Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cups of Nettle Kisses

While there are so many things to be grateful for this time of year, full stomach, warmth, family, home, all things that seem particularly precious when the rains come and the cold winds start blowing into our shores, there is one mundane, everyday thing I'm particularly grateful to bask in: light.
With the darkening days of winter drawing close, I feel like I notice the little light there is even more; candles, fairy-lights, firelight, bedside lamps and lit-up windows...
Thanksgiving weekend has been busy around here, but there's been so much light.
We had a little winter-season opening at the shop, with our friends Kyra and Lindsey selling countless pots their Sealeaf Tea. We're hoping these girls start selling these and other awesome blends soon, for tea-lovers at home, but in the meantime I hope there will be plenty of events for them to ply their trade. Nothing warms you up like a cup of herbal tea on a cold night.
IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1754
The shop was all pretty and decked out and lit up and friends and visitors dropped by to check out goods and sample teas.
IMG_1790  IMG_1755
For forty years now, our community has held a Thanksgiving Celebration that anyone and everyone can come to at the old Grange Hall. Part of the fun is you never know who all is going to be there and who you're going to end up sitting with, which is quite different from a traditional family celebration.
 This year C. and I were "The Turkeys", who's job it is to set up the hall, roast a turkey and do all the little jobs that need to get done for a successful party.
Sixty something folks showed up, shared gratitude and ate a delicious potluck meal in the rosemary-scented hall. Even our first attempt at a turkey turned out a success, not that I had anything to do with it.
One craft fair and a house that looks like someone detonated a bomb in it later, I'm happy to get back to normal for a little while, light some candles and eat left-over pumpkin pie.
How was your holiday?

ps. I'm sorry I haven't had time to visit with you all, as soon as I recovered from being sick it was time to start preparing for this three day extravaganza, but I loo forward to all the lovely posts I know are waiting for me.  


  1. wow, the shop looks so pretty! i think i could spend a bit of time and money in there while sipping on delicious tea :D
    your thanksgiving feast sounds really fun. we made dinner here for our family. i kept it simple this year and everything turned out really good! i wore the dress you sent me and the flower headband and got many compliments :D thank you again. wish i had gotten a picture but i haven't taken many lately. i guess i'll just have wear the outfit again so i can get a pic!

  2. Hey m'dear! Long time! Well not really, just in this strange corner of reality I s'pose where time flies. I loved all of your captured both light and the inherent cosiness of the season and thanksgiving. I think that your tradition of having a village/town/island celebration is the best idea I've heard for a long time. Pot luck - the best kind of surprise right! I hope you stay as well as possible in the coming months...stay precious. xoxo

  3. The store looks fantastic, and it looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday! I echo your sentiment for light. I'll be bringing more of it into my home until the solstice next month!

  4. i wish i had a shop like that in my village...especially the gorgeous is that?!
    so glad the feast went so well, you both did a fantastic job making it look perfect.

    i have been lighting candles and bringing out my bright, cheerful blankets to light our days-we have had days of endless rain, our forest is flooding and we now have a chill north wind blowing...

  5. I always look forward to catching up on missed posts... but I always scroll down to yours first! I just love your wonderful words and photos :) Looks like a marvelous time. I am envious of some of those pie crust skills I witnessed on the potluck dessert table. I made homemade pies this year, and while my crust recipe is tasty, it lacks presentation :) The hall celebration sounds absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, sounds like you and C. were super awesome Turkeys this year, what a beautiful job you did with the hall! Haha, I'm imagining C. cooking the turkey with his carving zombie eyes ;)

    The shop really does look amazing! I want to come hang out there and drink tea with you all. day. long. sigh... only 8 months to go!