Thursday, December 20, 2012

Solstice, Cosmic Shift and Planetary Alignment

...also known as "I really don't think there's going to be a zombie apocalypse, the Universal Gong will ring, or any some such", but let's have fun! Even if I'm spending all night outdoors in drizzling rain.
Wearing elaborate costumes...and dancing naked...
If this weather holds, I may yet begin to believe in the End Times being nigh. Rain, sleet, snow-capped foothills, hale storm after hail storm riding over our heads. Dark, foreboding cloud formations, sickly yellow sunset predicting more storms...

Come what may, tonight we circle up around our fire, relit from friction and magic and open ourselves, to community, our loved ones far from here and any potential shift in consciousness that may occur. Certainly if enough people believe it will, then perhaps it will. That's how magic works, right?
IMG_2677 IMG_2720
As for the weather, that's what makes it special though, being exposed to the elements, at their mercy, surrounded by love and darkness and mystery.
I will bring you into our circle friends, and have you in my thoughts.
IMG_2727 IMG_2736

Happy Solstice to you and yours, to the heron people, the seal people, the cat people, to one and all!
IMG_2746 IMG_2817 IMG_2769 
And when we wake up tomorrow morning (or stumble home to bed, as the case may be), we may find the world outside unmoved, the same, but there will be a subtle change in our attitudes and the air.
The dark days are over! Rejoice, winter may just be beginning in these low latitudes, but the days, they will be getting longer!
IMG_2756 IMG_2757
I'd love to hear how your family celebrates the longest night of the year, if you do?

Oh, and in the spirit of Solstice giving, everyone who comments automatically enters into (unless you expressly state you don't want to) a giveaway to get a copy of the latest issue of my favorite Island zine Soapbox. This issue is called The Last Issue and features funny, heartfelt, epic tales/poems/writings/drawings about the potential end of the world. Including a couple from yours truly.

Ps. Thank you for all your  insightful comments on my last post. I have replied to each of them individually. As always the comments are a great read, eclipsing my post. 


  1. Happy Solstice to you and yours Milla! We will be burning a Yule log to bring plenty and much good fortune to our family for the coming year. Usually outside, hopefully under a starry sky. I too am anticipating some shift in our consciousness rather than an all-out apocolyptic event. Either way, December 21st 2012 will be interesting I think. x

  2. Homemade pizza by candlelight, a fire & music making, cedar smudges...a breakfast feast in the a.m. with a few simple presents for our daughter, a walk outside to explore and collect pine branches to decorate the house...Happy Solstice!

  3. even if I don't win it, how can I get soapbox? I wanna read it! happiest solstice eve to youuuuu! xo m

  4. Happy Solstice and enjoy the fire!

  5. happy solstice my friend!

    beautiful pictures :D

  6. did the island enjoy a nice orange sunrise this morning? it was all cloudy and rainy, but we still got a nice warm [colored] glowy sunrise here....
    you know we want a chance to win a zine here ;-)
    happy solstice!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. (Above used K's name on accident, but here's the rest of what it said ;)

      I'll slip one in with K's books. I'd love to trade for one of hers too ;)
      No sunrise, BUT after a week of squalls and rain a calm starlit night and then in the morning two eagles with the few sun rays hitting them flew over the site. Magic.

  7. Hey Milla, I haven't been around here lately, down with bugs. But Happy Solstice, your beautiful photos remind me of the cold weather I love so much, uh, in tiny doses. But i can't complain, i must love the heat and sun while it's here.....I am afterall a lover of light and humidity - but at the same time it's hard to stay awake in the heat. Your shortest day is bittersweet for it means the opposite for us, where the days are going to get smaller now for us. take care lovely and stay well. xo

  8. Hello lovely Milla.
    Your photos remind me so much of here, home, in this post, your ocean looks alot like the lake these days.
    The sunrise so late means I get to see it so much this time of year, an absolute bonus to long nights. Last night a storm forced its way through valley and mountain, and all around our place, with gates banging and my door knocker knocking, it felt as if winter too wanted a little warmth and light from my fire. Its a dark darkness, and now we are heading north for more of it, up to my sis and her family in Sweden.

    HAPPY RETURN of the light, the longer days, of winter warmth through the hols, you look so cozy here in these snugglies.
    I love your new bag too!!!!! I went straight to etsy to have a look, beautiful work, perhaps I will get one in the new year as a treat for lots of hard work.
    I have been working so hard, and now on holidays, a release and relief, here with M, its all beginning, up to the snows, to big sister and gorgeous nieces.
    Love to you and many happy blessings to your beautiful 2013

    xxx E

  9. Replies
    1. Hecks yeah! Right around 3:11 AM ;)

  10. Hi Milla, Im way down in Southern New Mexico and enjoy your blogs very much. We have had very little rain in years and are suffering from the drought, so your beautiful pictures always make me feel good. I can almost smell the salt air! For the Solstice this year I woke up and tried to think of good things. I took my 2 dogs to the mountains and found a bit of snow to play in. It was important to be with the earth and say thank you for another day. Happy day to you and yours.

  11. Wow Milla, it looks beautiful where you live.

  12. belated solstice blessings~your post was just beautiful :) my main solstice rite was actually held within the bluestone circle at stonehenge where i was initiated as a bard but the actual solstice was here at home with reading my oracle cards, writng in my journal and pathworking.


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  14. Escorts Barcelona? Wait a minute, what kind of blog are you running here? ;) Am I too late for the giveaway?

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