Monday, September 10, 2012

Hair Today, Tomorrow, Next Week

Bonus points to those who figure out what 90s superstar's former band I'm referencing in the post title.

So...I guess I never told you guys what the verdict was on the whole dip-dye dilemma.  
That's because I figured I didn't have to, I could just show you the end result. However as these things sometimes turn out, the end result was that after three hours of bleach, hanging out with some sweet girls that stopped by the salon, and deliberation of colors, I suddenly looked at the clock and went: "Wills (my very talented hair dresser friend), you gotta wash this out! I have to go help cater a wedding in ten minutes!"
I left with wet hair and didn't really pay it any mind until much later when I went to make a phone call in the house who's yard the party took place. Cordless phone in hand I walked past a mirror and lo-and-behold if the person looking back at me wasn't somebody's slightly trashy mom. Fake blond with roots and all. Kinda makes me wanna bust out some serious pink cowboy boots...
This isn't its final stage by any means, but I kind of dig it. In some places the line is too sharp and a little higher than I originally envisioned, but I'm excited to fine tune it when I get my color put in.

The most shocking thing about the whole affair, though, is that I've never realized I could actually go blond. Like totally, blond, blond.

I guess hair dyes have really evolved over the years, since I distinctly remember telling a hair stylist at a show I was modeling at that they could bleach my hair all they wanted and it would just come out yellow. She had to dye it like three times, to cover up the straw colored mess she made. Now I can totally see some natural shades in there. Fret not though, I don't think I've got what it takes.
                                           Dress-Gift from Moleskin
                                           Necklaces-free from the Dump 
                               (I didn't string my Fluorite, Missa, I just found some more at the Dump ;)
                                                   Shoes-Gift from Ana 
Hair it is. I'll keep you posted on this riveting topic.
Call it the Kissa-look, if you will.


  1. ehehehe... I love it. You look like a sun goddess, especially in that sweet dress!
    Someone recently told my platinum blonde Elsa that she could use unsweetened kool aid to dye her hair in a rainbow variety of colors and that it should come out with about 3 washes! I think I may be joining your colorful world soon (I want pixie rainbow bangs!!) but... I guess I'm growing my bangs out now. I just swept em to the side-think comb over with style- and kept doing my hair that way for over a week which translates to "I have a new hair style!"

  2. i think it looks really pretty. i am sure any color that you would pick would look great. i have had every hair color imaginable and have had hair color loves and haircolor woes. :) every one was fun. just this past year or two i finally decided to keep my natural color and have been constantly changing the length and style of it, so i am still having fun changing it up. :) all of these pictures are so pretty, milla... janet

  3. It will be fun to see the end result :)

  4. Hey, cutie. It looks suh-weet. Can't wait to see what colors you go with. ;)

    Love you!

  5. Haha! While I have a hard time picturing you as anyone's slightly trashy mom, I will say, that image totally cracked me up. In these pics however, your hair is looking the definition of "sun-kissed" in the perfect golden light. I'm excited to see the final color verdict!

  6. Oh darlin', that dress.

    I think it's cute as can be! I also recently did something totally new and definitely out of character for me. You're a trashy mom, I'm a punk rocker. A Pat Benetar meets Bjork elven rock n' roller. I'm not ready to share it with the world yet.

  7. radical badical! lookin' good!

    if you're a trashy mom i need a pic of you smoking, holding a baby in a diaper while ironing. you could throw a beer in there too if you feel inclined! hahaha!

  8. seriously... you are rockin' the blonde! I like it! Can't wait to see what color you add to it :)

  9. oh i love the Kissa look cause it is just like my Bean! and i love that you throw in a cat photo as much as possible :)

    your hair looks lovely especially with your radiant tan skin. how brave you are! especially to just take off from the salon without knowing what it would look like! i love it so far. i hope to eventually do something fun with my own mop but for me bravery would entail just trimming it a few inches :)

  10. I'm way behind on my blog reading, but since everyone else commented on your hair, I couldn't leave that first sentence hanging: Bjork! Sugarcubes!!