Saturday, September 1, 2012

Girls of summer

...or more accurately, the last girls of summer. Last night marked the end of August, the blue moon, a final summer's picnic on the beach and Mali's last night on the island. She's leaving for her final year of college. Bummed? In a word: yes. I wish Mali would just live with us forever so that I would always have someone to watch X-files with and make fun of the cat. I mean, I have C. but he's no Moleskin.
I don't care what anybody says, end of August is the end of summer to me. No matter though, September is my favorite month.
Come on cool nights and rose hips and endless preserve making! Come on knitting season! Come on clear skies full of stars!
IMG_8826 IMG_8818
It's been a pretty awesome summer, but I'm ready for something different. Each season has its own pleasures.


Hey! If you can decipher this you can figure out where I live. Good luck!
Happy fall, peace and


  1. oh you gorgeous gorgeous creatures. this is my dream day at the shore. makes my heart ache a tad bit missing you my witchy woman...and i kinda feel like i miss mali too, ha! such a perfect golden lit blue moon picnic. i feel september coming strong down here too. but i'm hoping for cloudy skies and cool rains! best love floating up your way.

  2. You know what! I was just walking my dog late this afternoon and thinking that I was going to miss the delicious melancholy of Autumnal and Wintry afternoons....I'm sad for you that Mali is taking off. But you will visit each other at the least. xo

  3. Well, hello dream picnic! What a perfect way to close out your amazing summer. Bummer that you'll be loosing your partner in paranormal crime though. I'll miss seeing her adorable bright shining face around in your posts too.

    Hey, the fluorite, you necklaced it! How did you anchor it?

  4. mmm, i love that outfit. hey, i've been meaning to ask you, where do you locate your mexican peasant blouses? just luck, or is there some special secret place you find them? i have been on a mission from god to find a good one and i can't find them anywhere. not etsy, not online, and def not in a thrift store. share your magical knowledge with me. love the necklaces, as well. happy end of summer.

  5. beautiful picnic! i had a feeling you were on that island, one of my favorites! :)

  6. Great pics! Looks like a blast--and no fair you get to wear sweaters in summer:)

    I agree, I don't think I've ever mourned the end of a season (especially our endless summers here). The change of pace, light and weather is always so invigorating.

  7. fun, fun, fun! love you all spelling out your island!

    here's to great fall!

  8. I love September too. Your photos perfectly capture that languid end of summer feeling.

  9. Charmed. That's really all I can say.

    And love.