

Parrot cat
Speaking of prairie frocks, this mailman type sketchy guy brought me an adorable package from Nicole today. Decorated by her lovely daughter. I was pleased as punch just seeing the little illustration.
Art from the heart
I got to say, I feel so blessed with each of her packages, as you may recall, Nicole's shop is every vintage-lovin' girl's dream come true and each of her packages makes me feel like I have a special tiny branch of Crimson and Clover at my doorstep. In addition to giving me my quite possibly favorite ever dress (now that's a feat!). She gave me a Gunnes and a gorgeous batik/tie-dye dress last year and damn if there wasn't a second set of those in this package!
Glory be!
Watch me jump for joy!
Calico gods speak trough Nicole!
Flaming Hag Folkwear
Nicole is also responsible for most of my favorite jewellery. Her crystals and bone feather and Aladdin's lamps adorn my neck more often than not and now she's added another beauty to my collection (Here I was working at little book necklaces-hers is sublime!).
Cotton rainbow
Womyn on the verge
Thank you so much dear Nicole. A much needed injection of joy to my little traveling wardrobe. Now I don't have to keep stealin' from The Kid.
Here's looking at you Kidlet.
Bus over and out. There's X-files on TV.