Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Season Of The Witch

...or at least of squash, wood fires, knitting, long walks, of meditation and quieting. And, of course, some raucous dancing in honor of ghouls and spirits. All Hallow's Eve, Samhain, the season of sprites and ghosts is upon us again.

                                     80s Gunne Skirt-From Sister
                                       Vest-Gift from Kristiina
                               Top and belt- free from The Dump
                                            Boots-local thrift
                       Alder Cone Necklace-My Hubby bought it for me in Coloma
                                          Owl Brooch-thrifted
                                   Earrings-Found on the beach by C.

I've always been a little baffled by the American witches with their uniformly green skins, cone hats and warty noses, having grown up with Europe's variety of sorceresses, young, old, wicked, wise and interestingly enough, sometimes even beautiful.

It's easy to get inspired by witches in the in-between-seasons, early spring and fall, and now seems to be the perfect moment to fall (ha-ha-unfunny pun.) into the trance of Wise Womanhood, working on health, awareness, crafts and lots of learning. Time to hunker down. And hang out with cats, of course.

Which is just as well, because while you haven't seen me, I've traveled far and wide in our Swedish Gypsy Wagon (also known as a Volvo).

IMG_0496 IMG_0652 IMG_0655 IMG_0582 IMG_0713
We got two new ducks, but lost Dilly in the woods.
Some of my favorite Barter Loot, a beautiful old blanket and gifted hand-spun yarn.
Other favorite barter things: ceramic bowls and candleholders with candles already in them. One of the bowls has a pour spout for batter. Genius.
Our house is finally starting to come together, all the little and big pieces finding their places.
IMG_0706 IMG_0705 IMG_0701
More barter spoils and wild harvest. Peppers from an awesome Okanogan lady and Kinnikinnick for smoking herbs.
IMG_0703 IMG_0693
Seeds and edibles.
Fireside work. Or lazing.
IMG_0677 IMG_0727

How's your fall? I'm off to see what all my best girls have been up to while I was out in the world. Oh and more Barter Fair tales later this week. 


  1. milla, that outfit is really pretty on you. what a wonderful bartering supply you got. :) i like that blanket. that is a sweet picture of you and your husband out on the porch. your home looks so cozy and comfy. your decorating style is wonderful. i see you have the book woodswoman. i do plan on reading the whole line of woodswoman books. being by the fireplace sounds awesome. we used to live in a house with a fireplace and i enjoyed it so much... it just seems to hypnotize one with its warmth, glow and crackling. :) yes, time for squash.... i have been eating alot of squash lately. i just had some stewed squash tonight. the bottles in the window are so pretty. my fall has been really good. we have been staying indoors alot, lounging about with our animal "babies". and going to some outdoor activities on the weekend. just relaxing and enjoying the coolness of the season..

  2. lovely outfit you witchy woman you! :D after years of staying away from black, it's back for me. hahaha just thought of AC/DC back in black! your home looks as cozy as ever. i bet you're glad to be there and settling down after all your travels, which i look forward to hearing all about. i love the hanging peppers and basket. i just hung some herbs in my kitchen window to dry. i try to make my kitchen window sill as inviting as possible considering i stand there numerous times a day doing dishes. i also love that picture of you and c on the porch. it's beautiful!

  3. Well, hello gorgeous woman of the deep dark wood! That porch photo of you and C. IS so sweet and that Barter Fair sky, wow! Welcome back from your travels, you've been missed, I can't wait to hear all about them!

    Loving the midnight blue hair with the dark tones of this outfit too, and the cozy corners... yay, the asparagus fern found a home!

  4. First, I was hung up on how beautiful you are... then, I was hung up on the snow. Then it went back to your gorgeous face.

    I'm not sure what happened in between...


  5. oh i knew from the start you were a young (and pretty) baba yaga witchy woman with your woodsy life and your fierce and brave spirit and all the open and wild magics of your soul. last night i gathered with all my womenfolk and we burned candles and rocked babies and read poems and wise words and invocations, bits and pieces of women who run with the wolves. Season of the Witch indeed. i love the darkening so much this year. i am trying to call forth the rain with all the good intentions of my dry bones. your strings of peppers and lazy cats by the fire and cold northern nights (and SNOW in the eastern lands?!) are incredible and so inviting to me. can't wait to hear more about the fair and the glimpse of your goods is heavenly, what can be better than homespun yarn and freshly grown herbs. a charmed and blessed autumn is beckoning.

  6. Lovely! I always love how you pull together this stylish-yet-practical outfits. . . I often find that challenging. . . But you have mastered that!

  7. Damn, you guys are cute! Seriously!! hahah I've never heard of a Kinnikinnick, I'm quite interested now! Are you guys still on the island or did you move somewhere else? It's funny, growing up here, my initial thought of witches does include the green face, and sorcery too, I kinda just leave the topic alone myself. However, fall completely energizes me, especially when you "feel" it in the air and know that the leaves will be changing, falling, boots will be worn, and people will gather indoors for warm hang outs- ahhh. Love it! I'll email you an update on the job thing... I'm totally loving it and totally exhausted!!! xo- happy Saturday!

  8. Your post leaves me with a peaceful feeling. Maybe it's the Autumnal light playing about. You for one, look rested and happy. And i love your new bangs. From what i can see in these pics, your house is as homely as ever, but better. I'm in such a weird funk right now, and i'm blaming our unpredictable Spring. Everything is up and blowing about, messing with my state of mind man! Witches. Well, I'm probably strange, but when I think of witches, I think of all things feminine and powerful and secrets. I always love to stop by here. Hope to see you next time. xo

  9. That chanterelle calendar is sooo rad!

  10. I'm in love with your outfit (and your hair!)--very cute indeed. Recently I read Oliver Potzsch's--Hangman's Daughter. A really great read for Halloween season and definitely had that element of Bavarian children's tale/withcraft/sorcery that we just don't get enough of here :) I agree. Our witches are much too one-dimensional.

    Milla- is this the same house that you lived in before? Is this the final product after the mold removal? If so, its definitely gotten quite the facelift-- so bright and airy now :) I really love the little nooks & corners you've organized. We also strung up some peppers-- but we had no idea what we were doing--so I have no idea if they'll get moldy. We sort of kept them all together in a bunch. I'm wondering if your way is what we should have done?

  11. milla, i was going to send you an email, but my automatic email link is not working on my computer.. if you will, please send me your email. thanks, janet

    1. sorry, for my words running together there...

  12. Oh my darling! I miss you! I have more than 5 minutes to sit down, so I'm here. Breathing deeply and admiring you so.