Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Rainbows

Speaking of light, guess what magical phenomenon greeted us on the shore on Sunday morning?
I've mentioned many times that one of the pleasures of living on an island, is being able to watch weather travel over us in ever changing patterns. Dramatic cloud-formations, fearsome gusts of wind, rain like curtains advancing over the sky, a theatre of the elements.

A vivid rainbow like this one, is a special treat to see, drawing the eye from everyday things to the sky.

I took the rainbow as a good omen, since I've been very drawn to its spectrum of prism colors lately (hair color idea?).
My favorite winter thing is to take small walks on the beach, collect things or just sit on a log and see who comes to visit.
That day, we saw not only the rainbow, but later, a seal, a kingfisher, a heron, a bold eagle, crows, seagulls...You can find four of these in pictured here.
                                       Skirt-gift from Missa
                                         Shirt, belt-thrifted
                                Tights, Boots-gift from my Mama
                                        Necklaces-made by me
                              New Favorite Scarf-gift from Nicole

It's getting to be too cold to take outfit shots of one's under layers. It makes me feel pretty silly to be standing in a T-shirt on the shore when there's frost on the ground.

Rainbows everywhere...I was excited to make this little necklace from some colored crystals. Jewelry-making has been really inspiring for me as the weather turns and the nights get longer. It's fun to finally have guilt-free craft and writing time. Not to mention reading. I've completed more books in the last month than all of spring and summer.
IMG_2102 IMG_2105
And, whenever it's not raining, a sunny day outdoors seems like a gift. Winter has an enjoyable balance of staying in and running around in the woods. In the summer I always feel guilty when I just want to stay in...
And then there were two. There's no end to exciting skies, it seems.
I hope you guys don't mind short, silly posts without much insight, it's the mood I'm in right now. Enjoying and exploring, not really mulling over as much. That, of course, is as changeable as the weather...

Hope your week is also full of amazing natural phenomenon! Peace, love and rainbows!


  1. The natural phenomena here is the sunlight....and no rain! Short posts hurrah! x

  2. Lookit you! I'm diggin' your sweater. Handmade, I'm assuming. :)

    I ordered those same crystals a while back, but they got lost in the mail. A friend's bringing moonstones -- cut the same way -- back for me from the US this time. Anyway, that was the over-long prelude to me telling you how nice your necklace is, hah. I like these short and sweet posts!


  3. oi oi! Mä käyn täällä huokailemassa,ei vaan meidän rannassa ihan tuolta näytä. Ihan mieletön taivas siinä kyllä usein iltaruskon aikaan on. Ja just nyt sataa lunta!!! Jee!

  4. Sometimes lighthearted posts are the best. This definitely helped cheer me up. And I love your necklaces! Kind of inspires me to incorporate some color into my wardrobe, as opposed to all black/gray/brown all the time.

  5. "Theatre of the elements" I love that. I had a refreshing wintry walk on the beach yesterday evening. No magical rainbows but I did see the sunset below a curtain of fog and did a bit of gathering while Clover and Lucas did their thing. How lucky you are to be able to do that just out your front door whenever it strikes your fancy!

    Ah, I love that skirt. I am quite good at matching up skirts with their rightful owners, if I do say so myself ;) and adorably simple outfits call for simple posts, I say!

    As for natural phenomena, we had some rain today and are awaiting a series of storms that are supposed to begin tomorrow and give us some massive rainfall through the weekend. Wet times ahead, time to hunker down :)

  6. I love your skirt! And that rainbow! Between your blue hair and my (accidental) purple hair, we are halfway there! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, Milla!